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If you are looking for the best Breville toaster oven, Grandma Jen recommends the Breville BOV800XL model, since it offers a wide range of benefits at an affordable price. Besides the 9 functions that include baking, toasting, and broiling, you can also reheat your meals in no time. The 5 Quartz heating elements ensure a fast and even cooking of the food, while the 1800W wattage ensures the necessary power. This means that you’ll get faster and more efficient results, and this is especially useful if you want to save up time in the process. Made with high-quality materials, this oven is designed to withstand the test of time, even under extended use, while the beautiful design enhances any kitchen interior. In case the BOV800XL model is unfortunately unavailable, the next best option you might want to keep in mind is Breville’s BOV845BSS oven that offers similar performances and benefits.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a Breville toaster oven


When it comes to choosing the right Breville oven, things might not be as easy as they might seem at first, given that there are various things you should keep in mind as you browse through the models.

There are some differences compared to those situations when you are looking for something specific such as a good toaster oven under 50, or toaster pizza ovens in general, so take a look at the main characteristics we’ve listed below before making your final call.


Convection power

Convection toaster ovens bring multiple benefits that make them an excellent choice for many users. They take up less space in the kitchen, they generate less overall heat than conventional ovens and are overall more economic. Also, the fact that you don’t have to bend down to insert or remove the casserole makes them safer to use for elderly people.

However, the most important benefit is that their technology circulates the hot air inside, maintaining a constant temperature around the food for an even cooking. When it comes to Breville ovens, some of the models have an additional fan control capability that allows you to circulate the air faster and better.


Heating elements

Of course, the cooking power mainly comes from the heating elements, so it was only natural that we talk about them here. What you should look for is a model that has a powerful wattage and effective heating elements to be able to quickly fix your meal and save up time and money, through an improved efficiency.

Breville ovens feature Quartz heating elements that are both durable and effective. One thing you might want to keep in mind is that some models have independent heating elements that can cook your food from above and below while being fully adjustable according to the selected temperature and function.


Functions & size

If you want to be happy with your purchase and enjoy all the delicious results that cooking can offer, then you should go for a model that has multiple functions included. Versatility is a key word, besides other considerations such as the size and capacity of the oven.

As the number of these functions can vary and include things such as reheating capabilities, you should think about what your needs are and choose accordingly. The same goes for the size you’ll decide to purchase.

If you don’t need to cook large amounts of food at once, a smaller model might be a better idea, but you’ll most probably sacrifice some of its versatility. However, you’ll save up some space on your kitchen counter.



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In case you are going through Breville toaster oven reviews and you are not sure which model to choose, since numerous alternatives available for sale seem to be ideal, take a look at the selection we’ve made below. This includes our favorite top-rated choices, so you’ll surely find the one that is right for what you need.


Breville BOV800XL


The BOV800XL model is one of those good Breville toaster ovens that you will most probably want to add on your kitchen counter next to your other appliances. This device brings multiple benefits, such as the nine functions that include baking, broiling, or toasting. You will be able to make delicious pizza or cookies in no time.

With its help, you can also reheat your meals, so that’s another thing that comes in handy. The oven’s construction includes 5 Quartz heating elements that ensure the necessary cooking power, doubled by the 1800 Watts capacity.

This model is made with the most durable materials to ensure that it will withstand the test of time. Moreover, its design features an attractive reinforced stainless steel housing, which besides ensuring an added strength, also looks very good, bringing a minimalistic touch to almost any kitchen interior.

Its interior dimensions that stand at (W) 13¼ x (D) 11¼ x (H) 5¼ mean that this model is not too small but not too large. A smaller oven means that less time is necessary to heat up and cook a meal in a quicker and more efficient way than by using a conventional oven, and it also means a cooler kitchen.


Buy from for ($249.99)




Breville BOV845BSS


Yet another excellent choice from the same manufacturer, the BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro is a convection model that, among many other benefits, features an interior light that helps you keep an eye on the meal you are preparing at any given point.

This model includes ten different functions that include toasting, roasting, broiling, baking, reheating, and even slow cooking, for those special recipes that require this type of preparation.

In terms of size, the generous 15.75 x 18.50 x 11 inches dimensions can fit up to a 13” pizza. Moreover, you can toast 6 slices at the same time, so you don’t need to worry about anything if you need to prepare a meal for a larger number of people.

The convection power is efficient, as the construction includes an inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven. This means that the cooking time is significantly reduced, as the cooler air is stripped away from the food, this way ensuring an even temperature for excellent and delicious results.

You also don’t have to worry about anything in terms of maintenance, as the interior walls feature a non-stick coating, which means that you’ll be able to easily clean the oven after each use.


Buy from for ($44.9)



Breville BOV900BSS


The BOV900BSS Smart Oven is yet another example of a very good choice offered by Breville. This model is built for precision so that you can obtain the best results. If you want to cook more types of food at the same time, the multi rack design and the “Rotate Remind” feature will definitely be very helpful.

The 6 independent quartz heating elements included in its construction move the power there where it’s most needed, above and below the food. Each element is thought out to automatically adjust for the setting you choose, this way ensuring a precise and stable temperature at the right time.

Another benefit brought on by the powerful convection capability is the maximized air flow and the high heat that ensure crispy and delicious results. You can even adjust the fan’s speed (between regular and super) for a better control over your cooking.

Of course, the higher speed moves a greater volume of air for a faster and even roasting capability, as well as for improved air frying and dehydrating functionalities. The available temperature range goes from 80°F to 480°F, while the interior capacity is generous, and can fit a 14lb turkey and toast 9 slices.

Buy from for ($399.95)



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