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If you are here to discover the best industrial waffle maker, Grandma Jen has the perfect solution for you: the Breville The Smart has the excellent value for the price that you are searching for. The first thing you will notice about this model is the outstanding quality of the overall construction, since the waffle maker comes with a stainless steel housing, while the plates are made from die-cast aluminum. You can make different types of waffles, and the abundance of settings provided will only convince you that this is the waffle maker to get to make this type of sweet treat on a commercial scale. The unique moat design ensures that you will not make a mess when you pour the batter for the waffles, and this also helps with easy cleaning. Should you find that this model is out of stock, Grandma Jen has another great recommendation lined up: the Cuisinart WAF-F20.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an industrial waffle maker


An industrial waffle maker is different from a regular unit by offering you more options, as well as the ability to use it extensively. That said, the construction of such a unit must be sturdy, and the material used should be of high-quality. For an in-depth guide on what to look for in cheap industrial waffle makers, as well as more expensive ones, see our recommendations below.



What kind of waffles would you like to make?

Since we’re talking about industrial waffles, the natural course of action would be to look at the models that offer multiple options. Some prefer Belgian waffles, which are thick and fluffy, but others prefer crisp, thin waffles that can be modeled into cones and used to fill with ice cream. The more possibilities you have at your disposal, the better.

Check the unit you intend to buy for deep grooves if Belgian waffles are your favorites. Unlike the typical breakfast sandwich makers that might offer the possibility to make waffles, these specialized units should provide an ability to cook your waffles to perfection.


The desired brown level

Whether you opt for thick or crisp waffles, you surely want to bring them to the level of golden brown that is ideal for you. That is why another thing you should bear in mind, and you might not find on any waffle sandwich maker around, is a dial for adjusting the brown shade. That is usually a method to change the heat so that the surface gets hot enough to turn in the shade of brown you prefer.


Non-stick surface and ease of cleaning

Most kitchen appliances nowadays come with non-stick cooking surfaces, and that is a great plus. One, you don’t need to add a lot of butter and oil, to avoid your waffles from sticking to the cooking surfaces, and two, you will not spend an eternity trying to clean your waffle maker.

There are some other things to bear in mind as you look at the cooking surface a waffle maker comes equipped with. For instance, the quality of the materials used matters. You will want the cooking surface to distribute heat evenly so that your waffles don’t end up burned in places.

Durability is another legitimate concern. So pick a model made from heavy-duty materials, like stainless steel and die-cast aluminum.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



With so many waffle makers available for sale, it can be a tricky task to find the one that should comply with all your requirements. We decided to come to your aid and offer you the possibility to pick your desired unit fast and easy. Here are the most popular models right now that you can choose from.



Breville The Smart 


From the first glance, you will be able to tell that this is a waffle maker that will help you make dozens of your preferred desserts without a glitch. The housing is made from stainless steel, so durable and easy to wipe clean, in case there are spills and other small accidents. The cooking plates are made from die-cast aluminum, and you can expect them to serve you in the long run.

As you should expect in any good industrial waffle maker, the cooking plates are nonstick, and they will allow easy release for the waffles you’ll make with the help of this unit. The material used for the plates let you obtain crispy waffles that have no burned spots or other imperfections.

The unique design that comes with a deep moat around will catch the extra batter, making it even easier for you to clean and maintain this unit. What matters most, however, is the Waffle IQ technology the model comes along with.

Estimating the cooking time is no longer on your shoulders. With four different waffle styles and 12 heat settings, obtaining the perfect waffle is no longer a dream. You get a reset timer button, as well as one that you can press to allow the waffles to cook just a little longer.


Buy from for ($237.77)




Cuisinart WAF-F20 


You can make two Belgian waffles in one go with the help of this model. Due to the deep pocket design, it is ideal for obtaining the right thickness for your waffles, while allowing you to add your favorite topping with ease. All the industrial waffle maker reviews agree that this model deserves all the praises, as it delivers expert results every time.

Cooking waffles on par with those served in restaurants is a breeze. You can pick from six shades of brown, and the control knob is easy to operate. Clean up is a breeze for this waffle maker because the nonstick coating will not make a mess.

One thing you may like about this model is that it has two ‘ready’ lights to let you know when the waffles are ready to be served. The rotary feature comes in handy as it helps you cook the waffles evenly.

The unit also has beeping sounds to announce you when the plates are heated adequately so that you can stop cooking. The same feature will tell you when the waffles are done. The fact that there is no guessing to worry about can help busy people put together delicious breakfasts with ease.


Buy from for ($71.4)






Whenever you are in the mood for Belgian waffles, the BLACK+DECKER WMD200B will help you out. The deep grooves on the cooking plates ensure that you will obtain the perfect design of Belgian waffles you know and love. Moreover, the rotating system will make sure that the batter gets distributed evenly to obtain fluffy, delicious waffles.

It must be mentioned that the grids are nonstick, so you will be able to cook your favorite dessert without adding too much extra fat in the shape of butter or oil. Cleaning can be a problem with such units, which is why it is an excellent thing that there is a drip tray that comes with this unit.

This tray will catch the spills that may happen, no matter how cautious you are. It is a good thing that the tray is easy to wash, using nothing but a damp cloth.

The cool touch handles are a thoughtful extra, as they will let you manipulate the unit so that you can take out the waffles with ease, once they’re done. Another thing that will give you peace of mind is the handle lock that will keep everything in place as the cooking starts.


Buy from for ($29.99)



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