Cooking with your waffle maker is one of the easiest ways to prepare a delicious meal in the least amount of time. It makes various difficult recipes available for almost anyone, regardless of their level of experience.

The cooking process will take significantly less than if you would use the traditional method, and the taste will be crispier and crunchier. Try one of our suggestions next time you’re not sure what you’d like to have for dinner, and you will not be disappointed.

Delicious homemade pizza

Everyone loves pizza, but sometimes it can be a pain to cook it at home. The traditional way implies using the oven, and since that may be too much of an effort or seem too complicated for some, you might want to try this easier method.

Just prepare the pizza dough and put in the waffle maker. Wait for one side to be done, then turn it over and add whatever toppings you prefer. It’s important to respect these instructions because otherwise your meal will only be cooked on one side.

Otherwise, you can use solid dough and put the topping in between, cooking it like you would in a standard sandwich maker.


Reinvent the brownies recipe

Brownies and other homemade cakes are difficult to prepare if you don’t have any cooking experience. But they are now available for anyone to try at home thanks to this cooking method involving the waffle maker.

You only need to prepare the batter following a recipe that you’ve tried before and you trust. Feel free to add any ingredients you want to experiment with, such as cinnamon or orange zest. After that, put the dough in the appliance and wait for it to be done.

Try this way of cooking with any type of cake you want, and add toppings of your choice for a delicious dessert in no time.


Exotic cuisine

Some exotic recipes such as quesadillas or frittatas may seem daring for those who aren’t used to cooking at home. However, if you can follow the instructions and make the batter yourself, preparing it in a waffle maker will be significantly easier.

If not, you can just as well buy the batter from a supermarket and avoid the hassle. The cooking process remains the same, and the result will be crispier than if you would use an oven.

A wide range of exotic recipes will be available for you in just a matter of minutes if you’re willing to try the method we’re suggesting.


Cinnamon rolls for breakfast

This treat has become an American favorite, and chances are if you don’t already love it at least you’ve tried it once before. What we’re suggesting is that you try this recipe in a whole new manner.

Buy the cinnamon rolls that you prefer or ask a friend to help you choose a delicious alternative and instead of eating them right away, put them in your waffle maker. The result will be a crunchy warm dessert with a square pattern on top that’s just perfect for coating it in maple syrup or cream.


Use it for grilling

This kitchen appliance can shed valuable seconds off your time and help you cook various foods at once, increasing your efficiency when you’re preparing for a big group of people.

Try it for various foods you would typically grill in a pan and save space and cleaning time. Bacon or cheese can be cooked in a waffle maker, and the result will be even better than it would otherwise.

Cooking fruit

This recipe isn’t as conventional as the others, but it’s nevertheless delicious. A great way of reinventing a classic dessert is to try grilling sliced fruit. You can choose whatever you prefer, from apples, pears to more exotic fruit such as pineapples or bananas.

Just slice them, put them in your waffle maker, wait until they’re cooked and top them all with cream, mint leaves, forest fruit or any other topping you want. It’s healthy, low in calories, and delicious. The consistency will be similar to the inside of a fruit pie – soft and sweet.


Waffle polenta

If you’re into traditional dishes, you can try reusing leftover polenta by putting it in the waffle maker and turning it into a slice of a crispy side dish for any food with a lot of sauce. It works with sauteed tomatoes, zucchini or with just some parmesan on top.

You can try this method with other leftovers, turning them into delicious side dishes for the meals you’re enjoying the next day. Anything from chicken bits to leftover veggies can be turned into waffles. What’s more, the square grid the device leaves is perfect for filling the surface with sauce.


Oriental cuisine

One somewhat unexpected suggestion is trying to cook falafel in a waffle maker. Now, this isn’t for everybody since it can be quite challenging to get the recipe right. But once you’re done with the ingredients, cooking a falafel in a waffle maker results in a crunchy texture that feels like it’s fried without the oil and the pan.

Not only is it healthier, but it takes less time to be done, and it’s significantly less of a hassle.


The classic waffle

Last but not least, perhaps the most iconic dish you can try in a waffle maker is, of course, the waffle. It may seem dull, but in fact, you can choose between a wide range of batter ingredients, adding different textures and flavors.

What’s more, you can garnish the dish with toppings of your choosing, from fruit to ice cream to melted chocolate, and they will all be delicious.

If you’re not a fan of the classic waffle, you can try different variations, from adding chocolate chip cookies to adapting the recipe for the waffle batter and adding ingredients from other cake recipes. Whatever you choose to try with a waffle maker, the result will always be tasty, crispy, and done in a matter of minutes.


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