The Babycakes CP-94LV- Purple is just what you need for throwing a great birthday party or simply enjoying your favorite childhood dessert: cake pops. Making cake pops by hand can be a really challenging and time-consuming activity, so a cake pop maker that does all the hard work for you comes in handy. This is a model enjoying a lot of positive feedback from users and for all the right reasons. Its performance is impeccable and its many uses recommend it.


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The unit makes 12 cake pops within minutes

The thing with cake pops is that making the round shapes with your hand can be a very tedious process. Also, baking them inside an oven will take time. So, no matter how much you love cake pops, they may not sound exactly like the type of dessert you will want to prepare for a birthday party. Everything changes with the Babycakes CP-94LV- Purple that practically makes the round shapes and bakes them for you and it takes only minutes for a single round. You just need to fill the 12 holes with batter and let the unit work its magic. You can use the cake pop maker for making donut holes, as well.


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The baking plates are non-stick for no burns baking and no scrubbing cleaning

For anyone who is cooking at home, burns and spills are a nightmare, not only because they can ruin an entire batch of baked goods, but also because they can make cleaning really tough. You will not have to worry about such things with this unit, for the simple reason that the baking plates are completely non-stick and they do not require more than to be wiped clean with a damp cloth once you are finished with the cooking.


A lot of accessories are included with your purchase

You will surely appreciate how many accessories you get with your purchase. There are 75 sticks for cake pops in the package you will receive, and a cake pop stand for sticking them in. A filling injector is also included, as well as a two-pronged fork that will help you get the cake pops out of the cake pop maker.

You will love the recipe booklet that will give you plenty of ideas for parties

If you do not have any idea about what kind of cake pops to make for an upcoming event, just browse through the many great ideas provided in the recipe booklet that comes with this cake pop maker. You will surely find a few to get your creative juices as a cook flowing freely.



The Babycakes CP-94LV- Purple is not just another cake pop maker. First things first, it comes along with all the needed accessories so you can get right to work and prepare plenty of cake pops to feed an entire party of hungry kids. Because it is highly efficient and makes cake pops within just minutes, you will have a high output that will make your kitchen work much easier. Once you are done with the cake pop maker, cleaning it will not require putting any elbow grease into it, since the baking plates are covered with non-stick coating. A booklet with recipes is included, to get you started.


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