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If you’re currently in search of the best kitchen strainer, what we can do is recommend the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain as the first option that you should be considering, given its recommendations. After reading plenty of kitchen strainer reviews we have come to the conclusion that this product has a universal design with clips that will help you fit it into any type of pot, pan or bowl. It’s space saving, given its compact shape that can be stored taking up a quarter of the space you would normally use for a traditional strainer. Last but not least, it’s durable due to the quality of the materials used and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Should this model be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Cuisinart Fine Mesh Set as a great second choice. When looking for a new food strainer and sauce maker, checking out our guide is the best thing you can do.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a kitchen strainer


In choosing a pricey or cheap kitchen strainer that can also become your most used kitchen tool, you need to make sure that you know what to expect from such an appliance. Assessing your skills and your requirements should be your top priority, and then you can go check out the models available for sale.


Sizes and sets

Chances are you’re going to need more than one size strainer, so the first recommendation that we can make is to keep an eye out for manufacturers that sell sets instead of individual products.

This way, you won’t only save valuable cash but you’ll become more efficient in the kitchen as well. You will have more devices to use at once so you won’t need to waste time cleaning one after every use and you’ll also be able to sift different ingredients.

If this is the case, pay attention to the sizes that are featured in the set that you end up buying. Choose them to be as different as possible and make sure that the mesh is durable enough to withstand sifting heavier ingredients because a large strainer is useless if it falls apart on the first try.


Cleaning and storage

When choosing kitchenware, you must always pay attention to the volume of the respective item, given that a kitchen counter is pretty limited in terms of storage room. If possible, choose items as compact as you can find, and it would be best if they can be stacked together to occupy less space.

In terms of cleaning, it’s best if you end up buying a strainer that can be quickly thrown in the dishwasher together with other kitchen tools or tableware because this way you save time and energy both.


Complex functionality

If you want to enhance your efficiency in the kitchen, what you can do, besides improving your cooking skills, is to keep an eye out and choose the designs that can make any task easier.

For example, it always helps to seek the items that can complete complex functions and prevent you from having to buy different appliances that take up a lot of room and cost a lot of money as well.

Instead of looking for a juice strainer for sale, you can try and find one that works for juice as well as more dry foods, vegetables, and other ingredients. It may be slightly pricier given its durable materials and fine craftsmanship, but in the long run, it’s definitely worth the price.



Top 3 products I recommend – Reviews & Advice



A good kitchen strainer can be a difficult appliance to find, especially if you do not know much about cooking or if you have unrealistic expectations from this type of device. In order to help you make up your mind, we’ve listed a few reviews of our top choices, detailing their most useful features.



Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain


This model is great for many purposes, but its key feature is its reduced size. It can be stored easily, taking up as little space as a quarter of the amount you would have used for a normal strainer.

When you need to work your way with limited counter space, it would make for a great kitchen piece.

It is manufactured using only high-quality materials that ensure long-term use and durability. The strainer is completely BPA free and FDA approved. For easy cleaning, you can quickly throw it in the dishwasher with other tableware and pots.

The build of this item will withstand the straining of heavier ingredients such as potatoes or other thick vegetables. This means it’s great for making cooking easier and accessible even for beginners that want to improve their skills.

A universal design featuring clips that help you attach the model to any type of pot, pan or bowl contributes to its adaptability.

Protected by a one year warranty, the Snap N Strain will be replaced free of charge by the manufacturer, should any damage come to it. However, this rule only applies to malfunctions of materials or craftsmanship.


Buy from for ($15.99)




Cuisinart Fine Mesh Set


Another fine alternative, this mesh set features three different sizes of strainers, each for a different purpose. It’s excellent for sifting dry ingredients and can make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. The whole family can join in, increasing the quality of your time spent in the kitchen.

Made of durable stainless steel, the mesh can withstand the sifting of thicker vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, without breaking due to their added weight.

It’s easy to keep this kitchen appliance clean, given that you can just throw it in the dishwasher along with other kitchenware, tableware, pots, pans or other items you might want to clean, without worrying about damaging the product in the process.

The three sizes featured include a 3-⅛ inch strainer, a 5-½ inch and a 7-⅞ inch one, each suitable for different sizes of pans and for different ingredients. However, they’re all made using the same durable mesh so there’s no need to worry about their lifespan and quality.

If you need further reassurance, however, you should know that this particular model is protected by a lifetime warranty, meaning that any malfunction caused by the craftsmanship will be covered by the manufacturer without additional costs.


Buy from for ($11.04)




U.S. Kitchen Supply Colander


This set includes three sizes of strainers, each of them designed to aid with a particular cooking task. Their round shape is constructed using a stainless steel mesh that is durable enough to withstand the sifting of heavier ingredients.

The handles added on the sides help any user maneuver this product easily, even the ones that are not so handy in the kitchen. If you’re worried about their durability, you should know that the firm wire along the sides of the mesh keeps the strainers in shape and prevents them from disassembling.

There are many tasks where your performance can be improved by using one of these devices. For example, it can rest in your pot while you cook or in the sink or on a countertop so that you can focus on other stuff simultaneously.

Your efficiency in the kitchen will be instantly increased. Needless to say, in order to gain more space when storing these products, you can stack them together given that they’re different in size and thus considerably reduce the volume they take up.

They have multiple uses, making them excellent kitchen tools. For example, they can be used for anything from sifting, filtering, straining out impurities, breaking up clumps in either wet or dry ingredients and many more.


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