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If you want to find out what the best chocolate for fountains is, but you’re too busy to read every bit of information below, Grandma Jen offers you all the essential information in this short paragraph. The product that deserves your attention most and foremost is the Wilton 2-Pack 2104-7508. The high quality of this chocolate recommends it, as both its taste and texture will satisfy your senses. You will not have to add oil or other ingredients to make it flow smoothly, as it is perfect right out of the bag. There are 4 pounds of chocolate included, which is enough for most chocolate fountains available for small parties. In case the stocks of the Wilton 2-Pack 2104-7508 are depleted, Grandma Jen comes to the rescue with another recommendation, the Sephra Premium Dark, which is almost just as good.

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for chocolate for fountain


Chocolate fountains make fantastic centerpieces, and they are very versatile. Some of them can even be used for gravy and other sauces to spice up a party. However, when we talk about chocolate fountains, the main issue easily becomes what kind of chocolate should be used. This buying guide focuses on providing you with the best information on getting good chocolate for fountains that both you and your guests will enjoy.


Quality matters

There is no way around this. You should use only the best quality chocolate when it comes to fountains, or, otherwise, your guests will be disappointed. But how can you evaluate the quality of this type of ingredient? First of all, you should look for chocolate that is made particularly for fountain use.

This chocolate will flow smoothly, and it will not create any unsightly clumps of food. It should also taste great so that your guests can be easily taken with it. Your choice of dips may influence to some extent what kind of chocolate you should get, but the best fondue chocolate is the one that tastes heavenly and easily melts.


What kind of chocolate do you like best?

One aspect you will surely take into consideration is the type of chocolate you will use. Do you like dark chocolate best? Or do you prefer white chocolate? What about milk chocolate? In case you’re having a larger party, a good idea would be to have at least two chocolate fountains strategically placed so that guests can have easy access to them.


No need for adding extra ingredients

Some people consider that they can use any chocolate with a fountain, and that goes to some extent. You can melt regular chocolate and then add oil, to make it flow, but that can greatly influence the taste and overall quality.

Always read the instructions offered by the manufacturer to see if there is any need for adding extra ingredients. You will be able to tell the difference between high-quality chocolate and the rest through this simple comparison.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



You will find listed below some of the most popular chocolate varieties to be used for fountains. They all appeal to consumers’ palate, as is indicated by a large number of favorable reviews under their names. One of them may be just what you are looking for.



Wilton 2-Pack 2104-7508


Most of the fountain chocolate reviews you can read online praise the Wilton 2-Pack 2104-7508 as being a high-quality product that you should spend money on. The package contains two packs of 2 pounds each, which means that you get 4 pounds of chocolate to use with your fountain. If you have a fountain for home use, this quantity should be enough for a small party.

The same company makes chocolate fountains, as well, and their products work together like a charm. However, it is not a requirement to have both the fountain and the chocolate from Wilton, since this variety of chocolate will work with other models, too.

One of the things praised by the consumers who have so far tried it is the superior taste and overall quality. The chocolate will melt fast and will begin to flow freely, creating a rich cascade of goodness your guests will surely love. You can use it to make fondue, for fountains, as well as for glazing desserts.

There is no need to add oil or other ingredients to make it flow smoothly. Its texture is consistent, and the delicious taste requires no further recommendation. If you pick this product, you will have no regrets whatsoever.


Buy from for ($22)





Sephra Premium Dark


Among the many varieties of chocolate for sale, you will discover the Sephra Premium Dark. This couverture chocolate is on par with the types used by chocolatiers for creating their beautiful and delicious desserts, so you will even be able to play the chocolatier for one night, by matching your chocolate fountain with mouthwatering chunks of fruits and biscuits.

Bear in mind that this is dark chocolate, so it may not be as sweet as others. However, it is considered healthier, and its intense dark color is preferred in many party setups. The chocolate is sold in 2-pound packages for ease of use and convenience. In case you do not have to use all the chocolate, or you buy it for other purposes, you will discover that it is just as ideal for baking.

Whether you make chocolate chips or you want to melt the fondue chocolate for dipping, you will achieve the same results over and over again. Your guests will be ecstatic, and you will be pleased to see them so happy after experiencing this palatable type of dessert.

The chocolate is made from natural ingredients only, and it is kosher certified. You will get two 2-pound packs for the price, and you will get no extra ingredients in the formula, so there’s no need to worry about quality.


Buy from for ($34.99)





Sephra Melano White


For those who prefer white chocolate to dark or milk chocolate, the Sephra Melano White is an excellent choice. The chocolate is delivered in 2-pound bags that can be placed inside the microwave to hurry the melting process. It comes as chips so that you can use it for baking, as well, and not only for chocolate fountains.

Another great thing about this chocolate is that it needs no tempering, as it quickly sets on coated desserts or chunks of fruit. This particular characteristic makes it such an exceptional choice for chocolate fountains. It doesn’t modify its texture, and it tastes amazing, two qualities that should not be overlooked when you are shopping for this kind of ingredient.

The consistency of this chocolate allows it to flow freely when melted, creating a luxurious image as it starts cascading from the top of the chocolate fountain. If you want to hear your friends and family commenting on how you throw the most fabulous parties, adding a chocolate fountain to the table will surely achieve this goal for you.

There is no need to add cocoa butter or oil, as the unique formula used by the manufacturer ensures the perfect texture without any tempering required.


Buy from for ($32.99)




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