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If your morning gets a touch of glory once you sip your favorite coffee and you’re on the lookout for the best ground espresso coffee, this paragraph might be of help. Grandma Jen has examined various ground espresso coffee options available for sale, customer feedback, and ground espresso coffee reviews, and has reached the conclusion that the Lavazza Caffe Blend is the first option to consider. Blended and roasted in Italy, this product will pair your moments of relaxation with aromatic notes, a fragrant and deep flavor, and the palatable exquisiteness of a rich-bodied dark roast coffee. The product is available in packs of four or six 8-ounce cans and can be used with Espresso machines. It is also suitable for French press and drip coffee makers. If this item is no longer available, another reliable alternative in terms of quality is the Illy Premium Gourmet.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a ground espresso coffee


Given the great variety of good espresso ground coffee out there, choosing that one product that will please your palate and get you a perfect morning espresso might prove to be quite an adventure. To ease your shopping experience, we have highlighted below some of the most important key factors to consider before you place your order.


Coffee beans and espresso

There are two main types of beans for all coffee: Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica coffee beans are usually used to make espresso, you will find blends that contain Robusta beans, too. Even if they are considered to be of a lower quality than Arabica, they are appreciated by coffee lovers interested in higher levels of caffeine and a nice crema.

However, Robusta beans are roasted dark and once that process occurs, the difference between their quality and what Arabica beans offer becomes less pronounced. Arabica coffees offer a wide taste range depending on their varietal. This type of coffee can get you from a sweet-soft taste to a sharp-tangy one whereas Robusta has more of a neutral to harsh taste.


Roast type

Roasting is extremely important as far as the final taste you get is concerned. This process will turn green beans into coffee you can grind and brew. Check the label of the product you intend to buy to get details about the type of roast used for that coffee. If you’re new to coffee, you may need to experiment a bit before you find the one that suits your preferences.

There are four types of roast to consider. Light roasting will get you coffee with a more sour taste while medium roast coffees may have a bright acidity with specific aromatic notes such as floral, fruity, or berry flavors.

Espresso coffee beans are generally a very dark roast in order to preserve some of the coffee’s acidity and to complement the characteristics of the coffee with caramel notes such as chocolate or baked goods.


Other features

Since coffee is getting increasingly popular, it may be a good idea to become familiar with the features mentioned on the label. Check the information to find out if the coffee is organic, which means it is without synthetic fertilizers or industrial pesticides.

Pay attention to the flavoring agents the product contains. Many brands offer coffee with all sorts of aromas such as vanilla, hazelnut, or Irish cream. If you’re interested in such a product, make sure that the flavoring agents are safe.


Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice


The market overflows with coffee products and identifying the right one for your needs might be a time-consuming process. To simplify your experience, we have reviewed below some of today’s popular espresso coffees you might want to try.


Lavazza Caffe Blend


Products such as this Lavazza espresso ground coffee remind one of the beauties of simple moments. If you’re an Arabica buff interested in flavoring your mornings with a rich-bodied dark roast coffee, then this is the first product worth considering.

Providing the same high-quality Lavazza products have always delivered, this blend is committed to pleasing one’s palate with the aromatic notes and delicious flavor of 100% Arabica coffee. Blended and roasted in Italy, the non-GMO coffee is dark roasted and can be used with Espresso machines or Moka pots. However, they are also suitable for French press and drip coffee makers.

The blend delivers a deep, smooth flavor, having an intensity of 5 out of 10. The Caffe Espresso includes Arabica coffee from Central and South America, and Africa and the pack includes four 8-ounce cans that will cover your needs for a longer time.

You can also store it in a coffee container with a date wheel to track its freshness. Given the amount of coffee you get, you can also consider adding one of these cans to a cool travel coffee mug and say a delicious Happy Birthday to your coffee-loving friend when the time comes.


Buy from for ($22.43)




Illy Premium Gourmet


If what you want from your morning cup is a rich, smooth, and full-bodied taste, then this Illy espresso ground coffee should not go unchecked. Thanks to the medium roast, you will get to enjoy a rich yet balanced taste and delicious chocolate and caramel notes.

The 8.8-ounce can includes nine of the finest Arabica coffees that are expertly blended before roasting and air-cooling. The coffee is finely ground in order to ensure optimal extraction when used with espresso machines that accept ground, tamped coffee. The blend delivers a thick, velvety crema that lasts.

To make sure you enjoy the freshness needed for a memorable experience, the coffee is packed in an air-free, pressurized can through an exclusive process. This way, the precious aromas and oils of the Arabica coffees used are sealed in and enhanced so you can enjoy the optimal freshness. The product promises to remain fresh for at least two years.

This Premium Gourmet Roast Espresso has gathered positive reviews from many people who tried it. It has been appreciated for being delicious and smooth and for delivering a great flavor. Therefore, if you want a rich, smooth coffee for your morning treat, consider this blend to drink happilly.


Buy from for ($11.54)




Gevalia Dark Roast


Another option that shouldn’t go unchecked before handing over your credit card is the Espresso Dark Roast Blend from Gevalia. With complex caramel undertones and a full-bodied flavor, this blend is the result of carefully-chosen coffee beans that will make you look forward to your morning cup of joy.

Standing for Swedish traditions and craftsmanship, the blend is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America and East Africa. Expertly crafted for a unique taste, this classic blend is sure to please and ideal for any occasion.

The product can be used with automatic drip brewing machines and is also great for those keeping kosher. Thanks to the side tin ties the bag features, the user can easily open it and also enjoy a secure closure.

The pack includes six 12-ounce bags that will cover your coffee needs for a longer period of time. Thanks to the secure closure, the freshness of the coffee will be preserved. However, you can also store it in a quality coffee container to make sure the best of it is maintained. This coffee has been appreciated by customers who tried for its deep, rich flavor and lack of bitterness.


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