Best crepe makers – Ratings & Informative guide


Are you considering buying a new crepe maker? If this is the first one you are getting, you might feel a little baffled as to how many units are now available on the market. Most of these are packed with advanced features that make the difference between a product you love and one you want to return. If you are having a little trouble deciding on a particular model, check out the buying guide we’ve created for your consideration.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a crepe maker:




Standard ranges are the most affordable ones we’ve come across. If you’re likely to use your appliance rather often, you might want to go for a machine cast iron type, as these have been tested and proved to be durable and sturdy. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, just consider an enamelled cast iron crepe maker.



What’s the right size for your needs and preferences? Do you plan to eat larger crepes or can you do with smaller ones? The size of the product may range from a 7-inch cooking space diameter to a 13-inch one or more.



Manufacturers can sometimes offer packages composed of the actual device and a number of accessories. Extras can range from a crepe spreader to a large bowl for mixing batter. It all depends on what you most feel tempted to use. A spreader and a spatula can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to maneuvering the crepes.


Corded or cordless

Since you’re most likely to buy an electric crepe maker, you might want to know that these appliances can be split up into two categories. Some users may look for the best cordless crepe maker while other people might prefer sticking to a cordless alternative. Nevertheless, you might want to know that the vast majority of the cordless units aren’t capable of using batteries. Instead, they come with a corded base and just the top of the appliance can be taken on and off it.


Ease of use

Usability is definitely something to take into account if you’re looking for the best value. The controls of the machine have to be easy to reach and easy to read, and the unit should pose no health risk to the user. If you’re finding it difficult to understand just how usable a model is, just go through some of the best crepe maker reviews.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Morning Star Pro


1.Morning Star - Crepe Maker ProThis unit probably is the best crepe maker money can buy. It has gathered some of the most outstanding user reviews and has been praised for the value it offers for the price. Let’s see what makes it so unique.

First of all, the model is exceptionally easy to operate and can help buyers prepare 13-inch crepes in a timely manner. The temperature can be controlled as precisely as possible, what with the temperature dial of this device. This feature is a net advantage for people who love perfectly made crepes.

As is the case with other products in the same line, this one has a non-stick plate that takes the hassle out of cleaning and maintaining the product. On this account, the Morning Star model can be utilized for anything from preparing pancakes to frying eggs.

Yet another reason this unit is among the most practical ones we’ve seen is that it has indicator lights that let users know when the plate temperature has reached the right level for them to start cooking.

Most of the best crepe maker reviews praise the great build and quality of this appliance. Some of the people who have chosen this alternative claim that it’s affordable and convenient.


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Eurolux EL-1200


While it might not be the most versatile unit on the planet, the Eurolux EL2.Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker-1200 alternative certainly does what it is supposed to do and does it well. This is a somewhat smaller-sized crepe maker, as the cooking surface measures just 7.5 inches. For some buyers, the size might be an important detail to consider whereas for others it might just mean that they have to make many smaller crepes.

As previously mentioned in the buying guide, some models are cordless, but they are not so in the traditional way. For example, this product has an electric base with cord wrap, which means that only the cooking plate is, in fact, cordless.

The plate has been covered with a non-stick coating so that cleanup is a breeze.

Unlike other traditional crepe makers, the Eurolux Cordless model has ready light indicators on its holder.

If you have been looking for a relatively inexpensive model and find it a nuisance to spend extra money on accessories, you can rest assured with this one. The package includes a dipping plate and a batter spreader, therefore allowing users to avoid extra costs.

Over time, the Eurolux Cordless alternative has acquired more than fifty positive reviews.


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Cuisinart CPP-200


3.Cuisinart CPP-200Cuisinart has been in the industry of manufacturing kitchen appliances for a very long time. The brand has gradually acquired a withstanding reputation, and this product is no different when it comes to the quality standards set by Cuisinart. It’s true that the CPP-200 might be a little less affordable compared to the two devices we’ve showcased above, but we say that it’s at least worth considering.

The model takes the cake when it comes to versatility as it can be used for making anything from tortillas and crepes to blintzes and pancakes. In addition, this unit has non-stick plates that can be cleaned using the dishwasher. Since this is a reversible model, its users may come across no issues at all regarding flipping the crepe from one side to the other.

The cooking surface of this alternative measures 8 ⅓ inches. If you ever feel like preparing two crepes at the same time, you can do so by opening the press and using both of the plates. Therefore, the cooking surface can be doubled.

The Cuisinart CPP-200 is very easy to operate, as emphasized by many of the individuals who have written detailed review on the product.


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