The good

This unit is the best toaster from 3 Squares thanks to the wide slots that fit thick breads, bagels and plenty more.

Get the exact toasting level you want with the toaster’s 6 browning settings.

The toaster comes with a cool design and a nice plastic body.

The stylish silicone cover ensures cleanliness of every vital part of the toaster that comes in contact with food.

The toaster comes with bagel, defrost and cancel functions.

The bad

One of the 3 Squares Wide Slot toaster reviews says the pop-up force of the toaster when the toasting process is complete can be quite strong, which is okay for bagels and thick bread slices but may not be great with thin slices. The pop-up sound is also loud and startling.

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My opinion on this product


If you love crispy bread in thick slices, or nicely warmed bagels that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, this unit is even better than the best 2 slice toaster most popular on the market. You won’t ever have to skip breakfast any longer, as you can enjoy lightly browned white toast or crispy rye toast any time, which can be great coupled with some omelet, fried or scrambled eggs. The bread is centered when placed in the slots, so taking out thick bread slices will be effortless.

The toaster is equipped with 6 browning settings so you can get customized toasting levels every time. The smart electronic controls provide just the right toastiness to your bread so you can enjoy biting into food. Your bread slices come out just right so you won’t have reason to complain about over-toasting or under-toasting.


The toaster comes with a cool design that distinguishes it easily from other items in the same category. The shape and overall design is unique. The plastic body stays completely cool to the touch, while giving the toaster a lightweight profile. This is the result of innovative engineering! It gives you a totally cool way to brown bread.


This is a terrific toaster with silicone cover. It is made for people who prefer to keep their toasters clean and stylish all the time. After all, one can never be too safe these days, and with the kind of germs that could easily grow in even the most heavily used kitchen appliances, the silicone cover is heaven sent. The cover keeps things clean when not in use.


The bagel function lets you enjoy the perfect toasting level on a bagel that’s crispy on the inside while being nicely warm on the outside. You can take food from a frozen state to being all toasty in just one step thanks to the defrost function. If you decide that the bread is browned enough, or if you change your mind about the browning setting midway during the toasting process, just press the CANCEL button, and the bread pops up instantly.



You can’t go wrong with the 3 Squares Wide Slot 2-Slice Cool-Touch Toaster with Silicone Cover. It comes with bagel/defrost/cancel functionalities, six browning settings for customized toasting, wide slots for thick bread slices and bagels, and a unique design that will look good in any modern kitchen.


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