Knife sharpeners – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re here to find the best knife sharpener on the market and your time doesn’t allow you to read our guide and recommendations, Grandma Jen suggests you consider the Linkyo LY-KE2SSA1 System as it is a reliable alternative that’s easy to use and that lets you make the most out of your cutting items. Since this is an automatic option, you won’t be bothered by anything as the device will naturally position the knife in the right position, without you having to make any changes. Most of the parts of this device that have to be cleaned can be removed with ease, which means that you’ll be able to sanitize them conveniently. If the Linkyo LY-KE2SSA1 System is no longer available, we suggest the next best choice, the Sharpen Up Stone Kit.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a knife sharpener


When it comes to knife sharpeners and those designed to polish and sharpen all of your kitchen cutting tools, you have several options to consider. In fact, there are so many products available for sale these days that you might end up feeling baffled.

To save you a bit of time, we’ve put together a short guide that can take you through all of the main features that such a product can come with. Getting a good knife sharpener has never been easier if you keep on reading.


Just what type are you in the market for?

There are two ways of going about things if you want to get your money’s worth. One of them is to get the best handheld knife sharpener and the other is to opt for an automatic alternative. While the second is convenient, it does come with a series of drawbacks that we will detail below.

While manual sharpeners are tedious because you have to use your own hand power to make them deliver the right results, automatic alternatives are convenient as they take all of the hassle out of this process. However, not all are extremely efficient. Some can’t handle sharpening your serrated knives, and others find it impossible to sharpen things like sports knives or Japanese knives.


Size and noise levels

One of the core questions you need to ask yourself if you plan to go for an automatic choice is just how much space you have available on your kitchen countertop. If you don’t want to keep the unit on display all of the time, and chances are that you don’t, it needs to be compact enough to fit in any cupboard or drawer.

If you’re bothered by noise, in general, you should steer clear of electric alternatives. Instead, you should consider a stone kit as it can be used for a variety of cutting tools, including pocket knives and others.


Ceramic sticks

This is another alternative you might come across if you take the time to read some knife sharpener reviews. These units are simple, easy to use, require little to no maintenance, and take up no room. Any stick of this kind can fit in a drawer or into your knife block. Blue ceramic sticks are for coarse sharpening while white ones are designed for smooth sharpening or polishing.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



In case you are having trouble sifting through the many choices available out there, maybe you should have a look at our selection below. It’s composed of some of the most critically acclaimed models we were able to track down.



Linkyo LY-KE2SSA1 System


If you’re looking for a convenient means of sharpening your kitchen knives, then you should consider this alternative. On the one hand, it doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike other automatic choices that we have come across. Second, it’s versatile, easy to utilize, and raises no technical difficulties to users who are less inclined to employing such gadgets in their kitchens.

Also, the model makes it possible for your knives to become as sharp as possible in a timely fashion, what with it being outfitted with blade positioning guides that adjust the arrangement of your knife.

The product is composed of two main components. The first is designed for sharpening the blades while the second is intended for smoothing and honing the blade. This way, you’re left with a nice-looking knife at the end of the whole process, and one that can cut through meat and veggies as it would through butter.

What are actual customers saying about the Linkyo LY-KE2SSA1? First off, it’s worth noting that over one thousand buyers have taken the time to reward this product with a five-star rating. Many say that it does the trick precisely how it is supposed to, and others describe it as bad to the bone.


Buy from for ($29.95)





Sharpen Up Stone Kit


Manual alternatives are just as good as their electric counterparts, particularly if you are no fan of noisy kitchen appliances. Stone kits are great if you want to make sure that you can sharpen a variety of knives, regardless of their size and blade orientation.

This particular bundle includes a non-slip silica base that can make it possible for the sharpening stone to remain in the same place all throughout use. The free angle guide that the model has been outfitted with is another benefit that’s worth mentioning as it will allow you to rest assured that the sharpening angle is always on par.

The stone is made from a quality aluminum oxide material that’s more than capable of withstanding the test of time. Therefore, something else you will benefit from is the durability ensured by this product. As for usability, there’s nothing you need to worry about in this sense as all you have to do is dip the stone in some water and then get to sharpening your knives.

Most of the owner feedback regarding this model is favorable. Some say that they’ve sharpened over twenty knives with the kit and they’ve always had great results.


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Priority Chef PCKN-03


In some respects, the PCKN-03 resembles the Linkyo model we’ve also showcased in this selection. It is an automatic sharpener, so you won’t have to put in a lot of hand power to get it up and running. Moreover, it boasts the same two-stage sharpening system shared by the Linkyo.

According to the manufacturing brand, the 2-wheel sharpening system that this model has been equipped with is what makes it possible for your knives to remain sharp for a longer amount of time. The diamond-coated components are efficient and get the job done in a timely fashion.

Something else that manages to set the Priority Chef alternative aside from the rest of its competitors is that it is capable of sharpening both serrated and straight knives. Many electric devices have a lot of trouble when it comes to getting the right edge on serrated knives, but that is not the case with the PCKN-03.

The non-slip cushioned base that the unit has been outfitted with makes it possible for the product to remain stable on the countertop so that nobody gets harmed. Since it’s one of the most popular options on the market today, it wouldn’t hurt if you gave it a try.


Buy from for ($27.95)




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