Electric quesadilla makers – Ratings & Informative guide


Since purchasing one of the best electric quesadilla makers isn’t easy these days due to the immense number of options that are available out there, we’ve thought we’d give you a hand. That’s why we have created a concise buying guide that can allow you to correlate your requirements with the characteristics of the model as best as you can. If you want to make a smart choice, just keep reading.

1.George Foreman GFQ001


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an electric quesadilla maker:



Non-stick surface

Whether you want to buy a larger or a smaller option, the fact of the matter is that getting one with non-stick surface is by far the most important factor to consider. It’s a pain to cook quesadillas in a device that hasn’t been equipped with a non-stick plates because you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the product. During that period, you could have prepared multiple tasty quesadillas.



The dimensions of the appliance also have a say when it comes to boosting your user experience. Sooner or later, you will reach the conclusion according to which there are now two typical sizes of quesadilla makers available on the market: the 10-inch version and the 8-inch option. If you decide to go for a small model, you will never be able to use a large tortilla. Therefore, it may be more productive and efficient to buy a 10-inch unit so that you’re able to make different sizes of quesadilla all the time.


Ease of use and convenience

While it is hard to understand just how easy it is to utilize a certain model you’ll discover when browsing through the many ones that can be found out there, there are several tips you can rely on. For example, it’s safe to say that a model that comes with indicator lights so that you’re notified of the exact moment when the plates have become hot. Learning how to use an electric quesadilla maker isn’t a nuisance, provided that you’re the owner of the right product. Another feature that’s thought of as being convenient is a drip tray as it definitely comes in handy if you intend to use oily ingredients such as meat.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



The best products are showcased below. We’ve gone through the best electric quesadilla maker reviews and have noticed that these alternatives are some of the top rated ones money can buy these days. They can be used both safely and efficiently, thus allowing you to enjoy your quesadilla recipes as much as possible.



George Foreman GFQ001


Best electric quesadilla makers - 1000George Foreman is a big brand that’s gradually won the hearts of grilled meat and veggies aficionados, and since the company has a long history of building high-quality appliances, this model is a top recommended quesadilla maker.

With the help of the GFQ001, you’ll be enjoying the process of preparing your dishes, given that the unit comes with a cooking time of just five minutes. This detail will allow you to eat a tasty quesadilla when you get back home from work or school, without having to wait for a long time for it to be cooked.

Other nifty characteristics of the George Foreman product include a non-stick coating as well as ready indicator lights. As previously mentioned in the buying guide, indicator lights are important for when you want to know that the plates are hot enough. Besides, the GFQ001 is a reasonably priced model that’s well worth every cent since it can be bought for as little as thirty dollars and even less, depending on the online retailer you prefer.

Since the product has garnered over three hundred favorable reviews over time, it’s probably worth taking into account. Plus, most buyers have reported that it’s easy to use and clean.


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Black & Decker QM1088


2.Black & Decker Quesadilla MakerYet another fully functional quesadilla maker is this Black & Decker model, which is also rather financially accessible to purchase. As is the case with the previously described model, this one can be found for as little as thirty dollars.

The significant difference between these two units consists of the fact that the QM1088 comes with 8-inch plates, which practically means that you won’t be able to cook larger tortillas. Even so, it is a compact and convenient alternative for students and other people living in crowded spaces, where they require appliances as compact as they can be.

Just like with other models we’ve assessed the quality of, this one features non-stick plates which will allow you to spend less time on cleaning the product. What’s more, the Black & Decker QM1088 features a drip tray, and this feature comes in handy for the individuals who are interested in using cheesy and oily ingredients that might leave a mess.

The indicator lights found on this option are a useful addition for first-time users and beginners, in general. In addition, the ratings gathered by this model over time are mostly favorable, with owners reporting that everything works as expected.


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Hello Kitty APP-65209


3.Hello Kitty 7 Electric Quesadilla MakerThe Hello Kitty model is well worth considering if you’d like to buy a fun and entertaining device that also helps your kids learn the basics of cooking. In spite of the fact that it is smaller compared to the two options we’ve showcased earlier on, the APP-65209 does the trick if you want your quesadillas fast and with minimum effort.

After all, small-sized tortillas can be found in most markets, and even online. When it comes to usability, the Hello Kitty is a net winner, given that it comes with a locking lid as well as the ability to be stored upright. On the one hand, this makes it possible for owners to make as little mess as possible when using the device.

On the other hand, the compact size is an advantage in itself, as you’ll be able to store the APP-65209 on your countertop or in a cupboard without it taking up too much space.

The cooking surface of this model is also non-stick, which yet again adds to the ease of use. What separates this unit from the ones we’ve recommended above is the fact that it imprints the brand’s logo on each side of the tortilla, and therefore, makes for a very nice present for girls.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($24.99)




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