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Do you want the best French press, but you don’t have time to waste? Grandma Jen highly recommends getting the SterlingPro as the number one model worthy of your money and trouble. This excellent French press is capable of brewing 1 liter of coffee so that you can enjoy your favorite bitter fix all throughout the day. The carafe that comes with the unit is very durable, and it is resistant to heat, which means that you will not have to worry about breaking it by accident. The borosilicate glass used for the carafe is nice looking, too, and it adds to the appeal of this French press. What matters most when you are getting this type of coffee maker is to be able to enjoy smooth, silky beverages, without feeling the grounds used as the primer. This is exactly what this model does and why it is so appreciated. If the SterlingPro is nowhere to find, you can make a decent compromise by going for the Kitchen Supreme KS93FP, a model that is almost just as good.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a French press


Enjoying a good cup of coffee is, for many people, a ritual for starting the day right. But the quality of the coffee they drink is crucial and, when it comes to coffee making, there is hardly a better fit than a French press. Renowned for obtaining a smooth beverage you will enjoy drinking, these coffee makers are popular worldwide. In case you want to get the best French press for the money, the following guide will help you out.



It is crucial that you get a French press that will help you enjoy your favorite beverage for years to come. Making a sound investment is always a good plan for kitchen utensils and appliances since you will most probably make use of them every day. A good French press is usually manufactured from a combination of stainless steel and heat resistant glass.

The housing should be made from stainless steel because this metal does not corrode, does not rust and it is safe when in contact with food and beverages. It is also easy to clean, and that is almost a requirement for such an appliance. The carafe has to be made from heat resistant glass, and it is good to know that it can go through a few accidents without breaking.



An important question you need to ask yourself before going further is this: how much coffee do you intend to drink every day? The whole point of getting a French press is to be able to get your fix all throughout the day, without the need to refill. Of course, if you want your coffee always to be fresh, you can refill the press and run the whole process again. A decent-sized French press is recommended to heavy drinkers, and a 1-liter model should be enough.


Variety of uses

Are you not a coffee person, but more of a tea person? Then you will be glad to discover that there are models on the market that make tea at the same performance and quality as they make coffee. The best French press reviews agree that a more versatile unit is more worthy of your hard earned dollar since you can find more uses for it.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Take a look below at the best French presses that are now for sale. Based on their popularity and specs, they are the ones worth spending money on, as you will get to enjoy high-quality, tasty coffee without having to break the bank for such a simple pleasure.





The SterlingPro is one of the best models you can find at the moment, as it complies with all the requirements you want to see met in a French press. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this is a unit indicated to those who like drinking coffee all the time. The total capacity is 1 liter, and the carafe can hold 34 ounces of coffee. When using this one, you will never run out of coffee.

The performance of this unit is what makes it so lovable by consumers. It uses a double screen system to ensure that not even the tiniest grounds of coffee will go through the filter. In case you are not crazy about really smooth coffee, and you want to feel the grounds a little bit, you can use only one screen. However, most people say that this is the aspect they love best about this model.

What’s equally important is that the manufacturer includes two extra screens for replacement when the original ones become unusable, mostly due to heavy usage. You will have no regrets, should you choose to invest in this particular model. You will be able to enjoy the perfect taste of coffee every day.



With a total capacity of one liter and a 34-ounce carafe, the SterlingPro caters to the needs of those who like to drink coffee all day long.

The unit is made from high-quality materials, and it will not disappoint you in any way. The borosilicate glass used for the carafe resists high heats, and it does not break easily.

A nice touch you will surely appreciate is represented by the two replacement screens provided with your purchase by the manufacturer.

What’s more important, the amazing taste you will get to enjoy is worthy of all the praises. The grounds will be eliminated from your coffee, leaving nothing but smooth coffee behind.



When you have to clean the unit thoroughly, you may find it a little difficult to disassemble as you will have to keep your eyes on all the small parts that will eventually have to go back to their rightful places.


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Kitchen Supreme KS93FP


The Kitchen Supreme KS93FP enjoys a lot of popularity among coffee drinkers and not only because of its excellent versatility. While most French presses would only make coffee, this is the best companion for early morning, throughout the day, and even in the evening. It can make tea, espresso, nut milk variety and hot chocolate, with the same great ease of use.

You will get a plethora of nice features if you decide to get this unit. A stainless steel spoon for adding sugar or honey to your beverages is included with your purchase. There are four filter screens used, but you can remove as many as you want, depending on how smooth you usually like your coffee to be. Other accessories are included, as well, such as a scoop for coffee or tea and a booklet filled with barista secrets.

The carafe is made from high-quality German glass, and it resists to breakage and heat. The best part is that you can make all kinds of beverages with its help. Infusing tea or dry fruits is possible and even recommended. Almond milk is always a good drink to have in the morning or through the day, and, again, this unit delivers.



You can use this particular French press for making delicious coffee, as well as for espresso and tea, depending on your preferences.

The total capacity is 1 liter so that you can obtain eight coffee cups or four larger mugs in one go. Whether you are a heavy drinker, or you live in a house where everybody enjoys a cup of Joe every day, this model is a winner.

The stainless steel lid is high quality and durable, and the carafe does not disappoint, either. Made from double German glass, the carafe is guaranteed that it will not break. It is also resistant to heat.

There are four filter screens used to ensure that no coffee grounds will escape and land into your cup or mug.

Use this model for more than just coffee, and experiment with fruit infusions, nut milk, tea, and espresso.



While the unit comes with many accessories, it does not provide a storage compartment for them, which can be inconvenient.


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Cafe Du Chateau


The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the Cafe Du Chateau is that a lot of attention to detail was invested in the making of this French press. First of all, you will be pleased with the superior filtration system placed at your disposal. The coffee grounds will have to go through no less than four levels of filtration, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the smoothest beverage possible.

It is important to have more than just performance, though, since there are so many French presses on the market vying for the attention of customers. Looking at this model even closer reveals that the metal pieces are made from 304 surgical grade stainless steel that does not corrode, rust or suffer any damage. You will surely find the resilient shine of the unit a plus as it will complement your kitchen layout with its looks.

The manufacturer has such confidence in the high quality of this product that they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee to all buyers. A small compact model that is easy to take along on trips, the Cafe Du Chateau is also very durable, and it will withstand a few falls and other mishaps without breaking into pieces.



Equipped with a 4-level system for filtrating the coffee grounds used, this French press ensures that the taste you will come to enjoy will be totally out of this world.

You can make all kinds of tea, coffee, espresso and you can even obtain cold brew if you prefer something to keep you awake and energetic during hot summer days.

The metal pieces inside the French press are made from 304-grade stainless steel, and you will not have to worry about rust and corrosion.

The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, resistant to high heats and breakage, as well. It not only looks good, but it is very durable, too.

An important aspect that must be mentioned is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee in case your French press breaks.

The lid strainer is made of BPA-free plastic, another proof of the manufacturer’s care employed in the making of this particular model.



It is not exactly easy to disassemble the unit for cleaning, but buyers who mention this shortcoming say that it is not enough to turn them away from this French press.


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