Now you no longer have to stop by your local fast food to grab a bite while you hurry to work first thing in the morning. The Back to Basics TEM500 offers the best solution for having a filling and fast breakfast at home. Not only you will save money, but you will enjoy a much healthier breakfast. The toaster comes with an egg poacher function that lets you cook eggs while your bread is getting toasted. Or, if you prefer, you can warm up a muffin to go with the rest of your breakfast. The great options opened to you by this toaster make it a recommended option for anyone in need of a quick solution for the most important meal of the day.

1.Back to Basics TEM500


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An all in one breakfast maker

Are you looking for a toaster that does more than just toast bread? There are many great options on the market right now, offering warm up functions for bagels and other pastry. However, the Back to Basics TEM500 takes things even further and comes equipped with an incorporated egg poacher, so you can put together a great filling breakfast in no time. Besides poaching eggs, warming up muffins and toasting bread, this can be used for sandwiches and for warming up your bacon or sausages! With so many amazing possibilities at your disposal, it would be a shame to ever stop again at the drive thru for your breakfast.


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Fast and easy to use

The main reason why people skip breakfast in this day and age is because making breakfast takes quite a bit of time and they do not have this time at their disposal. The Back to Basics TEM500 solves the problem by being fast and easy to use. Your breakfast will be ready in 4 minutes, once you put the egg for poaching in place, and the bread in the toaster. No matter what your favorite combination is, you will be able to make it happen and then, there will be no need to eat junk food on your way to work.


Useful functions and accessories

There are certain options one likes having in their toaster. An automatic shut-off function is available with this model. In case you are busy doing something else, the toaster will shut down on its own, so you will not risk burning food. Now that is something you cannot say about just any kitchen appliance! A cancel button stops the operation, in case you consider your breakfast to already be well done. The cord storage comes in handy, since you will need it to reduce clutter on the kitchen counter. The manufacturer also threw in a measuring cup, for your convenience.

2.Back to Basics TEM500


The Back to Basics TEM500 really takes breakfast back to basics. It offers you the possibility to enjoy a healthy breakfast at home, with toasted bread and poached eggs, and it acts quickly. In just 4 minutes, your breakfast is served and not even your local drive thru may be this fast. Equipped with useful functions, and a few extras for good measure, like an automatic shut-off function and convenient cord storage, it is a highly recommended buy.


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