Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream since it is less loaded with calories and it is much healthier. On the other hand, if you decide to make your own frozen yogurt at home, you could save a lot of money and you will also be in control of the ingredients. For the healthiest option possible, the highest recommended solution is to make your own fro-yo at home. If you are wondering how to make frozen yogurt, the following tips will help you nail the best recipes fast and easy.

A Few Simple Frozen Yogurt Tips

Get a machine that makes frozen yogurt

Making frozen yogurt is not very difficult, but, if you are a busy person, your best bet would be to go with a machine capable of making frozen yogurt with little assistance from your part. Using frozen yogurt makers is very simple and straightforward. You basically mix the ingredients in the container of the yogurt maker, then you let it work its magic. Some machines require you to add the ingredients properly cooled, for a speedier process, while others offer superior performance. Usually, in less than 20 minutes, you can get plenty of frozen yogurt to enjoy and you will have plenty to share with your friends.


Make your frozen yogurt healthier with fruits

The best recipes for frozen yogurt usually include fruits, such as berries. They do not only add a delicious taste to your fro-yo, but they also make the mix healthier. Fruits are great sources of fibers and they are not as sweet as sugar that is usually added with way too much generosity to ice cream. Frozen yogurt enthusiasts recommend playing a little with your toppings. Adding fruits will make your cup appear fuller, so they are first. Add cereals, nuts and seeds at the end.


Add sugar sensibly

There is a point in favor of sugar when it comes to making frozen yogurt. Sugar does not allow the molecules of water present in the yogurt to crystallize, so the texture of your fro-yo will remain creamy and smooth, if you add a bit of sugar. However, make sure that you do not make your frozen yogurt too sweet, as that will reduce its importance as a healthier alternative to ice cream.


Do not put your frozen yogurt in the freezer

After using the frozen yogurt maker and you are satisfied with the texture of your recipe, you can serve it in cups. You can place the container inside the refrigerator, but never in the freezer. The frozen yogurt will quickly turn into a frozen brick that you will not be able to pour into cups anymore.


Non-fat yogurt equals fewer calories

If you really want to make a healthy recipe and one that will help you lose weight even, use non-fat yogurt as your base for frozen yogurt. There are milk producers who sell base for frozen yogurt and these are convenient solutions. However, if you really want to be in control of your ingredients, you can work with skim milk and yogurt cultures, without adding corn syrup and other sweeteners that can be found in the yogurt base sold in stores.


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