Perhaps one of the most useful tools in your kitchen, your waffle maker’s undiscovered potential is the resource that you’ve been waiting to access and develop your cooking skills with.

What’s so great about this appliance is it doesn’t take a professional to be able to use it. Anyone can prepare a standard batter following a recipe and then use the waffle maker according to the product instructions to obtain a great result. Cooking delicious recipes becomes accessible and comfortable.

Reinventing brownies

A favorite of countless customers, the brownie in its standard form requires a reasonable amount of work, from preparing the batter to knowing how to use the oven and obtain the perfect fluffy core and crispy cover.

However, we suggest you try the same recipe only this time you use your waffle maker instead. The result will be delivered a lot faster than it would be if you were using an oven, and the work is minimal. What’s more, in the end, it will be more crispy, so try this method if you enjoy crunchiness.


Everyone loves pizza

That’s right! You can use your waffle maker for more than just sweet recipes. It works just as fine for savory dishes, such as a pizza dough. If you dread having to wait until your pizza is done, you’ll be happy to know that this method is a lot faster and as in the other cases, the result is a lot crunchier – which is never bad with pizza.

Our recommendation when trying this idea is first to cook the dough on one side, then turn it over and add the sauce, cheese, ham or whatever ingredients you prefer. Otherwise, only one of the sides will be properly done. Make sure you don’t leave it for too long though!


Try exotic dishes

If you’re a fan of foreign cuisine – for example, Mexican – you can try a much-simplified quesadillas recipe on your appliance. It does not take any cooking experience or require a complicated cooking process.

That’s perhaps the best thing about cooking with a waffle maker. It makes any sort of dish accessible and comfortable to prepare regardless of your level of skill.


Use it for grilling

Admittedly you might find this idea to be too out there, but cooking bacon on such a device is actually no different than using a real pan, only it takes a lot less time and requires a lot less cleaning. The result will be tasty, crispy bacon done in just a few minutes.

Another product you can also try cooking this way is cheese. Not any cheese but the ones that are specially sold to be grilled. In any case, the result shouldn’t be too different from the original.


Upgrade your breakfast routine

It has become a tradition to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They’re appreciated for their unique taste, and many recipes were inspired by or created using this snack, but not quite like this before.

Putting cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker will result in a crunchy dough with the same taste and consistency as the original product, only it has a pattern on each of its sides, due to the grid of the appliance. You can use that to fill it with icing and enjoy a delicious dessert.

The recommended cooking time for this alternative is around 2-3 minutes.

Experiment with dough

Another type of recipe that you can try is a puff pastry dough, which is not normally cooked this way but changing the routine will result in a distinctive texture and taste. If you put this type of product in your waffle maker what you’ll get is a croissant taste with a crispy texture.

Serve it with whipped cream and fresh fruit for a quick French dessert. They are also delicious when powdered with sugar or decorated with melted chocolate. There’s no way you can go wrong since anything mixes well with puff pastry.


Try grilling fruit

Aside from items that are destined to be cooked this way, such as bacon or cheese which we’ve discussed previously, you can try to use this appliance to prepare certain fruit you would otherwise eat raw, like apples for example.

The result will be similar to the contents of a fruit pie, only without the dough. The taste can be enhanced with sugar, honey, cinnamon or other spices of your choosing. You can try this on any fruit you like, and experiment with different desserts you wouldn’t usually find in a supermarket.


Use up your leftovers

Anytime you have a meal in the family and you have a lot of people invited, when you’re celebrating a holiday or an anniversary, chances are you’ll have a lot of leftover food.

Our solution to this is to mash everything together and fry the mix in your waffle maker. You’ll get a dish that tastes fresh even though it’s cooked using the food from the day before, and you’ll be able to enjoy the same holiday taste for a few more days.

You can even pack it up and take it to work the next day, as you can do with most of the dish ideas presented in this article.


French toast

Another all-time favorite breakfast recipe, the French toast can be a pain to make since it takes up at least a few minutes and requires your attention all throughout the preparation process.

Now you can enjoy this tasty breakfast dish without the hassle, and it will taste ten times better. Use the same recipe for the sauce that you dip the bread in, but this time instead of grilling it in the pan just let it roast in your waffle maker.

It will be done faster, crunchier and the squares from the grid are perfect to be filled with maple syrup.

Experiment with this recipe by adding other ingredients to the mix, depending on your preferences or the season. You can try many variations on this particular dish, but the cooking process always remains the same and delivers the tastiest result.


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