The Babycakes Mini is an ideal cake pop maker for anyone looking to make cake pops without the need for a large unit. Compared to other cake pop makers, this one has a smaller capacity, but its performance is superior and you will have many reasons to enjoy this particular model. See what features make this cake pop maker stand out and why so many people love it.


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The cake pop maker makes 9 cake pops in one go

This is not a large unit, but this does not mean that it does not get the job done fast and easy. You only need to fill the 9 holes with enough batter, close the lid and let it work. Within a few minutes, your cake pops will be ready and you will just need to take them to the frosting stand. If you do not need to make a lot of cake pops, the Babycakes Mini is just what you need.


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The non-stick plates make cleaning easy

It is very important that you do not have to clean a lot after making cake pops. While the process of making them can be pretty fun, cleaning after usually is not. Everything changes if you use the Babycakes Mini, because the non-stick plates keep mess to a minimum and they do not allow any burnt spills to ruin your day. They only need a bit of wiping, and they are as good as new, so you can use the cake pop maker the next time without any problems.


You can make various snacks with the same unit

No one says that you should limit yourself to making just cake pops with this versatile unit. Let your imagination run free, and do not hesitate to try different recipes, such as Swedish meatballs, biscuit bites, mini pizzas and whatever may cross your mind.


Extra conveniences are present for making your life easier

There are quite a few extra conveniences present on this particular model that you will surely appreciate. The rubber feet do not let the unit slide from the table during use, and the power light will let you know when the machine is on. Also, the cord wrap keeps things tidy when you are not using the Babycakes Mini and makes storage a breeze. The latching handle allows you to keep the unit tightly shut, so you do not have to worry about too much mess.



Making delicious cake pops is really easy with the Babycakes Mini. You can even use the unit for creating some really interesting desserts and snacks and all with minimum effort from your part. The non-stick baking plates prevent burns and they are really easy to clean, so you will love the convenience offered. The latching handle presses the batter into the shapes and keeps any mess to a minimum, so you will not have to worry about a thing. The rubber feet will keep the cake pop maker on the table and you will not risk having it slide and causing any unexpected accidents.


Buy from for ($14.99)



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