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If you really love coffee and can’t imagine starting your day without drinking a tasty cup every morning, then you need to get the best French press for the money. Because doing proper research requires time, Grandma Jen has done her job and has concluded that the Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS is a great choice because it has important features that you can’t miss out. This French press is made of top-notch stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about breaking it and leaving you without your favorite beverage. Moreover, it comes with a 3-layered stainless steel structure that prevents the flavor or the coffee from getting out. In terms of safety, the press is outfitted with a cool touch handle and a knob to ensure a secure and strong grip. If you can’t find the Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS, make sure to check the Cafe Du Chateau 304 Grade SYNCHKG112393, another good choice.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a French press


Coffee addicts know how important is to have a tool that delivers exceptional coffee each time their energy levels go down. This is why some people even create morning rituals that they sacredly respect. Given the myriad of models on the market, it can be a tad difficult deciding on a certain French press. So we’ve gathered some information and made a short buying guide that offers you valuable information you can use to make smart shopping choices.



When in the market for the best coffee French press, you need to pay attention to the material. This feature is essential because you have to pick the right combination of practicality and looks if you want your press to last for many years to come.

A safe and clean option is glass because you can see the color of the coffee and the process of brewing your savory beverage. Plus, coffee presses made of glass are easier to clean after each usage, and it has a unique appearance when serving coffee to your friends and family.

If you don’t clean the press each time you make coffee, residuals left inside will have a negative impact on the taste and aroma. So make sure to remove the leftover coffee and keep the interior dry.

In addition to glass, there are French presses made of stainless steel. These units are sturdy and practical, although the cleaning process tends to be longer than with glass.  

Another option for French presses is the polycarbonate that has gained popularity thanks to their functionality and durability. Most of this items are unbreakable and lightweight. Besides, you can take them anywhere because many models are outfitted with a special lid that prevents spills. They are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy a hiking or biking session as much as they like their coffee warm.


Thermal properties

Depending on the type of material, the wall construction and the thickness, a good French press will keep your coffee warm for as much time as possible after you brew it. Since most of us usually make more than just one cup, you should get a product that prevents the heat from getting out.

If you want to savor a warm coffee, you should opt for a thermal model. Nevertheless, try to put your coffee in a thermos after you’ve used the French press because the water keeps brewing the grounds. If you forget the coffee inside the press, it tends to get a bitter taste.

A French coffee press is ideal not only for making coffee. You can use it for tea if coffee’s not your thing. Just make sure you learn how to prepare a flawless infusion.



According to various French press reviews, you should select one that makes the right amount of coffee for your personal needs. Also, it should look great in your kitchen, along with the rest of your appliances.

The most common sizes for French presses are 3-cup, 8-cup, and 12-cup presses. A cup has 4 ounces.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Below you’ll find a selection of French presses for the money that we believe might catch your attention. All of these three models have scored plenty of points in order to qualify for high-quality products.



Secura Stainless Steel SFP-34DS


One highly praised French press is this piece that features durable interior and exterior made of high-quality stainless steel. This unit should definitely be included among your kitchen appliances thanks to its sleek and interesting design.

Given its 3-layer stainless steel structure, the product is able to keep even the smallest coffee grounds inside, so the beverage is delivered with a full and rich aroma.

Apart from the design, the product comes with a filter screen that you can remove easily for cleaning. Moreover, you can put all the elements of the press inside the dishwasher without having to worry about damaging the coffee maker. If you stack more than one screen, your espresso will taste more refined.

Built to last for many coffees, this French press is outfitted with a double-wall construction that enables the heat from getting out. As such, you can rest assured that your coffee stays warm for as long as you need it.

It’s quite simple and safe to use the press due to its cool touch handle and knob that let you pour the coffee without burning your hand. The large 34-ounce capacity is more than enough for making coffee for you and your entire family.


Buy from for ($29.98)





Cafe Du Chateau 304 Grade SYNCHKG112393


Coffee will never taste bad again with this model of a French press. The coffee maker uses a four-level filtration system that provides a full-flavor beverage for you to savor. The system consists of two stainless steel screens and a spring-loaded base that manages to seal the edges when you press the plunger. Besides, the special lid keeps even the smallest grounds of coffee inside the maker.

If you’re looking for a French press that looks good on your kitchen or dining table, then this option is great because it’s made from top-notch elements that provide a modern design. The base, lid, and handle of the press are built from a durable stainless steel and features a polished finish that ensures the product remains shiny and dust-free.

There’s no need to worry about damaging the product because the removable carafe is made from a heavy borosilicate glass that you can use for boiling water at high temperatures. Also, the small size and the light weight makes it ideal for camping trips and outdoor activities.

As far as safety goes, all the elements are BPA-free and have passed additional certified laboratory tests.

The best part is that the product comes with a detailed brewing guide that teaches you how to press the perfect cup of coffee.


Buy from for ($23.95)





BOJE TruGrowth French Press


There’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee when you most needed. With this French pressed, reviewed by many customers as a top-notch coffee maker, you’ll be able to drink the beverage of your dreams anytime you desire.

The press comes with a classic design that looks good in any kitchen. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction and the heat-resistant glass ensure the durability of the product.

Also, it is outfitted with an ergonomic handle that remains cool allowing you to serve the coffee without getting your hand burned by the heat.

Compared to other similar units on the market, this press has a silent plunger that prevents the even the finest grounds from remaining on the bottom. Therefore, the coffee will taste divine and with a rich and aromatic flavor.

Because there are no paper filters involved in the process of making the coffee, the essential oils from the coffee go straight into your cup, delivering the genuine taste of natural and pure coffee.

Thanks to the transparent glass walls, you actually get to see how the coffee is done and whether the plunger does a great job.

This French press is the perfect gift for any coffee or tea addict because of its high performance and glossy look.


Buy from for ($33.97)




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