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What better and faster idea for a filling breakfast than a couple of sandwiches on a plate? Although you can eat sandwiches all day long, or during any meal of the day, sandwiches are best for breakfast. If you want to make scrumptious sandwiches fast and easy, a good idea is to get a sandwich maker. These units are usually inexpensive and they help you warm and grill your sandwiches for a more exquisite taste. In case you are on the lookout for the best breakfast sandwich maker, the following buying guide will help you choose one that will be exactly to your liking.

A. Breakfast sandwich maker


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a breakfast sandwich maker:




The first thing you may notice when you go shopping for a sandwich maker is that these units come in different sizes. It is very important for you and for your budget to get one that is exactly what you need for your future breakfasts. A larger unit would be a great choice for someone who intends to feed an entire family, adults and kids alike, with sandwiches each morning. However, keep in mind that the larger units are more expensive and they also consume more electric power to function. So, if you live by yourself, a smaller sandwich maker is the clever choice.


Cooking surface

There are not many types of cooking surfaces available for the sandwich makers available on the market. Two are the most common: cast iron and Teflon. Cast iron offers the benefit of uniform heating, but it is not non-stick, and, if you have to oil it to become non-stick, you will end up adding calories to the sandwiches you are making. Teflon has the benefit, besides being non-stick, to be very easy to clean. And, as you can clean the sandwich maker easy, you will surely use the unit more often for making healthy breakfasts.


Handle quality

Another sign of the best sandwich maker is a good quality handle. This may not sound like much, but a handle that is made of poor quality materials is going to break and it will render the sandwich maker completely unusable, which means that you will have to throw it away and purchase another. Check the handle on the item you intend to purchase. If the handle is made of steel, you have a winner. By all means, stay away from models with plastic handles because these are the first to break.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Hamilton Beach 25490A


1.Hamilton Beach 25490A Breakfast Sandwich MakerOne thing that people simply hate about fast food is that it comes loaded with preservatives, sugar and other chemicals that affect their health to a great extend. However, fast food has its benefits, as it is convenient and it has great taste.

Now you can enjoy all these benefits, guilt free, as the Hamilton Beach 25490A helps you make your own sandwiches and you will know exactly what goes in each of them.

The greatest thing about this unit is that it is really fast. You can cook one or two sandwich in less than 5 minutes, while you take care of other things in order to get ready for work. Because of the special design the sandwich maker has, you can cook egg sandwiches with great ease.

You only need to place the base of the sandwich on the bottom layer, add the egg and then close the lid. Your sandwiches will practically make themselves and, in just 5 minutes, you can indulge in their great taste.

The model comes with its own recipe booklet, so you can get inspired for your next breakfast. The controls are easy to use and you can dissemble the unit so you can wash the parts in your dishwasher.


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ZZ S61421


2.ZZ S61421 Sandwich Waffle and Breakfast MakerIn case you are looking for the best panini sandwich maker, this model is a very good choice. Because of its particular design, it allows you to make all kinds of breakfast foods, including waffles.

The ZZ S61421 is very helpful at putting together tasty meals fast and easy, and the greatest part is that you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning after it. All its heating plates are non-stick and can be removed for cleaning once you are done. If you dislike doing the dishes by hand, it serves to know that the heating plates are completely dishwasher safe.

People who have already tried the ZZ S61421 are delighted with the array of breakfast foods they can make with this model. Sandwiches, Panini sandwiches and waffles are among the types of meals you can easily cook with the help of this sandwich maker.

The model comes equipped with power on and pre heat lights that will let you know when you can start cooking. Now you no longer have to go to your local fast food for a tasty sandwich.

Another feature that must be mentioned about the ZZ S61421 is that it has a cord wrap feature and it can be store vertically so you can save up space.


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Hamilton Beach 25475


3.Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich MakeHamilton Beach has quite a reputation for making cooking appliances that are easy and convenient to use in any kitchen. The Hamilton Beach 25475 is a very handy tool for singles who need to make just one sandwich at a time. Saving space, energy and being very easy to use, this model is highly appreciated by those who have already bought it.

Often named the best breakfast sandwich maker, this sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach lives up to expectations. You can use your own fresh ingredients for making delicious sandwiches, and you will even end up saving money in the process, since you will not be visiting fast food eateries any time soon.

The model is very easy to use. You place the first layers of the sandwich on the bottom, then you crack an egg and place it on top.

After that, you will only have to close the lid and wait for less than 5 minutes for your breakfast to be ready. Hot meals are easy to make at home, provided that you have the right tools, such as the Hamilton Beach 25475. A booklet with recipes is included for your convenience.


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