Must have kitchen tools – Ratings & Informative guide


Investing in the best kitchen tools to have is a process that implies a lot of attention to detail. If you are on the go, and you cannot find the time to assess all the available models, we are here to lend you a hand. After going through the products recommended by fellow buyers, we have determined that the OXO Good Grips Everyday is the product that you should get. This item includes numerous useful tools, such as a nylon spoon, a turner, a pizza wheel, and even a flex turner. What is more, all the handles of the utensils are made of a soft, non-grip material. Many of those that have purchased the set had positive things to say about it. However, if this choice is out of stock, it might be practical to take a look at the Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 as numerous owners warmly recommend it.



Products worth your attention:




These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a kitchen tool set:


Why a complete set is better than buying separately

If you look around a bit and spend some time reading about what kind of kitchen utensils you should purchase in order to have a fully functional kitchen, you will notice that you need to do some serious shopping.

However, if you are getting a peeler that is stainless steel, a spatula that is made from silicone and some wooden spoon, your kitchen will look quite eclectic and difficult to figure out. In case you decide to purchase an entire kitchen set, you will not encounter such problems. You will have a single place for storing all the pieces, so there will be less clutter to worry about, and all the pieces will be of the same quality. Plus, you may end up spending less on a good quality set, than on separate pieces.


Make sure that all the kitchen tools you get are made from good quality materials. There is hardly anything better than stainless steel, because this material is easy to wash and it does not deteriorate quickly. The handles, however, are best when made from lighter materials, making it easy for you to manipulate them. The best new kitchen gadgets today, if you take a closer look, are a mix of sturdy and lightweight materials, designed to make your work in the kitchen more doable. Silicone, as long as it is food grade, is a good choice, as well, and many people prefer it. Wooden kitchen tools, like rolling pins, may prove indispensable.


Dishwasher safe

Ease of maintenance is nothing to take lightly. It would be best for you to find a set of kitchen utensils that are dishwasher safe, so you do not have to invest too much time and effort into washing them after each use.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



OXO Good Grips Everyday


If you opt for the OXO Good Grips, there is nothing left to worry about, when the time for cooking arrives. This complete set includes all the essential kitchen tools you can think of, and it will help you cook the most delicious meals for your family with minimal effort from your part.

The locking tongs will protect both your hands and your cookware, especially if it is not scratch resistant, while the two spoons will help you pick the ingredients from your pots with ease.

A peeler should never be amiss from a home cook’s kitchen, and this is exactly what this set provides you with. Whenever you need to peel vegetables and fruits, you will be able to do so with maximum efficiency.

The can opener comes in handy when your recipes include using canned ingredients, and the grater is a useful tool for grating cheese and veggies. If you are looking for the best cheap kitchen gadgets, you cannot get any better than that. Some really nice extras, like an ice cream scoop and a pizza wheel are also included in the set, for all those times when you want to cook something tasty for your family. Easy to store in a nice looking countertop caddy, these utensils are easy to use and great to have in your kitchen.


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Paderno World Cuisine A4982799


So far, we have talked about basic kitchen tools that can help you with your cooking, but, at this point, we believe that it is just the right time to introduce you to one of the best kitchen gadgets ever invented: a vegetable slicer that will help you put together exquisite meals that will also look festive and innovative.

Making spiral cuts, or fruit noodles, is easy as a breeze, and you will absolutely love the versatility of this gadget. The frame is made from ABS plastic that is resistant to wear and tear, and also BPA free; the blades are made from stainless steel, so they will cut through all kinds of veggies and fruits with great ease.

When the time for washing the slicer comes, dissembling it is easy, as is washing it. Using the slicer in complete safety is guaranteed by the four suction feet on the bottom that grant it extra stability during ease.

The slicer comes equipped with three different blades, a shredder blade, a chipper blade and a straight blade. When you are working with one blade, you can securely store the other two in the compartment below.


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KitchenAid Essential Tool & Gadget Set


This is a complete set with 7 essential tools that will make working in the kitchen a real breeze. You can use a specialized tool for opening cans, and another one for grating cheese or veggies, and, overall, you will find it easy to discover what each tool is best at.

One thing that home cooks are not crazy about when they are using stainless steel utensils is that these tend to scratch the surface of cookware, especially those with non-stick coating. These utensils are designed in such a manner that the stainless steel parts do not get in direct contact with such surfaces, so you do not have to worry about unsightly scratches.

Besides stainless steel, the other material used for this set is durable nylon that makes the utensils lightweight and easy to manipulate. All the utensils come with a hole in the handle, so you can hang them when you need to store them away.

Another piece of information that will surely make you happy is that all these tools are dishwasher safe, so it will be really easy for you to clean them up and store them. The only exception to this is the can opener that must be washed by hand.


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Avocado slicers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you just want to find out what are the best avocado slicers right now, Grandma Jen recommends the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 1143380 due to its versatility, quality, and the attractive price that it comes at. With this nifty tool, you get everything you need when handling avocados for your favorite recipe. It comes in a compact build due to its small size, but it does not compromise on quality and efficiency. In fact, with this option, you get 3 tools at the price of one. This all-in-one appliance can help you split, pit and slice avocados safely and quickly so that cooking and preparing avocado-based recipes becomes a fun activity. If you can’t find the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 11433801 available for sale, your next best option should be the Trudeau 2-in-1 09911025 as it is an efficient and easy-to-use product that can make for a good addition to your kitchen.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an avocado slicer


Want to find what is the best avocado slicer? This tool can make cooking so much easier for you but finding the best option out there can be an extremely time-consuming task. The market offers many options for you to choose from, and to help you narrow down that list, we have compiled a buying guide. This guide will show you the most important features any good avocado slicer must have.


Size and Comfort

We can’t recommend a particular size to choose from as that can boil down to personal preferences. We can say that, at an objective level, we suggest smaller tools because they are usually easy to use and store.

Unless you are a big fan of avocados and you include them in most of your recipes, you are not going to use this product on a daily basis. This is why going for a compact alternative can make it easier for you to store the device when not in use.

The size of the tool can also influence your comfort while using it. You want to choose an option that can easily mold to your hand, one that is easy to grip and use.



The main reason for buying an avocado slicer is that you want a tool that can ease a bit of the burden that properly slicing and prepping an avocado can be. This is why you want to buy a product that can do a stellar job without asking too much out of you.

Most products on the market are quite efficient, but we recommend considering options that offer an all-in-one design. With this alternative, you get a wonderful tool that can split, slice and remove avocado pits without the need of other appliances.



As with any purchase, you want to get the most out of your money. When choosing the best product, we recommend you take into account the build quality and the quality of the blade.

A durable avocado slicer can last you for many years, as long as the material that it is made of is good. Make sure that the plastic and steel are sturdy. You should also consider maintenance; you don’t want cleaning the device to be a difficult task.



Top 3 Products I Recommend – Review & Advice



The best avocado slicers are showcased below. They are the products that have received the best avocado slicer reviews and ratings, these three models are an ideal choice for people that want an efficient, versatile and high-quality product.



OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 11433801


If you want a tool that can have the combined features of 3 products, with the help of an all-in-one design, then the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 11433801 is the ideal option for you. With this product, you can split, pit and slice avocado quickly and efficiently without having to use other tools to do the job.

With the help of the pitter, you can remove pits safely with an easy twist motion. OXO has tested more than 700 different sized and shaped avocados so that this product can be used successfully with any avocados you might find.

The blade of the splitter and the slicer is made out of durable and high-quality plastic. It works wonderfully in splicing and then slicing and removing the fruit from the skin in perfectly even slices. What’s great about the plastic blades is the fact that they are sharp enough to cut through avocados but safe enough not to damage or cut your skin.

The non-slip grip of this product is soft and comfortable to the touch. You won’t have any difficulty in holding and using it, in fact, you will find that slicing your favorite fruit has never been as easier as after buying this handy slicer.


Buy from for ($9.99)





Trudeau 2-in-1 09911025 


The Trudeau 2-in-1 09911025 offers an alternative that features both a slicer and a pitter, all at the price of one. The semi-circle blade is equipped with ten sectioning blades that will make slicing up avocados a quick and easy task that requires no effort from the user.

The blades are durable, and the manufacturer promises that they are able to withstand a lot of usages for many years. This means that with this purchase you will have a product that will last you for quite some time.

The 2-in-1 design of this product means that you won’t only get a slicer, but also a pitter that is located at the opposite end of this tool. With the pitter, you will be able to remove avocado pits easily and efficiently. It is much easier and faster than using a spoon or your hand.

The ergonomic handle of this option will help make using this product a comfortable experience. The bright and distinctive color that are similar to those of an avocado will help you locate it quickly if stored in cluttered drawers. When it comes to cleaning, you can either rinse the product with water or just conveniently place it in the dishwasher.


Buy from for ($9.5)





Norpro Stainless Steel 5171


If you want a product that stands out due to a design that is both efficient and durable, then the Norpro Stainless Steel 5171 is one alternative worth considering. As its name implies, this product comes with a stainless steel body that includes both the blades and the handle.

Despite the fact that it uses a steel body, this alternative is quite lightweight and comfortable to the touch. It weighs just 2.4 ounces and measures 7 inches. The blades are strong enough to make slicing into the meat of your avocado like curving through butter. The 12 sectioning blades will get you 12 perfect slices.

Apart from slicing, you can also easily separate the skin from the meat so that you get the most out of your fruit while leaving close to no waste. The stainless steel design means that your product will be durable as it will not allow any corrosion to touch the blades.

Even if the handle is also made out of steel, it is surprisingly comfortable to the touch. You should consider that you might face some problems if you grip the handle with a wet hand. To clean the product, you just have to rinse it with soap and water.


Buy from for ($8.45)




Japanese kitchen knives – Ratings & Informative Guide


Do you want the best Japanese kitchen knife, but you’re too busy with everyday chores to run your own research on the topic? See in this paragraph what model you should purchase. Grandma Jen recommends the Global G-2 GROMOVA, a model that has, so far, managed to impress both buyers and experts alike. This chef’s knife is created with perfect balance in mind, which means that you will experience superior control when using it. The edge will hold its excellent sharpens exceptionally well for a long time, so you will be able to use it for years on end. The combination of molybdenum and vanadium makes the blade something worthy of your consideration. Is the Global G-2 GROMOVA no longer in stock? Grandma Jen has another option readily available for you: the Kotobuki Teruhisa Nakiri, a model with almost the same features.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a Japanese kitchen knife


Japanese kitchen knives are famous worldwide for their superior performance, but many companies are making such knives nowadays so picking one is not that easy. We are here to help you with this particular endeavor. The following advice is based on various Japanese kitchen knife reviews from both buyers and experts in cooking utensils, and it can help you choose well.


Stainless steel or carbon steel?

We will not get into cumbersome comparisons between Japanese knives and Western knives, but we do want, nonetheless, to help you decide which of the former you prefer. When it comes to talking about the material used for the blade, it all boils down to a simple choice: stainless steel or carbon steel?

Each material has its ups and downs. For starters, it must be mentioned that carbon steel is usually preferred by chefs because such blades stay sharp for a long time. However, you need to be pretty religious about cleaning and drying such blades. They tend to rust.

Stainless steel requires less maintenance, and, otherwise, although it needs more re-sharpening, it offers the same advantages. The choice is, ultimately, up to you.


Blade size

Another thing to consider is the blade size. A quite common option is the 8-inch chef’s knife that is ideal for most kitchen tasks. A longer blade can cause problems, as it will be more difficult to manipulate. However, a smaller blade may prove less versatile.

People with smaller hands will do better with a shorter blade. If you’re not sure what you want at this point, go for a regular, 8-inch model. This way, you will have a good starting point for your quest of finding the perfect Japanese kitchen knife.



It is important to think a little about the handle, too, and not only about the blade. The handle should be ergonomic and anti-slipping since accidents in the kitchen should be avoided at all costs. Traditionally, Japanese kitchen knives come equipped with wooden handles that have a porous construction. Even when wet, these knives won’t slip from your hand by accident.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



How do you pick a good Japanese kitchen knife? The above guide offered you a few essential pointers, but now it’s the right time to introduce you to several products that are a huge hit right now with buyers.



Global G-2 GROMOVA


While shopping around for a Japanese kitchen knife for sale, don’t forget to take a look at the Global G-2 GROMOVA. This 8-inch model is the perfect embodiment of the precision and quality Japanese kitchen knives are famous for. It will feel lightweight in your hand, so it is easy to manipulate and control.

The stainless steel blade will cut through anything, and it is a wonder of engineering in itself. Using a blend of molybdenum and vanadium, the manufacturer managed to create a sharp, high-performance blade that will not let you down.

The edge of the blade is sharp, and it will perform beautifully, regardless of the kitchen tasks you want to use it for. At the same time, it will hold its razor sharp construction, which means that you will not need to re-sharpen this one anytime soon.

The handle is also made of stainless steel, which makes this model easy to clean. The way it is molded contributes to the excellent comfort you will experience while manipulating it. The dimpled design ensures a solid grip, so there’s no need to worry that the knife might slip from your hands.


Buy from for ($99.95)





Kotobuki Teruhisa Nakiri 440-175


With so many various kitchen knives for sale, there’s no wonder you may find choosing one difficult. The Kotobuki Teruhisa Nakiri 440-175 is one of those choices you will not come to regret. To start with the beginning, this model is made in Japan, so it takes advantage of all the craftsmanship and attention to details Japanese people are known for.

The stainless steel blade ensures that nothing will stand in the way of this particular model. You will be able to take care of all the usual kitchen tasks swiftly and with zero headaches. At the same time, you will enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship employed on this particular product.

Even the handle is a reproduction of the old style used by Japanese craftsman in making traditional kitchen knife. Unlike modern models that have their handles made from all sorts of materials, even synthetic, this one is made from Magnolia wood.

The blade will not slip from your hands, as the porous construction of the handle will ensure that even when it is wet, nothing bad will happen. This solid grip is one of the essential things to be after when you go shopping for a new kitchen knife.


Buy from for ($18.99)





Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series COK-KB-DS-003-3


The Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series COK-KB-DS-003-3 uses premium stainless steel produced in Japan to ensure outstanding performance without fail. You will get perfectly sharpened knives, and the awesome part is that you will not have to worry about the blades staying sharp for extended periods of time. Little to no maintenance is required, which is another great plus.

There are three knives included in this set. One is a 6-inch chef’s knife, the second is a 5-inch utility knife, and the last is a 3.5-inch knife for small tasks. They all reflect what the name of the collection they are part of means; Ginsu Chikara means ‘energy and power’ and this is exactly what the knives will provide.

The high carbon Japanese steel used ensures that the blades will retain their razor sharpness for a long time, without the need for re-sharpening. Resistant to stains and rust, these knives will help you with all your kitchen work, so you can focus on becoming a better home cook.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty, to prove their trust in their set of kitchen knives. You can count on outstanding quality and performance, and you will hardly need other knives for your cooking.


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Wine corkscrews – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you want the best corkscrew for wine, but time does not allow you to shop around and compare different models, Grandma Jen is here to offer you a helping hand. According to all the research carried by her team, the model that you should have an eye on is the Le Creuset Pocket. The ideal companion for a wine connoisseur who likes traveling, this pocket-size corkscrew will help you open as many bottles of wine as you desire without a problem. The model’s design is inspired by Herbert Allen’s tabletop model, and it carries the same air of elegance and sophistication. The soft-touch panels on the sides allow you to grip the corkscrew with ease and open wine bottles without fear of accidents. Should the Le Creuset Pocket be out of stock, Grandma Jen comes to the rescue once more and offers another suggestion: the Ozeri Nouveaux II.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a corkscrew for wine


A top-notch corkscrew for wine should comply with specific requirements, but do you know what these are? The following buying guide is focused on providing you with information on how to get the best wine corkscrew around with zero headaches. Check the next recommendations so you can purchase a model that is precisely how you want it to be.


A good pick for all types of corks

If you want a truly reliable corkscrew, you should go for a model that works with both regular corks, as well as synthetic ones. What is the point of having a corkscrew if you cannot open all the bottles you want to open?

Make sure that the screw is long enough – at least, 1.75 inches long – as shorter screws will tear the cork apart, making a mess inside the bottle. Also, a worm mechanism and not an auger should be present if you want the corkscrew to work as intended.


Manual or automatic?

When it comes to the operation mode, you have two types of corkscrews to choose from: manual or automatic. The manual type is quite common and you surely are familiar with it by now. There are not many electronic models on the market, so you may want to learn a few things about them.

An automatic model works with batteries, and its most significant advantage is that you don’t have to do anything. The most critical downside, however, is that batteries do get depleted, which means that your corkscrew may stop working when you least expect it.


Functional and aesthetically pleasing

A wine corkscrew should be practical and also have a beautiful visual appearance. There are all sorts of models on the market, some more sophisticated than others, so you may have to focus on striking a balance between the two aspects.

A good grip should be a must. You don’t want to struggle to get the cork out, and you don’t want the corkscrew to slip from your hand. Good materials like stainless steel should be part of the construction of the corkscrew, to ensure long-lasting operation.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



There are many corkscrews for wine available for sale, but if you want a dependable model, you should look no further than the products listed below. They all enjoy a lot of popularity among consumers, and they will not disappoint you.



Le Creuset Pocket 


When traveling a lot, the chances are that you will not always find a corkscrew that works readily available. Purchasing a different one each time you are away from home is a bother, so you should have one with you if the choice of beverage for you is always wine. The Le Creuset Pocket is your dependable friend, as it offers the benefits of a standard corkscrew, plus the benefits of being portable.

The way that this corkscrew works, makes so many of the wine corkscrew reviews you can read online praise it in so many words. The self-pulling mechanism requires just a finger to start turning, offering you a no-hassle operation that you will appreciate.

If you fall in love with the overall appearance, you will not be the only one. The visual appeal of the corkscrew is justified by its design being inspired by a legendary model created by Herbert Allen. The corkscrew is comfortable to keep in your hand, and the soft-touch surface allows a secure grip without a glitch.

The model will fold, and it quickly fits in a pocket. You can have it with you anywhere you go, and you can uncork as many bottles of wine as you want. The product is backed by a 5-year warranty.


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Ozeri Nouveaux II


One of the things you may notice first about the Ozeri Nouveaux II is the design. The curved lines are inspired by European models, and they are far from being the only aspect that will convince you this is a top-notch model, worthy of your interest.

A good wine corkscrew must have more than just a beautiful appearance. The model reviewed here has an ergonomic grip that will make you sure of yourself whenever you want to unscrew a bottle. There will be no slip-ups, and no accidents, which is a great plus.

The corkscrew can stand on its own, and you don’t need to purchase a base stand only for it. You will also get some nice extras with your purchase; a wine pourer and stopper, as well as a removable lid that can be turned into a foiled cutter,  are included.

Because this is an electric corkscrew, it serves to know that you will be able to open around 60 bottles with one charge. The way it operates makes it convenient, too. You only have to push a button and then observe the way the cork is removed through the transparent casing.


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True Twister Easy Turn


Ease of use is paramount for a wine corkscrew. The overall design of the True Twister Easy Turn will instantly convince you that this is the case with this particular model. The handle is curved, and, while visually appealing, it is more than just a nice touch; its design allows you to grip the corkscrew with confidence and use it without a glitch.

Another thing you may come to like about this particular model is the compact shape that lets you carry the corkscrew with you anywhere you may want to go. The chrome accents make the model even nicer looking, and, should you decide to purchase it and offer it as a gift to someone else sharing the same passion for wine, you will not be wrong.

Made from stainless steel, this corkscrew is built to last. The 5-turn worm operation does not require any pulling. Some people are not very fond of pulling at the cork since they fear that parts of it will break and land in the wine.

There is no need for such worrisome thoughts if you pick this model. You only have to twist, and the cork will come up on its own. Elegant and practical, this corkscrew makes a beautiful gift.


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Tea sets – Ratings & Informative Guide


Do you want the best tea set, but you’re too busy to browse through the many products available? Grandma Jen is here to help you with some solid advice on what you should pick without fear that you will choose wrong. The Royal Albert New Country Roses is Grandma Jen’s first choice, due to its many benefits. First things first, it is a beautiful set that will remind you of the good old day, while you sit by the window, sipping tea and sharing memories with a good friend. Royal Albert is a company well known for their vintage design, and this one comes to add a new model to the collection. All the pieces are dishwasher safe, which means that you will not have to struggle with the cleaning, either. If the Royal Albert New Country Roses is no longer available, the second option suggested by Grandma Jen is the Lenox French Perle, another beautiful set that is almost just as good.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tea set


What do you think matters most when it comes to selection a high-quality tea set? While many people pick their tea set based on how beautiful it looks, there are some issues they may not be aware of at first glance. This buying guide is focused on providing you with actionable information you can use to make the right purchasing decision and avoid wasting money on inferior quality products.



To start with the most important aspect, let’s talk a little about the standard materials used for making tea sets. If you encounter the term ‘fine bone china,’ you should know that this is a material first introduced in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. It is not only the traditional aspect that might interest you.

Fine bone china is made with ashen bone, to increase the sturdiness of ceramic. That is why tea sets made from this material are the sturdiest you can find. Ceramic is another common material, not as sturdy as the first mentioned, but beautiful nonetheless.

Stainless steel is used, as well as cast iron. They are the sturdiest, and despite what you might think, sets made with such materials can be very visually appealing, too. The less common version you may find is one made of glass.


Types and pieces

If you are looking for an informal tea set, you should know that this will include a teapot, any number of cups from one to eight, a milk pitcher and a sugar bowl. In case you want to go all the way, the formal type includes, besides the pieces mentioned earlier, extra items for serving coffee, as well, such as a coffee pot, and a kettle.

Another type you may like to know about is the traditional Yixing set. This is made from unglazed ceramic and includes many more pieces than a standard set. In case you are looking for the best tea gift set, this might be a choice that will impress the person receiving the present from you.



Last, but not least, think of the size you intend to purchase. Are you single and expect to use the tea set just by yourself? A teapot accompanied by only one cup may be the answer. Also, if you like to enjoy your tea as much as possible, an unglazed ceramic model would be the right choice, as this material is known to absorb flavors.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



The next tea sets were selected based on their popularity, excellent features, and other advantages. No matter which one appeals to you most, you will have no regrets should you decide to purchase it.



Royal Albert New Country Roses (B007C84LTE)


All the tea sets reviews are in agreement over the fact that the Royal Albert New Country Roses deserves all the praises generously offered by the vast majority of consumers who have bought it so far. The first thing you are likely to notice about this particular set is the vintage appearance.

As its name indicates, the tea set comes with a design embellished by a country rose pattern, a choice made by the manufacturer, to complete their collection of vintage designs. The company is well known all over the world for their beautiful tea sets, and this one is no exception to the rule. In case you are considering getting a tea set for display, you will not go wrong with this one.

However, the tea set is not a good idea only for being shown. It is a standard set for someone who enjoys drinking tea every day. Besides a beautiful teapot, you will also receive a creamer and a sugar bowl with its own lid that will complement well the entire arrangement.

Made from sturdy fine bone china, this set will last for many years, and you will love using it. From all the sets available for sale, the Royal Albert New Country Roses is bound to catch your eye. The beautiful gold rim, along with the intricate design, qualifies this set for the title of the most beautiful you can find right now.


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Lenox French Perle (B00F93C7T0)


If you are interested in getting a large set, the Lenox French Perle may be right up your alley. The set is made of 9 pieces, and its beautiful design will catch your eye from the first moment you take a look at it. A teapot with its own lid is accompanied by a creamer, a sugar bowl with lid, and two cups with plates.

In case you like sharing tea with someone close to you, this would be the ideal set. The pieces are made from stoneware that can take a lot of wear and tear. You will be glad to learn that the set is dishwasher safe, and it can even be placed in a microwave, without fear that it might break.

All the pieces have a tea stain finish applied by hand that makes the set even more visually appealing. But what makes this model a good tea set is, without a doubt, the excellent sturdiness it provides.

The company making it has so much trust in this set that they offer a lifetime warranty for replacing any broken pieces. You cannot get something better than this.


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M.V. Trading Dragonfly (B00PXGBX02)


In case you are looking for something that is truly reliable and can last you a lifetime, the M.V. Trading New Star International Dragonfly is an option that you cannot overlook. The pieces of this set are made from cast iron, and they come with an enamel finish on the inside, to avoid rusting.

The set contains one teapot and two cups. The total capacity of the pot is 27 ounces, and it comes with a stainless steel infuser that will allow you to make tea right away. The cups can hold 4 ounces each, and their minimalist design may appeal to you more than the usual tea sets sold on the market right now.

A trivet is included with your purchase. One thing that makes the set stand out, besides what was shown so far is the dragonfly pattern. In Asia, this creature is considered a bringer of happiness, and it also symbolizes strength.

If you like the symbolism brought by the unique design, and you want to enjoy one of the sturdiest tea sets now available, this one should be on top of your list. Its functional design adds to its overall attraction, too.


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