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Tortillas are, simply put, the base for the most loved Mexican dishes in the entire world. They are easy to make, especially if you have a tortilla maker at home, and they are used in many delicious recipes. You just make the flatbread, then you place all the ingredients you want on one tortilla, cover with another, heat up for a bit, and you can serve a great healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner without a problem, no matter if you prefer tacos, quesadillas or other Mexican specialties. The best tortillas are those made at home, so you need a device to help you with obtaining that perfectly thin flatbread used for so many Mexican dishes. This type of device is a tortilla making machine for home and it is really easy to use.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tortilla machine:




What this type of cooking appliance does is that it flattens the dough used for tortillas, and bakes it to perfection, so you do not have to buy already made flatbreads from the store. The main difference is that the tortillas obtained this way will be much healthier, since they will not be filled with preservatives, like those from the store. Now, while searching for a great tortilla maker, notice that there are different materials used in the construction of these devices. Some are made of cast iron, which is highly advisable, since cast iron heats up evenly and your tortillas will not get burned or stuck to the cooking surface. Lighter models are made of aluminum, and they are also a fine choice.


Ease of cleaning

If you and your family really love tortillas, your tortilla makers will surely be put to the test. That means that a lot of cleaning will be involved, too, so it is important to get a tortilla maker that is really easy to clean. Cast iron models come on top, here, as well, because they only need to be wiped clean after use.


Extra features

Since tortilla makers are pretty straightforward machines, there are not many extras to talk about. However, a few can still be found on high quality models and they are worth talking about. For instance, energy saving features are important, if you plan to use your machine quite often. Upright storage and convenient cord storage come in handy, as well. The ability to adjust temperature can be very useful in case you prefer your tortillas a certain way.



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Now you know more about how to pick this type of cooking appliance for your home. You will find the best models available right now showcased below.



CucinaPro 1443


1.CucinaPro Electric Tortilla MakerNo matter what kind of flatbreads you want to make for your Mexican style dishes, you will be able to bake with the help of the CucinaPro.

The machine is perfectly capable of making 10 inch tortillas, flatbreads and pitas, offering consistent great results each and every time. Now you can make your own tacos, gyros, quesadillas and many other Mexican dishes that you are used to ordering in local restaurants with the ethnic specific.

Besides the fact that you will end up saving some money, you will be able to cook in a healthier manner for the entire family. Made of heavy duty aluminum, this machine is easy to clean, and its non-stick cooking surfaces allow for even baking, with no risk of burning your tortillas.

The cord can be wrapped for convenient storage and the upright storage for the entire unit is a really added plus. You will be able to take the tortilla maker out for use and then store it back again without a hassle. This tortilla maker for home is really handy and that is why it is so much appreciated by buyers everywhere. For authentic Mexican dishes made at home, there is hardly a better kitchen companion to help you in your endeavor.


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VillaWare V5955


3.VillaWare V5955This flour tortilla maker machine for home offers everything you need in a cooking appliance whose purpose is to flatten dough for creating perfect tortilla wraps and many other flatbreads.

The model is made of heavy duty die cast aluminum that creates the best conditions for even heat distribution. This aspect is particularly important when making tortillas at home, because they must be baked to perfection, if you do not want to compromise entire recipes. Your tacos or quesadillas will simply taste better if the tortillas used are cooked properly.

The cooking surface has 10 inches in diameter, so you will be able to make standard size Mexican dishes with great ease. The cooking plates are non-stick so the tortillas will not get stuck to them and you will be able to just wipe clean the surfaces for easy maintenance. Upright storage is an added convenience, as is the cord wrap storage feature.

All in all, this is a great tortilla maker for your home that you will love having. Whenever in the mood for something Mexican, you just need to put your tortilla maker to work, choose your own ingredients and make all the dishes you want.


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