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If you want the best corkscrew for wine, but time does not allow you to shop around and compare different models, Grandma Jen is here to offer you a helping hand. According to all the research carried by her team, the model that you should have an eye on is the Le Creuset Pocket. The ideal companion for a wine connoisseur who likes traveling, this pocket-size corkscrew will help you open as many bottles of wine as you desire without a problem. The model’s design is inspired by Herbert Allen’s tabletop model, and it carries the same air of elegance and sophistication. The soft-touch panels on the sides allow you to grip the corkscrew with ease and open wine bottles without fear of accidents. Should the Le Creuset Pocket be out of stock, Grandma Jen comes to the rescue once more and offers another suggestion: the Ozeri Nouveaux II.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a corkscrew for wine


A top-notch corkscrew for wine should comply with specific requirements, but do you know what these are? The following buying guide is focused on providing you with information on how to get the best wine corkscrew around with zero headaches. Check the next recommendations so you can purchase a model that is precisely how you want it to be.


A good pick for all types of corks

If you want a truly reliable corkscrew, you should go for a model that works with both regular corks, as well as synthetic ones. What is the point of having a corkscrew if you cannot open all the bottles you want to open?

Make sure that the screw is long enough – at least, 1.75 inches long – as shorter screws will tear the cork apart, making a mess inside the bottle. Also, a worm mechanism and not an auger should be present if you want the corkscrew to work as intended.


Manual or automatic?

When it comes to the operation mode, you have two types of corkscrews to choose from: manual or automatic. The manual type is quite common and you surely are familiar with it by now. There are not many electronic models on the market, so you may want to learn a few things about them.

An automatic model works with batteries, and its most significant advantage is that you don’t have to do anything. The most critical downside, however, is that batteries do get depleted, which means that your corkscrew may stop working when you least expect it.


Functional and aesthetically pleasing

A wine corkscrew should be practical and also have a beautiful visual appearance. There are all sorts of models on the market, some more sophisticated than others, so you may have to focus on striking a balance between the two aspects.

A good grip should be a must. You don’t want to struggle to get the cork out, and you don’t want the corkscrew to slip from your hand. Good materials like stainless steel should be part of the construction of the corkscrew, to ensure long-lasting operation.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



There are many corkscrews for wine available for sale, but if you want a dependable model, you should look no further than the products listed below. They all enjoy a lot of popularity among consumers, and they will not disappoint you.



Le Creuset Pocket 


When traveling a lot, the chances are that you will not always find a corkscrew that works readily available. Purchasing a different one each time you are away from home is a bother, so you should have one with you if the choice of beverage for you is always wine. The Le Creuset Pocket is your dependable friend, as it offers the benefits of a standard corkscrew, plus the benefits of being portable.

The way that this corkscrew works, makes so many of the wine corkscrew reviews you can read online praise it in so many words. The self-pulling mechanism requires just a finger to start turning, offering you a no-hassle operation that you will appreciate.

If you fall in love with the overall appearance, you will not be the only one. The visual appeal of the corkscrew is justified by its design being inspired by a legendary model created by Herbert Allen. The corkscrew is comfortable to keep in your hand, and the soft-touch surface allows a secure grip without a glitch.

The model will fold, and it quickly fits in a pocket. You can have it with you anywhere you go, and you can uncork as many bottles of wine as you want. The product is backed by a 5-year warranty.


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Ozeri Nouveaux II


One of the things you may notice first about the Ozeri Nouveaux II is the design. The curved lines are inspired by European models, and they are far from being the only aspect that will convince you this is a top-notch model, worthy of your interest.

A good wine corkscrew must have more than just a beautiful appearance. The model reviewed here has an ergonomic grip that will make you sure of yourself whenever you want to unscrew a bottle. There will be no slip-ups, and no accidents, which is a great plus.

The corkscrew can stand on its own, and you don’t need to purchase a base stand only for it. You will also get some nice extras with your purchase; a wine pourer and stopper, as well as a removable lid that can be turned into a foiled cutter,  are included.

Because this is an electric corkscrew, it serves to know that you will be able to open around 60 bottles with one charge. The way it operates makes it convenient, too. You only have to push a button and then observe the way the cork is removed through the transparent casing.


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True Twister Easy Turn


Ease of use is paramount for a wine corkscrew. The overall design of the True Twister Easy Turn will instantly convince you that this is the case with this particular model. The handle is curved, and, while visually appealing, it is more than just a nice touch; its design allows you to grip the corkscrew with confidence and use it without a glitch.

Another thing you may come to like about this particular model is the compact shape that lets you carry the corkscrew with you anywhere you may want to go. The chrome accents make the model even nicer looking, and, should you decide to purchase it and offer it as a gift to someone else sharing the same passion for wine, you will not be wrong.

Made from stainless steel, this corkscrew is built to last. The 5-turn worm operation does not require any pulling. Some people are not very fond of pulling at the cork since they fear that parts of it will break and land in the wine.

There is no need for such worrisome thoughts if you pick this model. You only have to twist, and the cork will come up on its own. Elegant and practical, this corkscrew makes a beautiful gift.


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