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Are you looking for a cooking appliance that will help you cook fast and healthy? A food steamer may be exactly what it is lacking in your kitchen. Many people choose a food steamer and rice cooker for preparing their daily meals because this is the surest way of eliminating fat from their diets. Excessive use of fat in one’s diet can be linked to cardiovascular problems and obesity, which is why more and more people are looking for ways to reduce the fat intake. If you are interested in getting a food steamer, this buying guide will help you make a great decision.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a food steamer:



A versatile unit is highly recommended

A food steamer is great to have, but it can be even greater if it is versatile enough. For instance, models with multiple baskets that practically allow you to steam veggies and meat at the same time, are very useful and they help you cook faster. Some models come with a rice bowl for cooking rice, another great extra that adds to versatility. Since rice can be consumed as is, or as a side dish for many types of food, this is the type of unit we recommend, too.


A timer will help you organize your time

A nice feature that you will surely like having on your food steamer is a timer. This small detail will help you keep track of time when you are preparing meals. Even models that are not extremely expensive come with a countdown timer that will let you know how much time is left until the food is properly made. This is a feature you should look for in the best baby food steamer since parents taking care of small children are usually pressed for time.


Can your steamer keep your food warm?

Although it is not a must have, a keep warm function is really helpful. Together with an auto shut-off feature that stops the unit once the program is finished, this is a convenience that will help you enjoy more palatable meals every day. A bit of extra water may have to be added at the beginning of the cooking process, but otherwise, this feature is straightforward and easy to use.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



The best food steamers on the market are showcased below. If you are looking for new ways to cook healthier and improve your wellbeing, any of these food steamers will do a great job for you.



Aroma Housewares Professional


The Aroma Housewares Professional is considered by many the best food steamer on the market and all its great features are a reason for this much praise.

When used for cooking rice, its capacity is equal to 6 cups of uncooked rice; the end result will be 12 cups of cooked rice that you can use as a side dish or for various recipes you may like to try. While many times advertised as a rice cooker, this model helps you cook various types of food.

The Oatmeal, Soup and Cake functions come in handy when you want to put together an entire menu.

Also, you can use this kitchen appliance for steaming and slow cooking, so you are basically getting multiple devices in one. The Aroma Housewares Professional has an automatic Keep Warm function that maintains your food at the best temperature for serving, and it can be used for white rice or brown rice, depending on which variety you like best.

Another useful function is represented by STS or Saute-Then-Simmer that practically allows you to quicky sauté veggies and then switch to simmer when you add water or broth. Accessories are also included, in the form of a steam tray, a measuring cup and a spatula.


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If you want to eat healthy, but you are not fond of non-stick cooking devices, you will certainly find a reliable kitchen helper in the OYAMA CNS-A15U. The cooking pot used is made from stainless steel and it is very easy to clean, once you are done with the cooking.

It is worth noting that the stainless steel used for this device is surgical grade 304, which means that it will maintain your food healthy, without dangerous compounds leaking in it.

If you have been looking for the best food steamer to buy, this model will surely come in handy for preparing all kinds of foods, such as rice, veggies, meats and it is even great for making dumplings.

The capacity of this steamer is 8 cups of uncooked rice, which means that it is larger than regular models. You will get a steamer tray with your steamer and a glass lid that allows you to monitor your food while it is being made.

With the help of the steamer tray, you can use this cooking appliance for preparing all kinds of food, while the cooking pot is cooking rice, so you can enjoy healthy meals together with your family.


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Hamilton Beach 37530A


The Hamilton Beach 37530A definitely makes a great first impression from the first time you look at it. This 2 tier steamer is a great addition to any kitchen and you will love its stackable design that allows you to store it inside a cabinet with ease.

In case you like versatility when it comes to cooking, and you do not always want to cook the same quantity, this model allows you to use just one tier or two tiers. In case you need to place larger foods inside the steamer, the divider can be removed and you will enjoy even more versatility.

A great thing about this food steamer is that it comes equipped with an automatic keep warm function. Once the cooking process is done, the steamer switches to keeping the food warm, so you can serve it right away.

You will surely love the easy to use digital touchpad that allows you to set up the timer and access all the functions with great ease.

There is one thing you should know, though and that is that the food containers must be washed by hand and not in a dishwasher. However, the drip tray and the rice bowl can safely be washed in the dish washing machine.


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