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If you want to know what the best Belgian waffle maker is and you have little time to spare doing the necessary research, we recommend the Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide. After reading many product specifications and going through a lot of Belgian waffle maker reviews, we selected this model for its performance and its quality construction. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact, making it very easy to handle and maintain. The 180-degree flip function is a must for evenly cooking and no unpleasant surprises. Although the unit provides professional results, it is a home appliance, ready to prepare delicious breakfasts. Since it has a stainless steel casing and a non-stick ceramic interior, cleaning the device is a piece of cake. Just in case you cannot find our first suggestion for sale, the Cuisinart WAF-F20 is an alternative that you can definitely take into consideration.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a Belgian waffle maker


If you are new to this type of kitchen tools, there are some things you should know when you start searching for one. Waffles are a great alternative for breakfast and dessert, and it would be a shame to get them ruined with the wrong appliance. Storing and maintaining the device are also important aspects to consider.

Belgian style

So, what makes a good Belgian waffle maker? First of all, you should know your waffles — there are more types out there. Belgian waffles are thicker than the standard ones, but pretty much the same size across.

They are usually circular and require more time-intensive recipes to prepare. These sweet specialties are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and they have deeper pockets than other types.

Therefore, if it is Belgian waffles you prefer, you need to get an appliance capable of making them correctly.


Number of waffles

You might not think about this being an important feature, but it can come in handy. Waffle makers out there can bake anything from one to four waffles at a time. It is essential to evaluate the number of people you are usually going to use the unit for before placing the order.

Regarding size, you also need to consider where you are going to store it and how much space you can spare on your countertop.

For example, if you need the product for you and your husband, and you also have a small kitchen, there really is no point in getting a large device.



If you are struggling with less and less time, you need devices that can help you prepare what you need in a short time and which do not require complicated processes to maintain.

We recommend looking for a non-stick coating interior for your waffle maker. Not only will you have no issues taking the waffles out, but it will take less time to clean the appliance once you are done.

You should also check the product specifications, as some items in this line require cooking spray or a little oil to be used before baking.

Since we mentioned busy lives and less time to spare, if you are a fan of appliances that pretty much do the cooking for you, maybe you would be interested in reading about tortilla makers, or even quesadilla makers. We also suggest looking into 2 or 4-slice toasters.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Just like in the case of quality pizza ovens, or effective sandwich makers, any kitchen tool can be hard to find when the market has so many items to offer. It is not different when it comes to waffle makers.

You can find expensive and cheap Belgian waffle makers, lightweight and compact, or large units — anything you can imagine. The list showcased below contains three top-rated models we selected for you to choose from.



Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide


You can take your favorite breakfast to an entirely new level with the Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. It is a high-quality construction, it’s lightweight and compact, and has a temperature control system which allows the waffles to cook evenly.

The 180-degree flip function makes this item even more appealing. This option is very helpful, as it enables you to distribute the batter evenly before baking the waffle. Some might say that the appliance provides restaurant quality, which is usually reserved for professional units, that are also much more expensive.

The stainless-steel exterior and the non-stick ceramic interior make this product very easy to clean and maintain. As this is an important aspect, especially where space is an issue, you should know that the dual function locks in a vertical position, offering compact storage.

This product is an excellent option that does exactly what it was meant to do — delicious waffles. The features it comes with are great and the performance it provides is exceptional. Unlike other models in this line, the timer generates a loud sound, but you still have to keep a close eye and unplug the unit right after the waffles are done.


Buy from for ($39.99)




Cuisinart WAF-F20


The Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker is an electric appliance which offers you the option to bake two delicious waffles at a time. They are baked 1-inch extra-deep, with a crispy crust and a soft interior. Your waffles will not only look fabulous, but they will taste great as well. The unit has a rotary handle which enables you to flip each waffle at 180 degrees.

You will get both the top and the bottom cooked evenly. This appliance has six browning control knobs, two LED indicator lights and three beep tones for you to know exactly when your waffles are done. The unit weighs 13 pounds and works with 1400 watts of power.

Furthermore, it comes with non-stick coated grids which offer quick food release and an effortless cleaning process. The stainless steel exterior can be wiped easily, and the inner coating does a great job of preventing the messy batter from sticking to the plates.

Cuisinart’s Belgian waffle maker is an essential tool in any kitchen, for novices and experienced cooks alike. Simply add fruits or syrup and enjoy a delicious breakfast or a special restaurant-quality dessert with your family, in the comfort of your home.


Buy from for ($71.4)




Cuisinart WAF-F10


Cuisinart comes with the WAF-F10 Belgian Waffle Maker which expertly bakes delicious, golden, deep-pocketed waffles in just a few minutes. It features an easy-to-handle rotary feature, which flips the mixture to 180 degrees, designed for even cooking both on top and on the bottom.

It has a 6-setting browning control knob for a perfect cooking experience. Get light and fluffy, or crispy and brown waffles — just the way you like them. The LED lights and beep tones keep you posted at all times, from when the appliance is ready to bake until the waffles are done.

The grids are equipped with non-stick coating, which ensures taking the food out easily, and an effortless cleaning process as well. This unit runs on 1000 watts of power. In terms of design, it comes with brushed stainless steel housing with a black base.

Its dimensions are 9.8 x 15.6 x 9.6 inches, and it weighs 7.6 pounds. This unit is not very large, but it is ideal for a generous amount for batches to satisfy your entire family. Thanks to the deep pocket design, this appliance is perfect for achieving the right thickness for your waffles, while also allowing you to add your favorite topping.


Buy from for ($43.75)



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