Air fryers are excellent cooking appliances that allow us to cook using very little fat, or even none whatsoever. Because all the food ingredients are enclosed in the container of the air fryer, there are no grease stains and unsightly spills, as it is usually the case when you are deep frying. However, this does not mean that your air fryer doesn’t need a bit of TLC. Let’s see what can be done so that your air fryer has a longer lifespan and you enjoy cooking with it in the safest manner possible.

Cleaning an air fryer

First things first, unplug the air fryer and let it cool. Empty the container of any food remains, and remove all the components that can be removed such as the pan used for frying, the basket, and the drip tray. If they are dishwasher safe, you are in luck because half of the job will be done in no time. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the exterior housing. On the interior, you can intervene a bit more roughly, using a sponge and dishwashing soap. Make sure you are not soaking it too much, though, because you cannot simply rinse with water the excess soap.

Check the burner that sits above the food basket, for any burned spills. If you discover anything of the kind, just scrub it off with a brush. Always make sure that all the components are perfectly dry before returning them to the housing of the air fryer. Store away the cooking appliance in a place where it cannot gather dust quickly.


Maintaining an air fryer

Cleaning an air fryer is important and so is maintenance. Always check the cables on the air fryer, the cord and the plug for any signs of damage. It is strongly advised against to plug a cable that looks torn or damaged in any way, as this may lead to injury, if not worst. Another thing you need to check before plugging in the air fryer is any food remains. These are home for bacteria, and they will contaminate your food if you do not run this kind of verification first.

To make sure that your air fryer works as intended, place it on a flat surface. Also, make sure that there is plenty of empty space around it, as air fryers work by circulating air. Being too close to a wall or another appliance may cause the air fryer to overheat and damage. This is particularly important in case you were planning to use your air fryer in an enclosed space. Overheating can undoubtedly damage the internal wires, and the air fryer may break down for good.

Always check your air fryer for any broken parts. Any of them can eventually give out, and if your air fryer is no longer under warranty, you will just have to pay for repairs, or throw it away and buy another. With good maintenance, your air fryer will continue to serve you for many years down the road.


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