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If you are wondering what the best flour tortilla maker could be, but time is not on your side to compare different models on the market, this paragraph will sort things out for you. Grandma Jen recommends the Victoria 85008 as it is a model that combines superior performance with a decent price. First things first, it must be mentioned that the plates come pre-seasoned with palm oil harvested in Colombia, the country where this model is manufactured. The cast iron construction is durable, and the plates are thick, allowing the dough to flatten without extra effort on your part. The plates will not let the dough stick to them, and overall this model is easy to use. If you cannot find the Victoria 85008 anywhere, the Smart Cook Heavy Gauge should be the second one on your list since it has almost the same great benefits.



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The process of making tortillas can be quite tedious but, on the other hand, enjoyable. First thing’s first, you have to get the consistency right. Then, naturally, you have to roll the dough in the palm of your hand and make sure all the ingredients have mixed together nicely. Once your dough is done, you need to use the best flour tortilla maker machine for home use so you can end up with perfectly cooked tortillas.

Besides a decent price, when you’re looking for the best flour tortilla maker, or, more commonly called, tortilla press, you need to bear in mind its characteristics and its size. The most popular variants are in between 8-10 inches long, even though you can find them in larger sizes as well.

When you bear in mind your budget and needs, you could choose to pay more for characteristic such as an auto indicator light, surfaces that are easy to clean and the convenient storage feature. That best flour tortilla maker should be quite compact, so that you can easily store it somewhere in the kitchen or a cupboard.

1.2 Victoria 85008


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a flour tortilla press:



Ease of use

The best tortilla maker should have a sturdy build, and resistant base and handle that will allow you to flatten the dough easily. Bear in mind – when choosing a tortilla press, you need to remember that size matters, so do not opt for a model that is too small or one that is too heavy. In addition, you don’t want a model that is difficult to clean or one that makes the dough stick to the cooking surfaces.



Flour tortillas presses are generally made of cast iron. If you’re searching for a tortilla press that is able to handle large quantities of dough at once, you should opt for a cast iron one as it is by far the most durable choice. Most traditional presses are made using this material and they are great at making corn or flour tortillas, and other products such as patacones, arepas and tostones.



3 Best Flour Tortilla Makers (Reviews) in 2019



Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the models which have proven to be the most popular among tortilla fans. Any of these models would serve you well for preparing the perfect flour tortillas, but it seems that the Victoria 85008 is by far the best regarded one.



1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press


1.1 Victoria 85008This model can generally be found at prices of around 20 dollars, but you may be able to find in for an even better price if you look through the sales done by major online retailers.

It was manufactured in Colombia, and it’s great for making empanadas, tortillas, tostones, patacones and more.

This 8 inch press is made with durable cast iron and has a very sturdy handle which allows you to press dough without worrying about breaking it off. The reasonably heavy construction is also useful as you won’t have to exert much effort into flattening the dough. Another great feature is that the cooking plates are pre-seasoned with Colombian palm oil to ensure that they don’t stick to your dough.

So, if you enjoy having healthy, fresh and hand-made tortillas, you should definitely consider purchasing this particular model.

Most of the people who have bought it certainly think so, as this tortilla maker has received an abundance of positive feedback. The users found that the Victoria 85008 is very well built and durable, while others particularly enjoyed the excellent functionality.



With an 8-inch press diameter, it can be used to make a great variety of flatbreads, including tortillas, tostones, empanadas, and patacones.

Its solid cast iron construction will ensure you won’t have to worry about fissures or the handle bending, no matter the pressure you apply.

It comes pre-seasoned with eco-friendly Colombian palm oil to prevent the dough from sticking. According to owners, it shouldn’t require any seasoning for at least a couple months of continuous use.

The relatively heavy construction will add a lever effect, reducing the effort necessary for flattening the dough.

The fact that it’s a bestseller on Amazon stands as testament to this product’s quality



While the vast majority of clients are pleasantly impressed with its tortilla making abilities, some people mention that the dough should be placed a little off-center, towards the hinge for perfect results.  


Buy from Amazon.com for ($34.97)





2. Heavy-Gauge Manual Reastaurant Cast Iron Flour


Smart Cook Heavy GaugeAnother model that is priced in the 20 dollar range and that can usually be purchased for even less. This tortilla press, as the name suggests, can be used in restaurants and it is designed to withstand heavy use.

It is made with cast iron so you know it’s a good option if you’re looking for a traditional flour tortilla maker. It should also be mentioned that unlike the previous model on our list, this one only has a 7 ½ inch press surface.

The excellent design will allow you to make even, thin tortillas, with less effort, by easily pressing on its firm grip handle. This hasn’t be unnoticed by the majority of its users who have generally given it over the average ratings and reviews.

Most people seem to think that it is adequately priced and well worth the investment. Some owners did mention that they had previously tried using aluminium tortilla presses and they were dissatisfied with the results.

Cast iron does seem to be the best material for pressing dough and cooking it evenly.



The Smart Cook’s heavy duty construction can hold through a lot of wear and tear. As the manufacturer suggests, it’s toughness makes it ideal for commercial use.  

It’s made out of cast iron, which gives it good tensile resistance for both for the handle and the plates. This helps the tortilla dough come off as evenly as possible, but you shouldn’t expect perfect results in this price range.

The relatively high weight provides good leverage when pressing, making your job easier by reducing the amount of effort you have to put in.  

Happy customers note it’s very eco-friendly, with no strange oils or smells emanating from it, only unadulterated cast iron.  



It doesn’t have a thickness limiter, so parts of the tortilla might come as too thin when handled by inexperienced operators.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($19.89)




3. Norpro 1068 Tortilla Press 8-Inch


Norpro 1063The last product on this list comes from Norpro, a well known manufacturer of kitchen utensils. This model, unlike the ones listed above, is made using cast aluminium which has a nice chrome finish to make the product stand out. It’s list price is nearly 30 dollars, but most online retailers often have sales for it and you can generally have if for half off, making it a very sweet deal. You can also choose from either a 6 inch or a 8 inch model depending on your needs and preferences. In addition, to make the deal even better, the manufacturer also includes a recipe booklet in the package.

Using this device is fairly straightforward, you just have to prepare the tortilla dough according to your tastes and then place small chunks in the middle of the cooking surface. After that, just press slowly on the handle to make sure that the dough is distributed evenly and your tortillas are nice and round.

The cleaning process is really easy, as all you have to do is wipe it with a damp or a dry piece of cloth and you’re done. Some owners do however advise that you use oiled parchment paper so the dough won’t stick to the plates.

So, the Norpro Cast Aluminum Tortilla Press is ideal for amateur or even professional cooks who want to make corn tortillas in the comfort of their own house. All you have to do is follow the recipe instructions, and, mainly, roll up a ball of dough in the palm of your hands, place it in the center of the press, and then you push down the lever.

In terms of user feedback, this model has gotten mainly positive reviews. Some users even claimed they used it for pressing pizza dough and that they got pretty good results. While not as appreciated as the models listed above, the Norpro Cast Aluminum Tortilla Press is certainly a worthwhile product and you should not overlook it.



This product is light and easy to use tortilla press. Very affordable and perfect for casual use around the house due to its light cast aluminum construction.

It comes in two sizes, suited for either 6 or 8-inch tortillas, giving you extra options in regards to how you prefer to use it, store it, etc.

Despite its low cost, it offers good functionality, drawing a lot of praise from owners for its ability to shape tortillas into an adequately flat and even form.

It’s easy to clean with a damp or dry cloth and even easier if you use oiled parchment paper while cooking, which most people do anyway.

The nice chrome finish gives it a slick aspect for a piece of kitchenware, unlike the rugged cast iron.



Aluminum makes it less durable and more prone to bending than similar cast-iron items. However, it somewhat makes up for it by higher convenience and lower cost.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($31.19)




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