About KitchenetteJen

Hello, and welcome to KitchenetteJen.com, your source of information for everything related to kitchen goodies, amazing recipes, kitchen tips and shortcuts. All these excellent tips come from our bellowed mom Jen or, as our kids call her, Grandma Jen.

Grandma Jen is a true magician when it comes to home cooking and baking, so we’ve decided to set up a blog for her so she can share her wisdom and expertise. The articles on this blog are written by our family according to Grandma Jen’s instructions and contain nothing but amazing tips that should help you expand your culinary knowledge. With these tips, you too can prepare wonderful meals for your loved ones or host exciting parties.

Meet Grandma Jen

Jen is the proud grandmother to five adorable grandchildren who she loves to spoil with lots of delicious treats and goodies. She loves to cook, bake and prepare delicious dishes and desserts for our family gatherings and celebrations. Not only does she prepare amazing food, but also she is very knowledgeable about cleaning and maintaining a sparkling clean kitchen and neatly organized pantry.

Despite her old fashioned ways, Grandma Jen is no stranger to modern appliances (we often buy them as presents) and she could surely teach the Cooking Channel hosts a thing or two about using the latest kitchen utensils. She likes to use these appliances to experiment with old recipes and try to improve them. Of course, the beneficiaries of these experiments are her bellowed grandchildren who love grandma’s special cake pops and pancakes.