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If you want to purchase one of the best books about cooking but the multitude of options seems rather daunting, you might want to know that Grandma Jen recommends The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen. Despite the fact that it is primarily intended for small families, this book can be a friend in need if you want to learn to prepare over six hundred dishes. You’ll find that the title contains both traditional recipes and modern ones, which means that you will be able to make the most of it. Over one hundred pieces of advice are in relation to cooking dishes in as little as thirty minutes or less, so you can even prepare your food when you’re on the run. If this particular title is unavailable for one reason or the other, you may want to consider Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking: Everything You Need to Know to Make Fabulous Food.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a book about cooking


Whether you’re a beginning cook or you’d simply like to try out new things in the kitchen, you might have considered getting a cooking book by now. Because there are so many to choose from, you may have a bit of trouble with selecting the right one. That’s why the following guide might come in handy. If you have the time, be sure to throw an eye over the following suggestions.


What’s your purpose?

The entire idea of getting a cooking book is somewhat broad. While some people might be interested in finding out more about basic recipes as they have little to no experience with preparing any dishes at all, others might want to delve into the mysteries of a particular cuisine.

Therefore, one of the first details you ought to bear in mind is the type of skills you hold. Becoming a professional chef is a daunting experience and can leave you wanting for more. IN this particular case, getting just a book might not be enough. You may need to enroll in a specialized course.


What is the format you want to get?

The matter of paper versus pixels has been on the minds of readers for quite some time now. While electronic copies are advantageous as you’ll be able to read them time and time again, physical copies can come in handy if you don’t want to damage your e-reader or tablet.

Things are bound to get messy in any kitchen, at some point or the other, and the display of most devices can’t put up too much with the abuse of water, batter, or any other ingredients you may want to utilize. On this account, option for paper instead of pixels is a good idea. However, physical copies may wear out after some time of use, which doesn’t happen with an electronic alternative.


Comprehension and design

As we were saying, you need to consider your expertise before anything else. The terminology that some specialized chefs use can be hard to grasp; so, if you’re a beginner you may have to check the best cooking books reviews to ensure you’re getting the right title.

Books that are made to be used in the kitchen don’t share the same design as those intended for your vacation. They have to be filled with handy photographs that can help you understand how the dish is supposed to look like and even how you are supposed to use the ingredients.



Top 3 titles I recommend – Review & Advice



As there are so many alternatives available for sale nowadays, we’ve decided to make matters easier for you and showcase some of the highly regarded ones below. You’ll notice that these particular titles have received a lot of appreciation on the part of those who have bought them.



The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen


Despite being aimed at small families comprising just two people, this book should be on your shelf as the quantities and ingredients can be adjusted as your family grows. The neat thing about this option is that it consists of as many as six hundred and fifty recipes.

What this means for you is that you won’t have to get any extra books just to find out more about a dish that hasn’t been showcased in this title. With the service offered by the alternative, you will find it easier to prepare anything from classic beef stew to brownies and even lasagna. Twenty-five pages are intended for complete beginners, so you can rest assured that the time you’ll spend in your kitchen will be as enjoyable as possible.

Also, it’s worth noting that, since most people lead busy, hectic lives nowadays, this cookbook also comes with one hundred and fifty recipes for dishes you can prepare in half an hour. Top it off with about one hundred recipes for light specialties that you may want to refer to if you’re always on a diet, and you’re all set to go.

This choice has been granted the appreciation of over six hundred readers.


Buy from for ($26.06)





Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking: Everything You Need to Know to Make Fabulous Food 


Ramsay is quite the character, and you might have found out a bit about him thanks to his TV shows. He’s one of the most demanding and challenging chefs ever to have been showcased on television, but his personality has nothing to do with the way he cooks food. The author is a perfectionist, and that can be seen in the pages of this book.

While some of the recipes are relatively easy to prepare, others require a bit of commitment and hard work. Given Gordon Ramsay’s experience in the domain and the fact that he has traveled the world to collect some of the most delicious specialties cooked by various cultures, you’ll want to take the time to study the collection as extensively as possible.

Unlike other choices in the same line, this cookbook can help you learn how to adjust your ingredients when cooking for a crowd or just for yourself. Some of the people who have chosen this title say that they’ve opted for the Kindle version simply because they can browse through the recipes and choose one for every day of the week. This way, they have a portable cookbook everywhere they go. The high-quality binding and the high-resolution photos are enjoyable, to say the least.


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The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg


Sometimes, you need to wing it in the kitchen as your ingredients might not be those you may have thought they are. Unexpected experiences are often the best of all, so here’s where this book might come in handy. If you haven’t tried a myriad of spices before or if you’re just willing to make several creative experiments, this title might be the one for you.

Unlike many other choices out there, The Flavor Bible can help you understand and recognize the language of food and communicate through it. Several useful charts are also made available, and the fact that the title contains a collection of high-resolution images can allow you to understand how you’re supposed to use everything.

The Flavor Bible tackles a multitude of topics, from the right temperature that your dishes ought to have in order for you to feel the taste to the sense of touch and the right texture, in particular. The aroma is also described extensively. In some respects, this title deals with cooking as much as it does with psychology, from certain perspectives.

Most of those who have chosen this alternative say that they recommend getting the hardcover copy instead of the electronic one as the information might not be set up properly on the page.


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