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Quesadillas are one of the most popular Mexican dishes since they combine the convenience of a sandwich with the delicious taste of Tex-Mex food. If you’re creative, you can actually stuff any filling you want into a quesadilla instead of cheese. You can even turn it into a desert by using sweet fillings such as peanut butter. By investing in a quesadilla maker, you can make these delicious turnovers at home; but if you are buying one for the first time, here is a guide to help you make the right choice by pointing out the features you need to consider.

Quesadilla maker reviews


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a quesadilla maker:




This is an important consideration depending on where the quesadilla maker will be used and who will use it. If a family will use it, you want to buy one with a bigger grilling plate (ten inches or more) since you can make larger quesadillas that several people can share. On the other hand, single people and couples without children living in apartments or other places where space is at a premium should consider a smaller unit.


Preparation time

Actually, all quesadilla makers claim to produce quesadillas in an average of less than five minutes, but actual cooking time depends on the fillings that you use. If you’re preparing quesadillas for several people, then you may want a quesadilla maker with a shorter cooking time. For example, there are some models that claim to shorten preparation time by having lids that close more tightly.


Ease of use

Quesadilla makers are generally designed to be easy to use, since they are basically sandwich presses that work by preheating the device, placing the tortillas and the fillings into the grilling surface and then closing the lid. However, there are differences among models and you should look for one that either has an instruction manual with clear directions or which is user-friendly and has features that are clearly labeled on the device.  


Convenience features

These are additional features that make the quesadilla maker easier and more convenient to use and maintain, and which differ among models. For example, a non-stick surface will not only make preparing quesadillas healthier, since you don’t have to brush the grilling area with butter or grease, but also make cleaning up afterward simpler. Indicator lights ensure that you are making the perfect quesadilla by telling you when the cooking surface has been preheated to the right temperature.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Hamilton Beach 25409


1.Hamilton Beach 25409The Hamilton Beach 25409 has earned some of the best quesadilla maker reviews on Amazon, since around 80% of reviewers have given the product five-star and four-star ratings. You can make restaurant-quality seven to eight-inch quesadillas in less than five minutes, cut into six convenient slices.

The unit has a locking lid for clean operation as well as a non-stick surface that you can simply wipe clean after using. It also features a red power on light and a green preheat light that indicates when the quesadilla maker has reached the optimum temperature.

The Hamilton Beach won praise from customer reviewers for the high-quality quesadillas it is able to make, which allows users to make quick and delicious meals.  However, there are a number of minor issues associated with the product.

For example, the ridges that were designed to divide the quesadilla into ridges were not sharp enough to cut all the way through, and users had to complete the job using a knife or pizza cutter. In addition, the power cord is only fourteen inches long, which meant that it could only be used near outlets. Overall, however, the high quality of the quesadillas produced by the Hamilton Beach 25409 meant that most reviewers recommended it.


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George Forman GFQ001


3.George Foreman GFQ001The George Forman GFQ001 is one of the best electric quesadilla maker products, with over 70% of Amazon customer reviewers giving it five-star and four-star ratings. The GFQ001 features a ten-inch cooking surface with six deep-dish pockets with locking lines that allow you to add all your favorite ingredients to the quesadilla and seal them in, as well as acting as cutting guides.

The press-and-seal lines make preparing a quesadilla less messy since it locks in the fillings from the back and the sides. You can have a perfect quesadilla in less than five minutes, with an indicator light telling you when the quesadilla maker is ready to use.  

The George Forman GFQ001 has also earned some of the best quesadilla maker reviews from Amazon users due to its many convenience features. The cooking plate has a non-stick surface that lets you cook without grease and make cleanup afterward easier.

The GFQ001 is designed to be stored vertically, reducing its footprint and allowing it to be kept in tight storage spaces. There is also built-in cord storage that not only allows you to keep the power cord untangled and out of the way when not in use but lets you control the cord length when using the quesadilla maker.


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Nostalgia EQM200


Nostalgia EQM200Due to its ease of use and convenience features, Amazon users consider the EQM200 one of the best quesadilla maker products. The EQM200 features an eight-inch cooking plate with wedges that divide the quesadilla into six slices while sealing in the ingredients.

An indicator light tells you when the griddle is preheated at the proper temperature, to ensure you make a perfectly tasty quesadilla in three to seven minutes.

The lid has two locking positions, allowing you to make quesadillas of different thicknesses using a variety of ingredients including meats and vegetables. There is also a drip tray that catches excess oil during cooking, and which can be removed for later disposal. In addition, the device can be stored vertically, allowing it to be stored in tight storage spaces.

The EQM200 was popular among buyers for being able to produce perfect quesadillas that are crispy on the outside while being sumptuously gooey on the inside. The smaller size of the quesadilla maker also made it ideal for use in dorm rooms and other living spaces where space is at a premium. Since it is simple to operate, even older children can use it to make snacks for themselves and other family members.


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