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If you are here just to find the best fondue raclette set, Grandma Jen recommends the Milliard for Eight People as it’s a versatile appliance that can help you get the most of your get-togethers. Both your friends and your family members will love this alternative as it will allow them to cook their preferred foods without having to wait for a long time. Plus, they have complete freedom in regards to the seasonings they can utilize. The model comes with non-stick surfaces that will take the hassle out of the entire cleaning process. Furthermore, it’s important to note that this Milliard unit boasts an adjustable grill temperature and an indicator light so that you can keep tabs on how your specialties are progressing. If the Milliard option is out of stock, be sure to check out the specs of the second best set in the line as we’ve found the Total Chef TCRF08BN to be just as convenient.



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One great idea for throwing a fun party is to purchase a fondue and raclette set and gather your friends around, so they can create their own perfect bites, while you just supply the setup and the ingredients. A raclette is a different type of grill from what you normally use for a barbeque party; it comes from Switzerland, and it is a combination of melted cheese with cooked meats and veggies that together form a delicious meal that you and your friends will absolutely love. We will offer you the basic information on how to purchase a raclette and fondue combination set, so you can, too, throw a raclette party and have fun with your loved ones.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a raclette & fondue set:




The first thing you need to figure out is what type of set you want to purchase. In case you want a basic model for just a few people, you need to pick a model with a small cooking surface and a standard fondue container for melting cheese. This will do if you do not plan on throwing a larger raclette party anytime soon. Small units are not the best choice, however, since you never know when an extra guest appears on last notice. Standard models are the most common, and they offer enough cooking surface to accommodate up to 8 people around it. Such a fondue and raclette set is usually equipped with utensils for everyone, for maximum convenience. Party models can be larger than this, but, again, do not go spending extra unless you really need it.


Cooking surface

When it comes to the cooking surface, there are quite a few alternatives at your disposal. Teflon and other non-stick surfaces are pretty popular and they also tend to be inexpensive. However, ceramic is considered better and it is also easy to clean after the party is over. Granite, on the other hand, is considered the best of the best, because meats and veggies tend to stay warm and tender for a longer time, and granite has the ability to maintain heat longer than other materials.



If possible, get a model with variable heating that can be adjusted from each seating. This way, your guests will be able to pick the temperature they want and cook their favorite bites exactly to their preferences. Such attention to detail will definitely not go unnoticed.



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There you have them: all the important aspects to consider when you want to buy a raclette and fondue set. Find below the best models available right now, as these are the most praised by consumers and experts alike.



Milliard for Eight People


The most important advantage offered by this alternative consists of the fact that you won’t have to quarrel with your neighbor as to whether or not you’ll get a chance to prepare your favorite food. It’s a sizeable option that can allow up to eight people to prepare their chosen specialties.

Besides, versatility is an innate feature of the appliance as it can be used with anything ranging from meat to potatoes and various kinds of cheeses. The neat thing about the Milliard is that it boasts an adjustable temperature and an indicator light, which means that you will always know how your foods are cooking. You will inevitably enjoy customizing the temperature as this way, your food will never be burnt.

The coupelles and the grill top that this unit has been outfitted with are safe to clean in the dishwasher, which means that the raclette set is a winner in terms of ease of use. Also, the cooking surfaces are all non-stick so you won’t have to go to extreme lengths to get rid of the cheese that might have gotten stuck on the grill top or the pans.

Most of the people who have purchased this unit say that it’s big enough for eight people, unlike many of its competitors.


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Total Chef TCRF08BN


2-total-chef-tcrf08bnIt has never been easier to put together a great party. The Total Chef TCRF08BN is the ideal cooking appliance you need for creating a DIY setup for having dinner together with your friends. The multiple cooking surfaces allow you to make delicious bits of food and have them served while hot.

A pot for melting cheese is located on top and there you will be able to melt the cheese and have the guests dip small pieces of bread in the fondue. Underneath you will find the needed accessories for cooking meats and veggies.

Because the model comes with an adjustable knob, you will be able to adjust the temperature, so that the food does not accidentally get burned. These surfaces heat up without using open flame, so the operation is completely safe.

Your guests will surely appreciate the ability to create their favorite dishes and the cool touch handles contribute to the overall safety rating of this unit. It is worth mentioning that the cooking surfaces are non-stick, and they are easy to wipe clean. Low maintenance and the fun factor this model brings are the main reasons why so many people appreciate this fondue raclette grill.


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Toastess TPG-315


Everything you need for a raclette style dinner can be achieved with the help of the Toastess TPG-315. The non-stick cooking surfaces are ideal for grilling meat, fish and veggies. You will get, together with your purchase, 6 individual pans for melting cheese or chocolate, as well as 6 spatulas that you and your guests can use to remove the tasty bits from the pans.

Everything is non-stick and this helps with avoiding to burn the food, but also with the afterwards cleaning. It is comforting to know that even after a big party, you will not have many dishes to deal with, and they will be easy to wipe clean, as well.

This grill is round shaped, so it is easy for 6 people to gather around it and use it for grilling meats and veggies. Seafood is game, too, and you can even put together a vegetarian version of a raclette meal, in case you and your friends prefer healthier alternatives to the heavy cheese and meat classic combinations.

This model is offered together with a recipe booklet, so you can easily start cooking. You may also impress your friends with your knowledge of raclette recipes, while at it.


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VonShef Raclette Party Grill


1-vonshef-racletteIf you are looking to recreate the charm of a rustic dinner, you will not go wrong if you pick the VonShef. This model is designed to accommodate up to 12 people, so you will be able to throw large parties without a problem.

The best part is that this raclette grill and fondue set comes with 12 raclette pans that your guests can use for melting cheese or grilling veggies. Each guest will be provided with all the needed accessories for a complete meal that will make them happy and content.

What other things make this set stand out? This one combines the pleasures offered by a raclette style cooking unit with those provided by an appliance created specifically for fondue. The pot for melting cheese is placed on top.

A nice thing about this model is that you can fill the pot with oil and use it for cooking meats or deep fry fish and other delicious bits. There are many other things you can do with this set; instead of melting cheese, you can use the pot for melting chocolate, in which you can dip small pieces of fruit.


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