2-Slice toasters with egg poacher – Ratings & Informative guide


It’s not quite easy to find the best 2 slice toasters on the market, there being a huge number of brands and models that can really challenge the first-time buyer’s ability to distinguish between the great and the not-so-great machines. Prior to making any purchase, the consumer has to do diligent reading and research to ensure an easier shopping experience.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster with egg poacher:



Unique Versatility

Nowadays, two-slice toasters do not just cook bread but also allow the use of several functionalities that make breakfast preparation less time-consuming and more effortless. While toasting bread, the best 2 slice toaster with egg poacher can also poach eggs, eliminating the need to put water to the boil on a cooktop for doing that task. This reduces the effort of preparing a complete breakfast and uses just a single machine to do two tasks at the same time. One can use their time more effectively.

Variable shade settings enable different people to enjoy their preferred toasting levels from light to dark for customized cooking. Some models come with a meat tray so pre-cooked items can be warmed and enjoyed better. They also let the user scramble or boil eggs for a variety of breakfast fare.



A Cancel button lets one stop the toasting cycle when the bread is already cooked prior to the end of the cycle. A control touchpad simplifies activation of the various functions of the unit. The best 2 slice toaster with egg poacher models are engineered to allow the making of an entire breakfast sandwich in only four minutes by cooking the bread and egg at the same time. Some models have a large-capacity poaching section that allows one to boil up to four eggs at the same time.

Most toasters with egg poacher have adjustable browning levels for users to enjoy toast just the way they like it. A high-lift carriage makes bread removal effortless.


Problem-free Cleanups/Storage

People want to be able to enjoy eggs and toast and not have to do a load of work afterward. Fortunately, most two-slice toaster have a removable crumb tray that eliminates the need to flip the machine over to clean off bits of bread and crumbs from inside the slots. Some models have on-board cord storage to keep the clutter on the countertop to a minimum.



Top 2 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Buyers today have more options on two-slice toasters that can do more than just cook bread but can help prepare an entire meal minus the coffee. Knowing what options one has can simplify the buying process. Three top selling models are worth checking into below to make the buying experience less stressful.



Back to Basics TEM500


1.Back-to-Basics-TEM500The Back to Basics TEM500 2-Slice Toaster is engineered to offer two functionalities in one machine. It has an egg poacher that allows users to make a complete breakfast sandwich in just minutes. The unit has wide toaster slots that accommodate different types of bread including bagels, so one can have the chance to enjoy different bread items every morning. The different toasting levels enable selection from light to dark settings so bread is cooked just the way every person in the home wants it. The toaster also has an easy-to-use control touchpad that simplifies activation of various machine functions.

The removable crumb tray provides a convenient way to clean out bread crumbs and small bits of bread. The on-board cord storage minimizes the clutter and keeps things neat and tidy on the kitchen counter. The included measuring cup makes it easy to put water into the poacher section without causing a mess or necessitating that the entire toaster be carried to the faucet for filling. The toaster has a compact build of 7 ⅕ by 15 ¼ by 8 ⅙ inches that facilitates problem-free placement on the kitchen countertop.

Easily giving drive-thru service a run for the money, this convenient and superbly versatile kitchen countertop appliance lets people make their favorite breakfast sandwiches without breaking a sweat. It is an easy-to-use appliance that combines the benefits of a toaster and and egg poacher in just a single unit, and can even heat breakfast bacon or sausage. Shipped with a one-year warranty, the Back to Basics TEM500 is a multi-functional unit that will make breakfast a highly anticipated part of every day.


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West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin


2.-Back-to-Basics-TEM500The West Bend TEM500W Egg and Muffin Toaster makes it effortless to finish breakfast preparation by incorporating an egg poacher with the toaster functionality. This means a breakfast sandwich can be prepared in minutes using a single machine instead of having to use a stove to separately poach some eggs. The egg cooker part lets one poach or scramble eggs. This component also allows the boiled cooking of up to four eggs, allowing the user to choose between hard and soft boiling easily.

The toaster provides light to dark control settings to enable different members of the family to enjoy bread cooked exactly the way they prefer.The included meat tray is highly useful for heating pre-cooked food items. The auto shutoff feature provides safe use by automatically shutting the machine off even when the user forgets to do so. The 1200-watt toaster has a Cancel button that enables easy stopping of the cycle when the bread is cooked before the cycle finishes. The high-lift feature works well with the wide bread slots to ensure easy removal various types of bread, including croissants and bagels.

The toast lever enables easy extraction of the toast by raising the cooked bread to a level high enough for problem-free removal. The one-year warranty serves as an assurance of premium quality and reliable craftsmanship, for years of use. The crumb tray is easily removable to facilitate cleaning out of bread bits and crumbs. The onboard concealed cord storage provides clutter-free placement on the kitchen countertop or inside a cupboard.


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