2-Slice toasters with bagel function – Ratings & Informative guide


The most popular types of toasters are two-slice machines, yet few people know that it pays to get the best 2 slice toaster with bagel function for enjoying more variety of bread and bread-based items aside from regular white bread slices. Bagels are a favorite breakfast staple for many people, and being able to cook them perfectly is added value to a toaster.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster with bagel function:



Versatility and Slot Size

A wide, long and deep bread slot enables you to cook other kinds of bread aside from plain slices. You can toast homemade bread, irregularly sized bread, bagels, English muffins, artisan breads, and other bread and bread items with different thicknesses. No matter what type of bread you put in, the best 2 slice toasters ensure consistent results thanks to professionally engineered heating elements. Check out models that enable you to toast tall and thin as well as thick and short bread and bread items.



You wouldn’t want your two-slice toaster to just offer the same functions as what a cheap rip-off product can also do at a lower cost. You also want it to be the best 2 slice toaster with bagel function. Bagels are a popular breakfast item, and being able to enjoy them with the cut side beautifully browned and the round side nicely warmed can be a great start to a terrific day. Add a cup of joe and you’re all set!

A Defrost function simplifies enjoyment of frozen waffles and other breads cooked straight from the freezer without thawing. A slide-out crumb tray makes cleanups easy. An Extra-lift feature ensures easy removal of small items from the slots.

A Cancel button lets you enjoy your bread before cycle completion by stopping the toasting process when you want.


Extra Value Features

A Countdown timer enables you to multitask by showing you the time left before the cycle is finished. Many models are equipped with a Reheat feature that lets you re-cook bread without overtoasting so you don’t have to eat cold toast.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



With so many models and breads on the market, it can be a huge challenge for the consumer to find a great machine to invest in. Two-slice toasters can come from the low end to the high end of the price spectrum, but consistent performance doesn’t always come with a hefty cost. Check out the following top rating products on the market.



Cuisinart CPT-160


1.Cuisinart-CPT-160-Metal-Classic-2-Slice-ToasterThe Cuisinart model is equipped with dual control panels that ensure easy use of its variety of features. The smooth brushed stainless steel housing provides a reliable element of solidity and durability, ensuring years of use because of resistance to chipping and rust.

The toaster delivers custom controls thanks to the six-setting browning dials that let you enjoy toast exactly the way you want it, whether it`s light or dark. Choose the level of doneness you truly like. The Reheat button lets you enjoy re-warmed bread that is not over-toasted. The Defrost feature is handy for cooking frozen waffles and other bread items without having to use two different settings.

The Bagel button lets you enjoy your favorite breakfast staple nicely warmed on one side and beautifully toasted on the other. The 1.5-inch toasting slots let you position the bread optimally for consistent toasting results.

The carriage can be made to lift the bread high using a convenient lever, so you can remove small bread slices easily without using a kitchen implement.


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2.Oster-TSSTTRJBG11Equipped with seven toast shade settings, the Oster TSSTTRJBG1 2-Slice Toaster offers customized cooking results so you and the other members of your family can enjoy toast cooked exactly how you want it. Choose from the lightest to the darkest for your level of doneness, texture and cooking.

The slots are designed wide enough to accommodate various thicknesses of bread and bread-based items. The dual, auto-adjusting bread guides ensure easy centering of the slices in the bread carriage.

The Toast function is supplemented with other features that expand the versatility of the toaster. The Frozen feature lets you cook bread and waffles straight from the freezer without having to use different settings. The Warm feature provides enjoyment of hot toast without overcooking, so you can say goodbye to cold toast.

The Cancel function offers a means to stop the toasting cycle midway for any reason you might have, such as when you think the bread is toasted enough. The toaster keeps you safe thanks to the anti-jam auto shut-off, which switches the machine off when bread gets stuck in the slots.


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Hamilton Beach 22811


3.Hamilton-Beach-22811Geared with highly useful toasting features, the Hamilton Beach 22811 2-Slice Toaster makes a great addition to any kitchen. It ensures that your toast is always warm without the hazard of over-toasting, thanks to the Keep Warm feature.

The Keep warm feature comes with an alert beep along with a three-minute auto shut-off so you know the bread is ready and the machine won’t be using power anymore by being switched on continuously.

The toaster is safe to put on the counter and won’t cause accidental burns thanks to the cool-wall stainless steel sides. The material used on the sides also ensures protection against rust and chipping, for reliable durability and lasting use.

The Toast Boost lifts the toasted items high enough to enable effortless removal from the bread slots. The toaster has easy-to-use push buttons that light up during use, so you can easily tell at a glance what opêration is activated. Cleanup is always easy thanks to the slide-out crumb tray, so you won`t have to lift the toaster and flip it over just to get the bread crumbs and tiny bits of bread out.


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