Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, and Grandma Jen knows it best. She, along with her family and her darling nephews, have come up with a list of blogs that are truly useful for anyone who’d like to learn more about home cooking and make the most of simple ingredients in the most creative way possible.

We’ve also made sure to include several blogs that are packed with advice on how you can live a healthy and wholesome life just by avoiding takeout and starting to cook your meals at home. Meal prepping is another topic tackled by some of the amazing blogs that we have selected for your consideration.

We value content creators that help their audience live better and healthier. To put it simply, these are the best cooking blogs (in our opinion).


Best blogs you shouldn’t miss as a food aficionado!




Food52 is a classic whether you like Italian cuisine or you’re looking to create a cheesy and warm salad one chilly evening. This is the right site to be if you’ve never made your own mayonnaise and you’re looking to turn classic recipes into something a bit more experimental. Besides, most of the site’s editors are cooks or chefs that have made a name out of their contributions to other online magazines.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • New recipes published regularly
  • Burnt Toast podcast
  • Tips for making the most of your living space




Serious Eats

While some of the other blogs that we have showcased here are focused on recipes, this one combines the love for eating good food with simple, yet incredibly effective tips for people who haven’t even used a pan to fry an egg ever before in their life. That’s how you can learn how to cook a festive dinner for Easter or Christmas, make a chocolate cake without any dairy, or clean sticky stuff from a pot.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Practical cooking techniques for people who haven’t cooked before
  • A wide variety of recipes from pizza to vegetarian
  • Fancy a nightcap? Check out the cocktail recipe section!




The Kitchn

The minimalistic design boasted by this website should tell you that it’s easy to use, beautiful, and more importantly, it will teach you how you can whip something up in as little time as possible and with minimal effort. And it’ll be delicious, we promise. From culture and family to wellness and recipes, you’ll find lots of things to like here.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Tips on organizing various important events in your life (like throwing the perfect baby shower)
  • Kid-friendly treats and recipes
  • Inspiring work lunches and meal prep




Smitten Kitchen

If you like delicious, yet easy recipes, you’d better check out Smitten Kitchen for some inspiration. You have more than 200 vegetarian recipes to browse through, and you can even check out the vegan section if you prefer to stay off meat, eggs, and dairy. Thanks to this website, you can learn how to prepare a beautiful and flaky pie crust, perfect meatballs and spaghetti, and bodega-style sandwiches.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Recipes published regularly
  • An extremely generous vegan and vegetarian category
  • Check out Deb Perelman’s cookbooks, while you’re at it




Simply Recipes

Probably the best thing about this website is that it doesn’t make you waste any time. If you’re on the run and you’re looking for something new to try in your kitchen, just make use of the nifty menu that Simply Recipes puts at your disposal and select the cuisine, season, course, and even the ingredients you want to use — and you’ll be able to prepare a nice dinner in no time.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Excellent usability
  • Quickly find the recipe you are looking for
  • Generous selection of egg and chicken recipes




Vegetarian Ventures

Vegetarians have become somewhat of a minority over the years as veganism has become very popular. What many people don’t know is that vegetarianism is, in fact, a very healthy way of living and it is considerably easier to adopt by someone who wants to stop eating meat both for ethical reasons and because it’s one of the least healthy foods out there. Check out Vegetarian Ventures for wonderful recipes from strawberry rhubarb crisp to roasted veggies with citrus gremolata and polenta.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • New recipes published regularly
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Tips and yummy tricks for entertaining guests




Mummy Mishaps

Jenny, a self-proclaimed clumsy mommy, shares baking recipes (mostly of cakes) but also other tips and tricks for making the most of life when you have two sons, a dog and a cat, and always something new and challenging to manage. She writes about the dishes she prepares for her family, but she also lets people know about the best places to visit if you’re a foodie, for example.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Unique and imaginative recipes
  • Meal ideas
  • Cupcake, dessert, and baking info




Larder Love

Karon Grieve is a tv cook, author, photographer, and crafter who lives on a small patch of the Scottish countryside along her daughter, Idgy, and lots and lots of animals. What she loves most is preparing food from scratch, but she also has a soft spot for making pickles, preserves, jams, infused oils, as well as flavored butters. Larder Love is a blog about honest food made in your home with basic and healthy ingredients.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Check out some of Karon’s most popular recipes (she cooks a lot of Greek and Scottish recipes)
  • Learn how to preserve cucumbers, carrots, and a wide array of other veggies
  • Make jam, smoothies, or potato rostis – learn everything here





David is the owner of BakingBar, the perfect place for foodies and people who love to find out more about nice places where they can have dinner or a cup of tea in Belfast. You’ll find here lots of delicious recipes, but also competitions, an Amsterdam guide, as well as top chef interviews.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Reviews of cafes and restaurants in the Belfast area
  • News articles
  • Delicious and imaginative recipes




Searching for Spice

Corina is a busy mom with 2 young children and she’s always trying new things in the kitchen. She’s in love with healthy and easy recipes that taste great. As the name of her blog suggests, she also loves spices. We loved her recipe for Easy Greek Lemon Chicken and her Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • A very comprehensive and generous recipe index
  • Meal planning inspiration
  • Most of Corina’s recipes are healthy and made for a balanced diet




Inspired Taste

Adam and Joanne Gallagher are the publishers and creators of Inspired Taste. As you can expect, they research and develop recipes, photograph the results, and shoot videos, too. The couple is obsessed with food and is proud to share its recipes with the blog readers. The nicest thing about their recipes is that they are adaptable, so they can be made for everyone’s diet or needs.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Filter the recipes by diet, category, or ingredients
  • Check out the generous recipe index
  • Need a little more help? Watch Adam and Joanne’s videos!




Emma Eats and Explores

This is one of the most visually appealing blogs we came across simply because you can’t help yourself and click on one recipe or the other. Emma writes about her grain-free and gluten-free diet and dining experiences and she also makes delicious treats that she shares with her blog readers.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Lots of grain-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free recipes
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Tips for living in London




Dining Devon

This non-profit food blog is the perfect place to check out reviews of cafes and restaurants throughout the Devon area. You’ll also find plenty of product reviews, interviews with foodie heroes and lots of coverages of food festivals if you take the time to browse through the posts published here. Best of all? Everyone on the team truly loves food.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Devon foodie news and events
  • Recipes
  • Clubs, hotels, and child-friendly places reviewed




The Octopus Diaries

If you aren’t in the mood to make your own food, but you’d like to go to a nice restaurant and be served the best dinner you’ve ever had, The Octopus Diaries is the blog to check out before getting out of the house. Read everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dining out in Wales, Scotland, or England, or even some parts of Europe.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Restaurant roundups
  • Best places to eat for families with kids
  • Reviews of places you can eat at in Wales, England, or Scotland




A Glug of Oil

Jan loves cooking and eating and she enjoys sharing her passion with her site visitors. The truth is that she’s right and that most people, when they cook, rarely measure anything. They just do what feels right, especially if they’ve prepared that recipe before. A Glug of Oil is just about that – the serendipity of some recipes and also about the way technology can help anyone learn how to cook these days.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Health and fitness tips
  • Chicken, Meat and Vegetarian recipes
  • Lifestyle tips (like hosting a garden party)




Simply Sensational Food

Nayna lives in the UK and is the author of this beautiful blog. The best thing about Simply Sensational Food is that it is straightforward, cleanly designed, and everyone can use it to find the recipe they’re looking for. Since Nayna is really passionate about her food, she has created a vegetarian site where she has shared over 900 vegetarian recipes in the past.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Delicious vegetarian recipes to try out today
  • Cookery class
  • Check out Nayna’s cookbooks




Sugar Pink Food by Latoyah

Latoyah is passionate about creating delicious, easy, and above all, healthy meals. She has been sharing her recipes with the world over the past four years and during that time, she has won a myriad of award nominations and recognition. She’s a finalist in the UK Blog Awards, so you might at least consider giving this blog a read.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Tips for being in a better mood
  • Health and fitness challenges
  • Scrumptious (and guilt-free) recipes





The author of this blog, Adele, is a 100% foodie as she loves to eat good food, is a wine enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed gin guru, too. She’s also a painter and an event manager that always plans her holidays around the food she’s going to eat. Adele also enjoys putting together reviews of the restaurants she has been to.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Recipes for afternoon tea, breakfast, dinner, and everything else
  • Find out where you should consider eating out
  • Events and competitions




BitterSweet Blog

With over 17,000 email subscribers, it goes without saying that this cooking blog is one of the most popular ones that we were able to track down. The best thing about it is that everything is neatly organized. For example, if you go check out the Recipe Index, you’ll find all the recipes grouped into categories from breakfast and brunch to main dishes, miscellaneous desserts, and even DIY bath and body.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Recipes for everything from breakfast to dinners
  • Learn how to make your own cleaning products
  • Dips, dressings, spreads, sauces, and condiments




Tin and Thyme

This vegetarian food blog features nutritious and delicious home-cooked recipes, luscious chocolate, as well as creative baking. Choclette is a vegetarian with a sweet tooth, so that’s something that she will definitely get across through the recipes she publishes here. The award-winning blog has everything from recipes to reviews, so why not check it out?

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Excellent dessert recipes
  • Learn how to make preserves
  • Tips for cooking healthy and delicious meals




Cookie and Kate

Kate is a self-taught photographer from Oklahoma who, along with her beautiful sidekick, Cookie (her dog), has created this eye-catching food blog that will make you want to learn how to cook yourself. She loves photographing what she prepares and her shots will, without a doubt, convince you to try and make some delicious and healthy meals.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Recipes for breakfast, soups, and dinners
  • Dessert recipes
  • Check out the Cookie and Kate app




Tinned Tomatoes

With over 600 vegetarian recipes, this blog is definitely worth checking out if you want to start living a healthier (and more conscious) lifestyle. Most of the meals you’ll see here are easy to make, so they work for people who are busy and usually rely on takeout. We would suggest you look at our favorites, the Summer Salad & Baby Beet Lunch Wrap and the Leftover Bolognese Quesadillas.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Over 600 veggie recipes
  • Find out more about the 5:2 diet
  • Learn to organize veggie holidays




A Mummy Too

Emily Leary is an award-winning lifestyle, food, and parenting writer. She’s also a photographer and a presenter, so you can expect the shots of the meals showcased on this blog to be quite extraordinary. The parenting tips available here will definitely make your life easier and that of your children, as well.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Parenting tips
  • Work and lifestyle advice
  • Hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes




The Woks of Life

This family of four cooks (Bill, Sarah, Judy, and Kaitlin) shares their home-cooked and restaurant-style recipes and you can definitely take advantage of their knowledge and learn how to make your own delicious meals. From Hot and Sour Soup to Shortcut Scallion Pancakes, you’ll find everything you need right here.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Creative recipes with basic ingredients
  • Check out the How-To category for everything from learning how to use chopsticks to navigating a Chinese grocery store
  • Life and travel advice