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Electric burners are useful anytime. You can use such an appliance at home or at the office, indoor and outdoor. It will serve you if you want to cook something fast or prepare coffee or tea on the patio or backyard in a beautiful, sunny day. If you started looking for the best electric burner, we can make some suggestions and maybe you will find what you are looking for. According to many electric burner reviews, the Cuisinart CB-30 Single Burner comes first in many customers’ preferences. Its’ features show that popularity is not just a trend. The item is powerful, has a capacity of 1300 watts and this allows it to heat up quickly. The temperature can be adjusted in 6 steps, so you can use it even when you want to keep food warm. If it’s not for sale where you live, you might also like the Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Cooktop, another popular option.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an electric burner


If you want to use the new tool a long time, make sure that you choose a good electric burner. Once you found the right one, you should do what you can to keep it in good shape. You have a wide range to choose from, but there are some things to consider when you go shopping.

Durability is important

When you buy any household item, you know that you are making a long-term investment. This is partially true, because durability also depends on how you take care of that object. In this case, consider all the factors that could damage your new electric burner (rust, spilled food) and try to prevent them in every way you can.

Also, keep in mind that your burner runs on electricity and always check if it is properly isolated and if you are using it right. Clean it often so that you can enjoy good food and stay healthy.


The material can make the difference

It’s common knowledge that rust is the biggest threat for any metal product. Your burner won’t make an exception, even if it’s electrical. Depending on the material and how you keep it, it could take months or years until it appear on your appliance.

The best solution for preventing damage on your item is to choose one made of reliable materials. The first choice can be stainless steel due to its’ practical features — it is rust and discoloration resistant. On the other hand, a burner made from stainless steel might be heavy and difficult to carry around if you plan to take it somewhere. There’s also the option of ceramic burners, and these are great when it comes to durability, too.


Make sure that it fits your budget

Every time we want to buy something, we have to consider our budget first. This aspect is even more important when you want to acquire an object you want to use for a longer period of time. Whether you’re looking for a new electric hot plate, a convection oven, a gas grill, or any other appliance you might need, the cost matters quite a bit.

Of course, you don’t buy an electric burner every day, but remember that not all expensive things are top quality. You can find a good and cheap electric burner, but for that you need to analyze the offer and decide which option better suits your needs.

You should choose an economical alternative (in terms of power consumption), due to the fact that it runs on electricity. Ask around, read reviews, and go through all of the specs carefully.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



It is difficult to buy something, especially if you don’t know much about the item you are looking for. We are here to help, so here’s a list with the 3 most popular electric burners.



Cuisinart CB-30 Single Burner


The Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner is a great addition to any kitchen, a reliable cooking space when you are in a place without a dedicated spot for eating or preparing a delicious meal. Many positive reviews from customers have placed it on the 1st place in the chart of good electric burners.

Its can reach the proper heat fast and retain it throughout the entire process. It has a capacity of 1300 watts and a 6-setting temperature control mechanism that offers flexibility in choosing the heating level (from lowest to highest).This feature gives it the ability to cook several courses and keep food warm.

If you are worried about durability and cleanliness, we note that the Cuisinart Single Burner has a durable cast iron plate that is very easy to clean. In addition, it has the base made of brushed stainless steel. Therefore it will be an eye-catching, cool addition to every environment.

You can use this electric burner during the holidays, when you go camping or on any other occasion when you have to cook and cannot use the kitchen. It will support your cooking adventures when you are feeding many people, family members or just yourself. If you buy it online, free shipping is included.



This choice is made of heavy-duty cast iron and it measures 11.50 L x 11.00 W x 2.50 H inches. It only weighs 8.02 pounds. 

Because it uses 1300 watts, it can heat fairly quickly and it can retain the heat throughout the actual cooking process. 

This option has no less than six different temperature settings and an integrated knob that you can use to select the desired temperature easily.

For added safety, an on light is incorporated. This way, you will be reminded to turn the model off when you are done with the cooking.



There was a buyer who said that the product should not be left unattended as it tends to heat up when used for an extended period.

Another customer argued that the heating settings that it includes are inconsistent. This was not a problem that many pointed to at the time we did the research.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($43.67)




Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Cooktop


Many happy customers have placed this product as the second choice in the selection of the most popular electrical burners. The product successfully combines functionality, good looks and a good price, so it seems that every house should have one.

The Secura Portable Cooktop is built according to North American Electrical Standards and it is ETL approved. It has 15 power levels, from 200 to 1800 Watts, so the temperature can vary between 140 and 460 Degree Fahrenheit.

The burner is easy to use and handle, thanks to the digital control panel and built-in countdown digital timer. The Secura 9100 MC 1800W comes equipped with a system for sending messages in case of errors and for warning the user when it reaches a too low or high voltage.

Those who’ve bought it say that it is light, so you can carry it around as you need. Also, you have many storage possibilities. Other users note that it is reasonably priced. Besides, if you think about ordering it online, like many people do nowadays, you might be able to get free shipping.

The model seems like a good kitchen tool, so we have added it on our list of recommendations.



This device is also quite powerful and worthy of your attention. It has 15 power levels that range from 200 to 1800 watts.

Additionally, it includes 15 temperature settings that range from 140 to 460 Fahrenheit degrees, which is a reason why so many recommend it.

This cooker was designed to feature a digital control panel and it has a lightweight construction so that it can be moved around with little effort.

A digital counter that has increments from 1 to 170 minutes is also incorporated, as well as an auto-pan detector.



Before you decide to invest in this alternative you should remember that this model is only compatible with induction-ready cookware. Most users do not consider this a disadvantage.

One of its former buyers said that this choice is a little noisy. However, it should be added that this was the only reviewer who noted this issue.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($69.99)




Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner


So far, we know that one electric burner is useful in many circumstances, but don’t you think that a double one could be more efficient? The first thing we noticed when we first looked at the Cuisinart CB-60 is its eye-catching design.

It is elegant, but strong and it can do a lot of things because it has many interesting features. Durability is ensured by the 2 heavy cast iron plates. These parts contribute to cooking delicious meals fast, but they get a lot of help from a powerful 1800 Watts heat-up capacity.

This double burner has an innovative characteristic. It can retain heat throughout the entire cooking cycle. This is made possible by 2 separate temperature adjustment controllers.

You can find out if your food is done thanks to an indicator that has the “on” lights for safety measures as well. In addition to the temperature adjusting parts, the Cuisinart CB-60 also has independent adjustable thermostat and non-slipping feet that give it stability while cooking.

The product is considered a good deal by many people who were looking for a new electric burner. Another advantage consists of the possibility of cooking two courses at the same time. The price is good and free shipping might be available at some online retailers.



The main advantage that makes this option so well-liked is the fact that it comes fitted with not just one, but two iron plates that one can use when cooking.

It has six distinct temperature settings and an intuitive design so that you have no issues when handling it, even if you are not particularly handy. 

The model also comes equipped with an `on` indicator light and with a thermostat that is adjustable.

What is more, because of the non-slip feet that the device features, it remains stable and in place when cooking. 



A previous user remarked  that the product that he was shipped broke after three months of use. Not many reports of this kind have been registered so far.

There was another user who claimed that the burner takes a lot of time to heat up. Once again, this is not an issue that many complained about. 


Buy from Amazon.com for ($58.17)




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