4-Slice Toasters – Jen’s Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’ve been trying to find the best 4-slice toaster, Grandma Jen recommends the Black & Decker TR1400SB as it is convenient, versatile, and easy to utilize. The model has been created with the needs of modern users in mind as its wide slots allow them to toast anything from a variety of bread to bagels and even buns. There are six browning control settings that you can rely on to make sure that your results are evenly toasted and to your liking, every time, with no exception. As this model has been outfitted with a removable crumb tray, you won’t waste a lot of time cleaning it. The dual independent control panels that it boasts are also useful as you can use less power if you’re only looking to toast one or two bagels for yourself. If you can’t find the Black & Decker TR1400SB, you should check out the specs of the Oster TSSTRWF4S as it’s the second best choice.



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Trying to find the best 4 slice toaster can be time consuming and frustrating. There are hundreds of models to choose from, and it can be hard to believe that there really is a difference between them. While a high quality toaster will make it easy to ensure your family has a nutritious breakfast in the morning, a poorly made model can leave you with burnt and blackened bread.

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to choose the right model, you can use the informative tips and reviews we have included below. Not only will this help you answer the question “what is the best 4 slice toaster”, it can also prevent you from wasting your money on an inferior product.

One of the main reasons why you might need a 4 slice toaster is simple convenience, which is always important if you have a large family. It will make it easier to ensure everyone in your house has breakfast before heading out the door. The four slots can easily toast whole grain breads and bagels, and most of the best 4 slice toasters in 2018 have two sets of controls so you can feed more than one person at a time. Instead of a line of hungry family members impatiently waiting for a turn at the toaster, a 4 slice model will help keep everyone fed and happy.



Top Features – An overview




According to the 4 slice toaster reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the construction. Not only do you want the toaster to look great sitting on your kitchen counter, it should also feature a durable and long lasting construction. Toasters constructed from metal or stainless steel are generally considered more durable than the less expensive plastic models, but you do want to be careful that the sides do not get too hot when it is in use.



One of the main advantages associated with a 4 slice toaster is its simple convenience, and this extends to the controls. Not only should the controls be easy to use and clearly labeled, but you want the toaster to have separate ones for the two sets of slots. This allows two people to use the toaster at once, instead of having to wait. Several settings for browning should also be included, along with functions for toasting thicker bagels. Other controls to look for on a 4 slice toaster for larger bread include convenient functions for reheating and defrosting a variety of breakfast items.

Ease of Use

If the toaster is not easy and convenient to use, chances are it will simply sit on your counter. Along with clearly labeled controls, some 4 slice toasters also include convenient displays that count down the time until the bread is down. One touch buttons are simply and easy to use, and stainless steel models can be quickly wiped clean. Retractable electric cords make it easier to store the toaster when it is not in use, and removable trays are always appreciated for a quick cleanup.


Safety Features

Safety is important when you are using any kitchen appliance, even if it is just a toaster. Models that include a bread carriage with a high lift make it easier to remove the toast without burning your fingers. The same is also true for models that automatically guide the bread as it is being lowered down. If you have small children in the house, you probably want to consider a 4 slice toaster that stays cool to the touch. This will help prevent painful burns when curious youngsters touch the sides of the toaster when it is in use.

When the top 4 slice toasters are compared there are four aspects that each model has in common. The toasters all feature a durable construction that also looks great in your kitchen, and includes all of the controls you need to keep your family happy. The top models are also easy and convenient to use. You also want the toaster to be safe, and if there are young children in the house consider a model that stays cool to the touch. For more information on these aspects, please scroll up to the top of this page.



Top 7 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Black & Decker TR1400SB


1.Black & Decker TR1400SB 4-Slice ToasterConsidered the best 4 slice toaster from Black & Decker, you will love its affordable price and included 2 year warranty. This 4 slice toaster features a durable and stylish construction that is designed to last through years of use. This stainless steel and black accented toaster is durable, and blends in beautifully with your other your other appliances. The stainless steel construction is also easy to wipe clean, and its unique design fits easily on crowded countertops.

With 4 wide slots it’s easy for your family to enjoy a healthy breakfast before heading out the door, and the two sets of controls are convenient and easy to use. The wide slots are perfect for toasting bagels and thicker slices of bread, and the self guiding feature ensures that the bread is centered for even browning. Each set of controls is designed to be easy to use, and include plenty of options. There are 6 shade settings to choose from, along with one touch buttons for toasting bagels. You can also defrost frozen breakfast items, along with reheating toast you may have let sit too long.

The cancel function is always convenient, and can save your toast from burning. This affordably priced toaster also features two durable levers, along with a bread carriage with a higher rise. The bottom tray easily ejects for quick and convenient cleaning, and you will love how it prevents crumbs from getting all over your counter. This 4 slice toaster not only looks great, it is also designed to be convenient and easy to store. The long power cord automatically retracts, and is also located in the back of the toaster for more convenient use. Designed for style and efficiency which is always appreciated on busy mornings, it’s easy to see why this is considered the best 4 slice toaster under $50.



This toaster model has a double toasting location that allows two sets of options done at the same time. The self-centering slots offer the possibility of adjusting the toasting process in a variety of browning shades.

Designed with a dual control system, the toaster can be set for a different toasting style in each separate compartment, according to the preferences.

The control panel of this items features four distinct options: bagel, defrost, reheat and cancel functions.

Very easy to clean up, the toaster has a removable crumb tray and a retractable power cord that makes it easier to store.

No matter what size the bagel that needs toasting, the extra-large toasting slots provide enough room and wideness for all bread types.



Some buyers claim that the browning shade of toasting is not even, but this can be avoided by placing the bread according to the instructions.



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2.Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice ToasterIf you are looking for the best 4 slice toaster from Oster this might be exactly what you need. The sleek and stylish design looks great and your counter and the stainless steel construction will last through years of use. Not only will the toaster blend in beautifully with your other high end appliances, it is also incredibly easy to clean. The crumb tray simply slides out for convenient emptying, and you will also love how it helps to keep your counters clean. The stainless steel construction is also dishwasher safe, which is always a bonus when you are trying to clean your kitchen on busy mornings.

This 4 slice toaster also features extra wide slots that can accommodate a variety of bagels and thick sliced breads, along with a convenient defrost function that is perfect for frozen waffles. The two sets of slots can be controlled separately, which makes it easier for you to feed your large family a nutritious breakfast in the morning. There are 7 browning settings so everyone can easily select their favorite shade, and the one touch buttons are simple and convenient to use.

While it should be mentioned that this toaster may be hot to the touch when it is in use, it does feature a high lift carriage that makes it easier to grab the hot toast without burning your fingers. This model also includes a convenient reheating function that will warm your toast without burning. The “cancel” function also lets you stop the toaster in the middle of the cycle. Not only is this 4 slice toaster convenient to use, the retractable cord makes it easy to store. With its stylish and functional design that is perfect for large families, it’s not hard to see why this toaster is a consistent best seller.



This four-slice toaster is equipped with the most advanced technology that delivers seven shades of toast, from light to dark.

With four extra wide slots and a self-adjusting guide, there is the possibility to toast all sorts of bread types from bagels, English muffins to tea cakes and sandwiches, which provides even toasting on all sides.

The product is very easy to store because of the retractable cord that won’t occupy much space.

Plus, the removable tray for crumbs can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

In case small pieces of food get stuck inside, there is a safe removal option by using the high-lift levers.



According to some users, the toaster stopped after being intensively used in multiple toasting rows. Nevertheless, every kitchen appliance, in general, requires a small break in order to prevent overheating.

As for the uneven shading, the user-friendly control panel has options that must be set up prior to the toasting process.



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Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown


3.Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel ToasterThe Cuisinart 4 slice toaster might be priced slightly higher than other top brands, but it is worth it when you factor in its extra functions. The two sets of slots feature separate controls, so more than one person can use the toaster at the same time. The one touch buttons are easy to use, and you will love the brightly lit display that counts down the seconds until your toast is done. You can choose from 7 browning settings, and the convenient reheat function won’t burn your toast when it is warming it back up.

You will also appreciate the convenient “cancel” button that makes it easy to stop the toaster, and can prevent your breakfast from getting burnt. What really sets this toaster apart from other brands is the setting for bagels, which prevents the uncut side from burning. With wide 1 ½ inch slots and plenty of settings to choose from, everyone in your family will be able to enjoy a hot and nutritious breakfast. The toaster will also defrost frozen breakfast items, so even picky eaters will be able to find something they like.

The stainless steel construction is designed to be durable and long lasting, along with being easy to clean. It is easy to wipe finger prints off of the sides, and you will appreciate the removable tray that keeps crumbs off of your countertops. The unique design lets the toaster sit closer to the back of your counter, which makes it easier to plug in. While the stainless steel housing is durable and looks great with your other high end appliances, it should be mentioned that this toaster does get hot to the touch. This doesn’t affect the toaster performance, but it can be a potential risk for small children. With its functional and stylish design, this 4 slice toaster might be exactly what you and your family need.



Made from stainless steel, this toaster has a fantastic design that stands out in the market of toasting appliances. The general user review is that the model is very resistant and goes very well with most kitchen decorations.

According to most buyers, that fact that it makes a very pleasant noise once the slices are ready is a major plus.

In case the size of the bread is too big, the high-lift lever allows the user to manually lift the food, this way preventing the risk of having it burned.

The dual control function comes very handy for family usage because there can be two options of toasting shades and two types of food, simultaneously.

Very user-friendly interface because of the LCD display in a vibrant shade of blue.



Some users believe that the alarm that goes off once the bread, is toasted, is a little bit too noisy. An adjustment volume button would be a good idea.



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Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart


4.Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast Extra-Wide Slot ToasterSafety is often an issue when you are considering a new appliance, and this includes toasters. This Hamilton Beach 4 slice toaster is not only affordably priced, it is also designed to be safe to use. If you have small children in the house you know how curious they can be, which is why you will appreciate the sleek black coated sides that stay cool to the touch. The toaster will also shut off automatically if the toast gets stuck, and you will appreciate the higher lift on the bread carriage that makes it easy to grab your breakfast without burning your fingers.

What truly makes this toaster safe to use are the hidden heating elements that are covered to prevent accidental shocks. While it is never recommended to insert anything inside a toaster, this convenient safety feature will help prevent painful electrical shocks. Along with its innovative safety features, this 4 slice toaster also includes plenty of functions for your family. The wide slots can easily accept thick slices of bread, and the convenient function for bagels ensures that both sides are evenly toasted without burning.

There are also functions for toast and defrost, along with several shade settings. The two sets of controls make it easier for everyone in your family to select their preferences, and the wide levers are designed to last through years of use without breaking. The stainless steel construction is also easy to wipe clean, and its compact design is perfect for smaller kitchens. The wide 1 ½ inch slots can easily accommodate thicker slices of bread, and with two removable trays you never have to worry about crumbs on your counter. Designed to be safe and easy to use, this might be the perfect toaster for families with curious small children.



Specially designed to make mornings brighter, the Hamilton Beach toaster has four wide slots, spacious enough for a variety of bread types and slice sizes.

The machine provides three different smart functions which can be chosen according to preferences: toast, bagel and defrost option.

The shade selector for the bread color comes in 7 nuances of brown.

Made from a very resistant material, this toaster can handle shocks, and the crumble tray is removable, which makes it easy to clean after toasting the bread.

In case the bread size is too big, and the risk of getting jammed inside the machine is imminent, the product is equipped with a safety automatic shut-off feature.



Apparently, the lack of a stop button is a turnoff for some buyers that would prefer a toaster that allows them to interfere in the toasting process.

Also, there were negative reviews that the breads get a brown shade in a longer period of time, compared to other products on the market.



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Breville BTA830XL


5.Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart ToasterIf you are looking for a toaster with plenty of features and have a budget that can afford more options, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Often considered the best 4 slice toaster made by Breville, it is worth every cent when you consider all of the included functions. The long and sleek design blends in beautifully with your other high end appliances, and you will love its durable die cast metal construction. It should be mentioned that while this toaster does have a sleek and elegant design, the powerful 1600 watt heating element can still cause the sides to become warm. To prevent accidental burns the die cast body is designed to stay cool to the touch, but it is still recommended that you keep it away from curious children.

What really sets this toaster apart from other models are the extra long slots that can accommodate bread of almost any shape and size. It also features a uniquely designed bread carriage that will slowly rise up with the touch of a button, so you can check the progress of your toast without interrupting the cycle. The 5 browning settings make it easy for everyone to find the perfect shade for their toast, and it also includes convenient defrost and bagel functions. You also have the advantage of the unique “Bit More” function which lets you add a couple of seconds to the time, without burning the bread. This alone is enough to justify its higher price.

The convenient alarm will alert you when your toast is done, so you can grab it before it gets cold. The alarm can also be muted, and the volume adjusted from high to low. While the die cast construction does give this toaster a sleek and modern appearance, it can be a little more difficult to wipe clean. You do have the convenience of the included removable crumb tray, and the two extra long and wide slots that can accommodate up to four slices of bread. Perfect for toasting four slices of bread or two long rolls, it is not hard to see why consumers are willing to pay more for the added convenience and versatility associated with this toaster.



One major benefit of this Breville toaster is the fact that it furnishes four big long slots that can toast a variety of pastry products.

The user-friendly control panel is all backlit, and the shading process can be observed via an LCD display.

On the plus size, there is a possibility of adjusting the alarm volume to high, low or mute, according to each person needs and preferences.

The front size of the product presents five buttons, each with a specific purpose. Besides the toast/cancel feature, there is the bagel, the frozen, and the ‘a bit more’ option. Also, the ‘lift and lock’ button offers the opportunity to see clearly the toasting stage.

Very easy to store among the kitchen appliances, the toaster has a concealed cord and a removable tray to throw away bread crumbs.



For the hefty price, this toaster model can get the bread jammed if, according to some owner reviews, small crumbs lodge inside the machine, causing malfunctioning.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($158.37)





KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set


6.KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice ToasterThis Krups 4 slice toaster includes all of the functions your busy family needs to enjoy a hot and nutritious breakfast in the morning. The distinct design looks great sitting on your countertop, and this 4 slice toaster also features a retractable cord for convenient storage. It features a durable brushed stainless steel and chrome construction that blends in beautifully with your other high end appliances, and this toaster can also be easily wiped clean to keep it looking like new. With 1050 watts of power you can enjoy a faster browning time, without worrying about your toast getting burnt. It should be noted that while this toaster is designed to be safe to use, the sides can quickly become hot to the touch when the appliance is turned on.

The two sets of slots feature separate controls so more than one person can use the toaster at the same time. There are 6 browning settings that can also be adjusted to ensure perfect toast every time, and with slots that measure 1 ½ inches wide it can easily accommodate thicker bagels. The slots are also designed to be longer so you can toast a variety of different breads, and the lighted functions are easy to read. Toast bread and bagels, along with defrosting frozen items. The cancel function lets you stop the toaster in the middle of the cycle, and you will also appreciate being able to reheat anything that might have gotten cold.

This 4 slice toaster is also designed with a higher lift on the carriage so you can easily grab your breakfast without burning your fingers, and it is also perfect for thin or smaller slices of bread. The removable tray prevents crumbs from getting on your countertops, and makes clean up quick and easy. Priced to fit most budgets and with all of the features your busy family needs, this 4 slice toaster also includes a 2 year warranty for additional peace of mind.



The model presents four extra-wide and very well placed toasting slots for an even and precise toasting process.

With a dual independent control panel that allows two type of toasting and bread preferences at the same time, the shading option varies from light to bright dark brown.

The interface is very user-friendly and features five separate options: cancel, toasting, defrost, reheat and bagel.

Compared to other models on the market, the Krups toaster offers two-year worldwide warranty and a unique design made from chrome stainless steel.

Plus, all control panel is made with LED blue technology that facilitates the maneuvering and a high lift lever in case bread slices get stuck inside.



Although a very steady and robust toasting equipment, some reviews claim that it takes too long for the bread to get to a nice deep shade of brown.

Also, after too much usage, the sides of the toaster get too hot and impossible to handle manually.



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Dualit 40415


7.Dualit 4-Slice ToasterThis 4 slice toaster from Dualit may not be priced to fit every budget, and some consumers may question spending this much on a simple toaster. There is nothing simple about this 4-slice toaster though, except its’ easy to use and convenient design. This high end toaster is designed to perfectly brown your bread to your desired shade, without burning the edges or leaving the middle untouched. The chrome construction blends in beautifully with your other high end kitchen appliances, and its sleek design might make you want to leave it sitting out on your counter.

You have the advantage of the innovative pro heating technology that ensures perfectly even toasting every time, and the wide slots are designed to accommodate thick sliced bread and bagels without any problems. The easy turn knob makes it easy to select the perfect shade for your toast, and it can also be adjusted during the cycle. The toaster will automatically power off if your bread becomes stuck, and this also lets you leave it safely plugged in when it is not in use.

The chrome stainless steel construction is easy to keep looking like new, and is also designed to last through years of use. The body of the toaster is insulated for safety, and will keep it cool to the touch when it is being used. With a removable crumb tray for convenient cleaning, along with the back foot that can be adjusted to the perfect height, it’s not hard to see why this 4 slice toaster might be worth the higher price for some busy families.



What sets apart this toaster from other models on the market is the fact that it is designed with an awarded patented Proheat element, a feature that increases the toasting efficiency and prolongs the longevity of the product.

The 28 mm slots come in 4 compartments and are able to accommodate everything from bagels to brioches and sandwiches.

The solid case is made out of durable and insulated stainless steel, and it is equipped with an adjustable leg that can be even every type of surface and protect the countertop from scratches.

Instead of the old-fashioned pop-up function that releases the bread too early, this model has an ejector knob that can be raised when the desired shade of browning toast is achieved.



Apparently, some buyers believe that the crumble tray seems a little bit cheap for the overall price and the electric cord is too long, which makes it hard to store in a small kitchen.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($329.99)





What is a good price for a 4 slice toaster?


You don’t have to pay a lot of money to find a good 4 slice toaster. It is possible to find one that is durable, attractive, and affordable. In most cases a good toaster is priced between $30 and $80, which will fit almost any budget. It should be noted that the number of extra features and functions will affect the toaster’s price, and some higher end models can go as high as $200 to $300.



The usual issues associated with 4 slice toasters


While most 4 slice toasters are designed to be easy and convenient to use, these countertop appliances can also experience certain issues. Some problems might be associated with a particular brand, while others can affect any 4 slice toaster. The most common issue is a problem with the bread evenly toasting, especially on one side. While this might not seem like an issue, it can quickly become a problem if your breakfast is continually ruined.

The placement of the cord can also become an issue with the design of the toaster, along with how convenient it is to use. Some of the newer models have the cord exiting from the front, which can make it difficult to plug in. To counter this problem many 4 slice toasters now include a convenient tab that lets you wrap the cord around to the back to make it easier to plug in to the outlet.

The other common problem some consumers face once they get their new 4 slice toaster home is the flimsy lever that breaks off after a few uses. Without the lever to raise and lower the bread carriage, the toaster will quickly become a waste of money. Models with one touch buttons instead of levers are generally considered longer lasting, along with toasters that feature a durable metal or hard plastic lever.



Popular brands


There are several brands of toasters to choose from, but there are a few manufacturers that seem to stand out from the rest. Known for quality products that are designed to last, these brands are well rated with consumers.



Black & Decker is well known for its top quality products for the workshop and home. Whether you are looking for a durable power drill or a small kitchen appliance, you know that you are purchasing a top rated product. With prices designed to fit almost any budget, along with the company’s included warranties, it’s easy to feel good about purchasing a 4 slice toaster from Black & Decker.



Oster is another popular brand of 4 slice toasters, and each model features an elegant and functional design. Oster also manufactures one of the best stainless steel 4 slice toasters. Keen attention is paid to every detail to ensure that each model is constructed from quality materials, and designed to last. Oster uses advanced technology in its products so you know that you are getting a quality toaster. With every function designed for convenience and ease of use, it’s not hard to see why these 4 slice toasters are popular with consumers.



Cuisinart may not be as well known as some of the other brands, but toasters manufactured from this company are designed to be durable and easy to use. With sturdy levers and plenty of functions, it’s not hard to see why 4 slice toasters manufactured by Cuisinart are starting to gain attention. While the price is slightly higher than other brands, if your budget will extend a little more it might be worth the extra cost to consider a 4 slice toaster manufactured by Cuisinart.



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