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If you’ve ended up here while looking for the best BBQ cutting board and you have zero time to waste, we might be able to help you out. Grandma Jen’s army of little helpers have done a bit of research on the topic and have looked at anything from social media reactions to sales figures to bring you this article. Following this process, the model that seems to be worth investing in is the Greener Chef 1250 Bamboo, which is a sizeable cutting board that will serve you well under an array of circumstances. The model is crafted from bamboo, and so it is both antibacterial and antimicrobial. It doesn’t contain any BPA since it’s made from natural materials and it’s even been approved by the FDA. In case this option is no longer available, our next favorite is the Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a BBQ cutting board:


A good BBQ cutting board is an investment and while this type of kitchen tool might not cost all that much when compared to expensive appliances or even when compared to a brand new meat thermometer, the truth is that some features can either make or break your user experience.

To help you select just the right product for what you need, we’ve compiled most of the info we’ve come across and have showcased it in the buying guide below. If you’d like to check out other kitchen gadgets, perhaps you’d like to browse through some of the other posts Grandma Jen has put together over time, such as those on getting potato ricers or quality butter dishes.


Cutting boards can be made from a variety of materials, so it is up to you to pick the one that you prefer the most. They can be made from hardwood, compressed wood fiber, or bamboo. Plastic ones can be made from PE or HDPE. Both wood and plastic come with advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic is usually dishwasher-safe and capable of withstanding harsh disinfectants. Due to its structure, a cutting board made from plastic is lighter and as such, easier to work with, especially for people who shouldn’t lift heavy things. They do have the drawback of showing cuts quite readily.

Wood is visually appealing and has several notable advantages, and one of the most notable ones is the fact that it has antiseptic properties (think bamboo). Fine cuts are self-healing, so your board won’t look that bad even if you’ve used it for some time.

Both small and large BBQ cutting boards can also be crafted from glass, steel, and marble, but these materials tend to damage the knives you’ll use.



Plastic is usually a worse alternative when it comes to pretty much anything. Sure, it’s somewhat durable and easy to maneuver, but in this case, you need to make sure that you use a BPA-free board so that you don’t get any toxic substance in your food. On the other hand, plastic doesn’t retain moisture, and as such, the germs can be eliminated by a good scrub or through the use of the dishwasher.



The dimensions of the BBQ cutting board are important, just as they are when you’re out shopping for a new paper towel holder, for example. It’s pretty clear that your purpose is to use the product for slicing meat and larger chunks of vegetables, so you need to have enough cutting room available. Otherwise, you’ll make a mess outside the limits of the cutting board – and that’s actually bound to happen anyway.

Many reviews of cutting boards for BBQ recommend picking out one that’s sizeable. You could get the largest you could afford if you want one that’s perfect for pulling pork butts or slicing briskets.



Top 3 products I recommend – Reviews & Advice



From the thousands of products available for sale these days, we have selected three of those that seem to have acquired a lot of critical acclaim. If you’re in the market for other kitchen gadgets and accessories, we would suggest checking out our post on cheese graters, too.



Greener Chef 1250 Bamboo


Despite being rather budget-friendly, especially when compared to the plethora of other units we’ve gone through, Greener Chef’s cutting board for kitchen use is a great alternative for people who want a tool for carving meat, serving cheese, or chopping veggies as comfortably as possible.

The model is FDA-approved as it is crafted from organic bamboo. It’s far safer to use compared to any of its plastic counterparts, and as you might expect from any bamboo utensil or other type of product, it doesn’t contain any BPA, so it’s safe to use for kids. It’s also worth noting that the marks on its surface won’t start showing up for a good amount of time. Plus, this cutting board is virtually incapable of damaging your knives.

If you want to expand the durability of this product, the brand suggests using a cutting board oil made from walnut oil. There have been customers who have sprayed coconut oil on top of the board and they’ve gotten almost the same results.

The feedback we’ve analyzed has led us to believe that this cutting board is also a winner when it comes to the user experience you’ll enjoy. It’s not overly heavy, so you can move it around without really making an effort.



The unit is made of non-slip materials and it has a juice groove for catching liquids to help you avoid making a mess on your countertop.

It is knife friendly since the bamboo cutting board won’t damage your knives and cutlery the way glass, plastic, maple, or teak options do.

The board is antimicrobial which means that you can safely cut all types of foods on it since as long as you keep it clean, harmful bacteria won’t grow on it.

Sustainably harvested and natively grown Moso bamboo is the primary material used for this model and it helps give it a clean, simple, and eco-friendly construction.

The look of the product cannot be ignored since many customers have praised the two-tone design which gives the unit a premium appearance. 



Some of the customer reviews have mentioned that the bamboo board can develop splitters which with time can turn into small cracks.


Buy from for ($19.99)





Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut


Available in several sizes each made for different types of cooks and different purposes, the Virginia Boys Kitchens alternative is another you should give a shot to. We do have to mention that it isn’t the most affordable products in this category, but it does come with several pros that we can’t ignore.

This durable product is made in the United States from Black Walnut Wood that’s kiln-dried and then smoothed before finished. Every cutting board comes unseasoned, so much like the one from Greener Chef we’ve also showcased here, you have to use seasoning oil or finishing wax for the purpose.

An area where the Virginia Boys Kitchens option really shines is its design because it is outfitted with a groove that will allow you to collect the juices from the grilled and barbecued veggies and meats, for example, without making a mess in your whole kitchen.

What’s interesting about this model is that it combines an eye-catching design with practicality. Many owners say that it offers great value for the money and that it does exactly what it has been designed to do. There have been buyers who have reported that they haven’t even cut anything on the board because it’s just too beautiful.



The reversible design allows you to use one side for cutting your food and the other as a serving board for cheese, fruits, charcuterie, and other small bites.

The board comes in its original raw and unseasoned form which gives you the freedom to customize it with your oil of choice and give it the finishing wax you like.

The cutting surface won’t damage or dull the blade of your knives since the walnut wood is known for its gentle properties.

Durability is very important for the manufacturer which is why each board undergoes extensive treatments to ensure it is capable of providing the owners with years of reliable use.

It comes it a variety of shapes and sizes so that it can fit the needs of every kitchen. 



Some boards will require more sanding to be smoothed before the customers can begin to season and use it.


Buy from for ($74.99)





Ironwood Gourmet 28217


The 28217 model by Ironwood Gourmet is another model that’s worthy of your consideration, and that’s also mostly due to the way it looks. Unlike some of the other models that we have described here, this one is made from acacia wood. As you might have noticed, we’ve mostly picked units constructed from wood because it doesn’t affect your knives and it is considered a safe material.

The Ironwood Gourmet 28217 can be cleaned with ease. You don’t have to make a lot of effort to get the job done – just rinse it with warm and soapy water and let it air dry. The use of a dishwasher for the purpose is not recommended, so do keep that in mind to avoid affecting the structure and quality of the cutting board.

Thanks to its design, the Ironwood Gourmet 28217 can be used both for chopping and for serving things like cheese, crackers, and fruit. This particular model measures 1.25 by 14 by 20 inches, but there are other varieties available if you’re looking for a different size.

It is recommended to use seasoning oil to make sure that the cutting board remains in top shape for as long as possible. You can either get a special Butcher Block Oil or use some regular olive oil or coconut oil.



This versatile product can be used as a prep station, serving board and cutting board and it will add a whole new level of sophistication to your kitchen.

It is made of acacia wood, a material that is well known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns, not to mention its durability and knife-friendly construction.

Ironwood puts a lot of emphasis on craftsmanship since the aim of the company is to create cutting boards that will inspire owners and make them feel proud every time they use it.

Cleaning the board is as easy as it gets since you will simply need to wash it with some warm soapy water and leave it to air dry on your kitchen counter. 



The packaging could use some improvements since it does not protect the board from scratches which is why some owners were not happy with the state in which their product arrived.


Buy from for ($56.09)




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