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Looking for the best electric air fryer, but don’t know how to go about things? If that’s so, Grandma Jen can give you a hand both in selecting the right model for your needs and with telling you what some of the essential factors that you should consider when you’re in the market for an appliance like this really are. Jen has decided that the product that’s most worthy of your consideration is the Philips HD9220/28 as it comes with most of the features you might require. Besides, the unit is particularly easy to utilize and will finally assist you in eating more healthily. The product is accompanied by a 150-recipe cookbook that will explain to you the basics of cooking delicious meals with as much as 75% less oil. If the Philips HD9220/28 is no longer available for sale, perhaps the GoWISE USA GW22622 3.7-Quart might be able to meet your expectations.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an electric air fryer


Even if you have gone through a myriad of electric air fryer reviews, you might have not come up with the model that’s perfect for you. If separating the wheat from the chaff is a daunting task, perhaps you should read our buyer’s guide. It’s packed with all the essential info that you should bear in mind if you plan to get the best value for the money, and chances are that’s precisely what you are trying to do.

Basket capacity

It goes without saying that the size of the basket matters a lot, but the fact is that you need to understand whether you need a bigger or a smaller one. The simplest question you have to ask yourself is whether you plan to cook just for yourself or for your entire family. The answer will tell you just what type of air fryer you need.


Ease of cleaning

While the basket has to be removable on all models, the drawer might not be. Keep in mind that you will have to wash both the basket and the drawer following every use so as to preserve the condition of the air fryer for as long as possible. Besides, you wouldn’t want to smoke the walls of your kitchen each time you use the appliance, would you?

Fortunately, most of the alternatives that we have discovered boast this feature. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you checked once more just to make sure that the unit you are considering does come with this specification.


Wattage and overall performance

The higher the wattage, the better the performance of the air fryer. In a nutshell, superior power will enable you to prepare French fries or any other dish in less time than you would if you were to use a low-power air fryer.


Does the brand matter?

Whether the best hot air fryer is made by Philips or some other brand remains to be seen. In Europe, this manufacturer is quite popular, but in the United States, there are many others that make just as good air fryers. Cooks Essentials, Black & Decker, Stove & Brick, and many other brands are popular in North America.

The only net advantage that you will be getting if you decide to get a model manufactured by a reputable company is an unbeatable warranty. If you run into any issue with an appliance made by Philips or Black & Decker, for example, it’s very likely that the customer service representatives of either of these brands will make sure that you either get a refund or replacement.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Because the quest for the right electric air fryer might take too much time, we’ve decided to give you a hand by selecting three of the top rated options out there. While they do not cost a fortune, they seem to be worth every penny. Check them out if you haven’t decided on something else just yet.



Philips HD9220/28


It’s really no wonder that this Philips model is one of the critically acclaimed choices out there. On the one hand, this brand has been in the industry of developing top-notch kitchen appliances for quite a while now. On the other hand, the product has been outfitted with most of the essential features you might look for in an air fryer.

For example, with the basket capacity of this option, you can prepare as much as a whole bag of French fries at a time. The timer allows you to set it for up to thirty minutes, and the fact that the product boasts an analog user interface makes it far easier to utilize compared to others.

Last, but not least, it is worth adding that this model has been praised by Gordon Ramsay himself, so you can’t expect anything but excellent performance on the part of such a product.

Granted, the Philips alternative is far less affordable when compared to many of its competitors. It will be therefore up to you to tell whether the expense makes sense. Keep in mind that the unit is accompanied by a 150-recipe booklet that will enable you to make the most of the appliance.



The air fryer is easy to use and convenient and assists owners in preparing delicious dishes in a timely fashion and with up to 75% less oil.

A 150-recipe book is provided in the deal, so you get your money’s worth.

The product does a great job if you plan to use it with a broad variety of frozen foods, including frozen French fries.

Based on the feedback that we have found about this alternative, it seems to make less of a mess compared to a deep fryer and is far easier to clean.

The retro twist timer control seems to be one of the features that this model is appreciated for.



The basket capacity of this product is one of the inconveniences that have been reported by most buyers, in that there are larger options out there. The capacity is 1.75 lbs, so you might want to buy it for yourself and your partner. If you need to get a model for your whole family, consider one with a capacity of at least 3 lbs.


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GoWISE USA GW22622 3.7-Quart 


While it might come from a less popular brand, this model is just as good as others we have stumbled upon. For one, its basket capacity is bigger, so you will finally have the chance to cook for your entire family in a single batch. It boasts the same analog user interface like the one that the Philips model showcased in this selection comes with.

The unit allows owners to set the temperature of the cooking process from 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what they are looking to prepare and how they enjoy their food. The timer can be set from 1 to 30 minutes, so you might have to set a higher temperature for foods that you know can’t be done in that little time.

The indicator lights that this model has been outfitted with will tell you when the right temperature has been reached so that you can rest assured that the rest of the cooking will go as planned.

Given the fact that it is far more budget-friendly compared to many other models and has been highly spoken of by more than one hundred satisfied users, this GoWISE USA choice might be worth giving a shot.



Affordability is one of the most important advantages to take note of if you are considering this model as it is usually priced under one hundred.

The basket capacity that this model has been equipped with will allow you to prepare chicken wings, French fries, or any other type of food for your whole family.

The analog user interface on this alternative is easy to utilize, so you needn’t worry about having to learn how to use this product for too long.

As with other models in the same line, you have the option of using very little or no oil when preparing your food.

The timer can be set from 1 to 30 minutes, and the temperature range that can be selected on this air fryer ranges from 175 to 400F. All of this adjustability will allow you to have complete control over the cooking process.



Some owners have reported that air fried meats are less delicious compared to those prepared in a deep fryer.


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Gourmia GAF520


If getting an air fryer that’s overly complicated to use isn’t something you have on your mind, perhaps you should consider this Gourmia alternative. It’s convenient, efficient, and has been found to come with a better performance compared to many other models available out there.

You might have to make an investment to get this product, however, as it isn’t always available on sale. Nonetheless, given that the power of this choice is 1400W, it goes without saying that it can be used with virtually anything you might intend to prepare.

Something else that has to be added regarding this choice is that it is one of the few air fryers that allows you to set its timer up to 60 minutes. Many alternatives available nowadays allow you to cook for just up to thirty minutes, which means that for some dishes, you’ll have to set the timer twice.

The LCD digital control panel is very easy to utilize and will display both the temperature you have selected and the number of minutes left until you can enjoy your food. The four button presets that the model has been outfitted with can allow you to cook poultry, seafood, meat, or fries with as little effort as possible.



As is the case with other choices out there, this one is accompanied by a recipe book that will allow you to prepare tacos, snack mix, sandwiches, and fries and burgers in as little time as possible.

The model has been equipped with four presets for seafood, fries, poultry, and meat. This allows you to save some precious minutes because you’d otherwise have to check the manual to see what settings you need to use for each of these foods.

The timer can be set up to a whole hour, so you will be free to do chores around the house while preparing lunch or dinner with minimal effort.

Since this model comes with an LCD control panel, you will be able to see just how much time you have to wait before you can enjoy your food, as well as the temperature that you have selected.



It’s not the most affordable air fryer ever to have been invented, but it does come with a series of features that are rather hard to say no to.


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