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In case you are a home chef who prefers high-quality kitchen tools, you probably have professional knife sets, for all cutting purposes. But having the knives is not enough, as you need a place to keep them in. Moreover, you should store the blades in a way that will enable you to reach them quickly when cooking, but also safely keep them. If you are in the market for the best knife block, we recommend the Cook N Home Bamboo with 19 slots. This block can hold the most commonly used knives and accessories up to 9 inches in depth. The slots widths range from ¾ to 3 ¼-inches and can store wide and long knives, such as for steak and chef’s knives and also a cleaver. The broader slots are for the sharpening steel, scissors, and other items. In case the Cook N Home unit does not meet your liking, we suggest going for something a little different like the Boker 30402.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a knife block


If you do not want to have another item in your home that is not so useful and takes space in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a knife block. In case you are browsing for this item, you have probably noticed that there are expensive and cheap knife blocks, knife blocks for sale, made out of bamboo or metal, and everything else. Therefore, a various array of products awaits you out there.  



When buying a knife block, the first thing you should think about is where you are going to put it. It should be placed somewhere that is close and easily accessible to your cooking bank. Also, the size should be compatible with the place you decide upon before the purchase.

You should not forget about keeping things safe, especially if you have children, so make sure the place you want the block to reside on is within your reach, but not in the range of your children.



Let us face it, many people like to have a unitary design in a room, so the knife block you want to acquire should match the design of the kitchen.

The construction, shape, color, and material should blend in with your kitchen. Otherwise, you might end up with an item that will continuously catch your eye, not in the proper sense, and look like something that does not belong there, in time, ending up to even bothering you.


Storage capability

As a home chef who does a lot of cooking, you probably have a number of knives you use. In this perspective, make sure that the block you want to buy has enough slots to fit all these knives.

It is helpful to have all the items you usually use in one place, as it will save you time and it will help you be more organized when cooking or serving the meals.



When searching for this type of product, reading some knife block reviews can help you a lot in getting an opinion from other people who already have them. It can give you an idea of what types are available, or they can offer you some valuable input on specific products. You can find reviews of knife blocks on pretty much any seller’s page.

This step is essential for any type of purchase you make, so we recommend that you do not skip it, as you might find yourself in possession of a product that is nothing like the one you ordered.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Naturally, we cannot tell you which knife block to buy, but we can show you a few high-quality products that are available on the market, with excellent review scores.



Cook N Home Bamboo


The Cook N Home knife storage block is made of natural, durable bamboo with a great design.

The look of the mix and matched bamboo, which is not always uniform, offers it a unique layout. You can store the most generally used knives, up to 9 inches in depth.

The wider slots can store various items, such as sharpening stone, or a kitchen scissors, and there are 9 slots with ranges from ¾-inches to 3 ¼-inches for long and wide knives, like steak, chef’s knives or a cleaver.

The slots are angled to offer the ability to easily grab what you need. The rubber on the bottom helps prevent the block from slipping.

A light block can move around, or fall when you take a knife out, but this block’s weight and the rubber from the bottom, allows it to stay in place, providing safety in your kitchen.

The dimensions of the block are 9.2-inches in height, 10.2-inches in length, 4.8-inches in width and it weighs 6 lb. It is easily maintainable, as it can be wiped with a cloth.

In conclusion, the Cook N Home knife block has all the features of a good knife block, and it can be a great addition to your kitchen.


Buy from for ($21.77)




Boker 30402


Boker brings to the market a different type of knife block. Unlike the classic blocks, with slots to put your knives in, this is a wood magnetic knife block.

This block can be an excellent solution for storing and holding your kitchen knives. The seven wooden panels contain magnets designed for the blades to stick safely and efficiently to the side of the block.

The Makassar block can store seven kitchen knives including larger ones on the seventh panel, which is in the center. The panels allow you to pull the knife you want every time effortlessly.

You do not need any holders or hooks to display your knives with this stunning centerpiece.

Having no slots means a less challenging task for you when it comes to cleaning it, which also allows you to maintain your knives spotless and stain-free all the time.

If you are that type of person who is proud of their knife collection, you do not have to hide them anymore. With this block, you can show off your favorite knives without putting any effort into it.

Boker offers three colors for these products, for you to be able to select the block that is most suitable for your kitchen.


Buy from for ($101.75)




Kyocera KB-U-BK


Kyocera presents a universal round soft touch knife block, designed to store any knife collection, but still leaving enough space on your cooking bank or countertop. The block is compact, and the round construction features a slotted top which offers safety for the blades. You can remove the lid for cleaning with no effort.

The block can store from 6 to 8 knives. The footprint is small enough for kitchens with limited spaces, allowing you to keep your blades safely and accessible. The block’s dimensions are 8.8-inches in height and 4.3-inches diagonally.

The advantages of using this type of block is that the slots accommodate a wide array of blades while offering safe storing and protection for your knives.

The Kyocera block comes in black, with a stainless steel band, which can blend into many types of kitchens. As you can remove the slotted top, you can efficiently clean it, including in the dishwasher.

The block does not contain knives, but if you are missing blades from your kitchen, you might have to consider acquiring a kitchen knife block set.

In short, in case you are looking for a small, compact knife block that you can store anywhere in the kitchen for your most used knives, the Kyocera block can be the right solution.


Buy from for ($24.98)




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