French Press Coffee Makers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you just want to find what the best French press coffee maker available for sale is, Grandma Jen recommends the Secura SFP-34DS because of its build quality and the delicious coffee that it can create. With a stainless steel body, this is not only one good looking product, but also one that can provide a durability that outlasts other alternatives. The 3 layers stainless steel filter structure can trap even the smallest of grounds to create a full-bodied flavor that will leave you craving for more. As a plus, this French press comes equipped with a cool touch handle and knob that will make it more comfortable and safe for you to use the appliance. If you find that the Secura SFP-34DS is not available at your preferred store, we believe that the Bodum COLUMBIA 1312-16-2 is a reliable model that makes for a good second option.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a French press coffee machine


A good cup of coffee in the morning can help brighten your day, so having a good French press for coffee in your kitchen is a must. Finding an option that pleases you might be a time-consuming task as the market is flooded with all kinds of different models. To help you decide on your purchase, we have created a list with the most important features to look for in a product.


How Much Coffee do You Drink?

Depending on how many family members live with you, you might have to consider carefully the capacity of your coffee maker. Most models come with a capacity of 1000 ml or 34 ounces. This should be more than enough for an average user, but you also have to consider if your needs are the same as those of an average user.

A 34 ounces product can store enough content to fill approximately 9 cups of coffee, 4 ounces each. For a family of four, this is plenty. You can consider going for an alternative with a higher capacity if you tend to have friends come over to you regularly, have a large family or just love to drink coffee.


A Product to Last

As with any product, you want to go for one that will last for as long as possible. For a product that you are going to use daily, we recommend you choose one that can take the prolonged usage without showing any signs of deterioration.

If you want an appliance that uses a metal body, make sure that it uses stainless steel. This will guarantee that your purchase will be one that is durable, won’t rust and it also won’t affect the flavor of your favorite brew.

If you go for a glass body, make sure that the glass that is being used is of great quality. You want to check if the glass is thermal resistant, there’s nothing worse than having the glass crack when making a cup of coffee.


Design and Look

Though not as important as the other features, a coffee maker can be an accessory to your kitchen. As an appliance that is always on display, we can’t condemn you for choosing one that appeals to you visually.

We have nothing against going for a good looking product, but we recommend you first think about the practicality of your choice before considering its design.



Top 3 Products I recommend – Review & Advice



To further help you in finding the best French press maker on the market, we have showcased some of the best models below. When making our list, we’ve considered French press reviews and these three models have impressed customers around the world with their quality and durability.



Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS


Quality, durability and a beautiful design, with the Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS you get one of the best products on the market. Getting a flavored cup of coffee has never been easier than it is now, and with this alternative and its three layered stainless steel filter structure you can produce an extraordinary full-bodied flavor.

Because you want your new acquisition to last, and not just months, this product is built with a stainless steel body. Because of this, your option will be protected from corrosion. In fact, you won’t even have to worry that the metal will influence the taste of your coffee, it will actually help bring the best flavor. The capacity of the product is 34 ounces or 1000 ml.

Pouring and holding the Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS is easy, comfortable and above all, safe. It comes with a cool touch handle and knob that will remain cool to the touch even when pouring the hottest of brews.

As a plus, you also get a stainless steel screen. The filter screen is easy to disassemble, and if you want a more refined taste, you can stack more together without affecting the device in any way.


Buy from for ($29.98)





Bodum COLUMBIA 1312-16-2


If you are a coffee addict and you want a product with more features and a bigger capacity, the Bodum COLUMBIA 1312-16-2 can give you that without you having to break the bank. Unlike the other options on our list that offer a standard capacity of 34 or 36 ounces, this alternative can hold 51 ounces or coffee, which is enough for 12 cups of coffee.

With so much coffee, using other alternatives you might not be able to drink it all before it cools, but this is where a nifty feature of the Bodum COLUMBIA 1312-16-2 comes into play.

This coffee maker is thermally insulated, which means that it will keep your coffee warm for up to two hours. You can now make coffee for the entire family without worrying that it will cool down before they wake up.

This product also features a durable stainless steel design with a mesh filter that can help extract the aromatic oils out of your coffee. Because it doesn’t use a paper filter, both the aromatic oils and the subtle flavors will remain untouched so that you can enjoy a great cup of coffee with incredible smell and taste.

To make things even better, this option features Bodum’s patented safety lid to keep the content from spilling when pouring. It is also easy to wash and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Buy from for ($62.33)





Ritual French Coffee Press


With a solid glass and bamboo wood design, the Ritual French Coffee Press is an alternative that can not only offer good quality and great flavor but also a beautiful design that will help make your kitchen stand out. While the looks help, it is all about the coffee with this product. It can produce pure coffee with a great taste.

With a dual layer precision filter that has been designed with the help of coffee masters, the Ritual French Coffee Press can ensure that you can enjoy smooth coffee that does not contain any grounds. Made with thick thermal resistant Borosilicate glass, you won’t have to worry about the durability of this product, it will be able to successfully handle everyday use without any problems.

When it comes to durability, the stainless steel structure and the bamboo lid and handle will guarantee that this product will last you for a very long time. In fact, Ritual is so proud of the built quality that they offer a lifetime quality guarantee.

Since this device does not use any plastics and the handle is made out of wood, you won’t have to worry about having difficulties when pouring coffee. The bamboo wood is not only durable but also comfortable to the touch.


Buy from for ($19.97)




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