The good

As stated in the BELLA BLA14335 Diamonds toaster reviews this model features a unique and stylish design.

Designed to be safe and easy to use, it is easy to see why this is considered the best toaster from BELLA.

All of the functions you need to toast a variety of nutritious and delicious breads and other breakfast items are included with this model.

You will appreciate how quick and easy it is to keep this toaster clean, especially on busy mornings.


The bad

While this is considered the best toaster with high lift lever access, some consumers have mentioned that this might also cause some slices of bread to stick out of the top and not brown evenly.

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My opinion on this product


One of the first things you will notice about this toaster is its unique and stylish design, which also looks great in most kitchens. The toaster fits easily on your countertop, and the raised waffle design will add a chic, art deco touch to your kitchen. You will love how it blends in with your other appliances, and its compact size also makes it easy to store when it is not being used.


The convenient lift lever makes it easy to remove your toast without burning your fingers, and this model will also automatically shut off if the bread becomes jammed. Not only is this toaster designed to be safe, it is also extremely easy and convenient to use on busy mornings. The controls are conveniently located on the side for easy access, and with the included guides that help to keep your bread centered when it is browning you never have to worry about burnt toast for breakfast again.


This toaster includes all of the features you need to toast a variety of breads, bagels, and other breakfast items. The wider slots are perfect for thicker slices of bread and bagels, while the automatic guide helps to ensure even toasting every time. Along with a function that is designed for thicker bagels, you also have the advantage of the convenient defrost and reheat functions. There is also a convenient button that lets you cancel the settings to prevent burning.


You will appreciate how easy it is to keep this toaster clean and looking like new. The stylish surface can be easily wiped clean, while the included crumb tray can be removed for quick and convenient emptying. This also prevents crumbs from getting all over your counter, which is always an advantage on busy mornings.



This toaster features a fun and unique design that will add a touch of elegant style to your kitchen. Along with its great looking appearance, you also have the advantage of the convenient and easy to use design. The wider slots are perfect for almost any breakfast item, and with the included safety features you can continue to get ready for the day while your bread is toasting. Easy and convenient to use, this might be the perfect toaster for your busy home.


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