Lunch Boxes for Men – Ratings & Informative Guide


Are you in a hurry, but still want to find out about the best men lunch box? Grandma Jen has you covered and will offer you all the information you need for a quick, easy decision. The KOSOX K33 is a recommended choice because it offers great utility and durability for a reasonable price. The box is well insulated and also waterproof which means that your food will not be affected in any way during transportation and storage. The high-quality canvas and PEVA lining are two features that might just as well convince you that this model is easy to keep clean and also durable. You will appreciate the business like design that will not let anyone know you are carrying your lunch since you can do so in style. Should the KOSOX K33 no longer be available for sale, Grandma Jen comes to the rescue once more and offers you a second alternative, in the shape of the Fit & Fresh 3005FF341.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a lunch box for male users


Carrying your lunch to work can be a bothersome affair, especially since you need to keep your food away from other things you must have with you, to avoid contamination. Proper storage is essential, which is why you most probably need a lunch box. We read the best men lunch box reviews to see what features are the most important for picking the right model for a guy, and you can read our findings below.


Food protection rating

No one likes spoilt food, as it can pose serious dangers to one’s health. That is why the best mens lunch box should be able to protect your food and do it well. One thing you should be looking for is the presence of insulation. If the box is not insulated, your food will not remain fresh, and it can become spoilt by lunch time.

Another factor you will have to keep in mind is having a lunch box that is waterproof. If rain catches you on the way to work, or you work in an environment where water infiltrations are a common occurrence, your peace of mind is ensured only if your food is properly protected against such mishaps.



Men need to make sure that the lunch box they purchase is capable of keeping all the food they will eat every day for lunch. A lunch box should have a good capacity, but without becoming extremely bulky to make it difficult to carry it around. You will also need an adequate number of compartments for your needs.

Keeping your food organized in smaller boxes is a great idea, and the bag you use should be able to accommodate all of them. Watching over your diet can be a pretty difficult thing to do if you don’t have the means to carry your meals to work or gym or camping trips in perfect conditions.



There are all sorts of men lunch boxes on the market. A men’s metal lunch box may look like something from a different time when construction workers needed such a device for transporting their food. However, these models are still popular, not only due to their vintage feel, but also their reliability.

A more stylish men’s lunch box can be made from canvas. It can look like a business bag, and you will have no issues carrying it to work, as it will not stand out and no one would be able to guess its purpose.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Below you’ll find some of the critically acclaimed men lunch boxes around. Scoring high in consumers’ preferences, these models have managed to strike the ideal balance between features, durability, utility, and pricing. Regardless of which model you pick, you will have no regrets.



KOSOX Original Collapsible K33 


It is paramount to store food in perfect conditions, and this is exactly what this model does best. The divided design lets you store food boxes separately so that the tastes and flavors are not mixed and compromised as a result. Men usually appreciate great compartmentalization, and the KOSOX K33 delivers.

You can take this box to work, or to the gym. The manufacturer making this model knows very well how much importance eating well is when you have to follow a strict diet. Using this box for all the circumstances when you cannot eat at home will save you time and money, as you will not spend it on junk food.

Made from high-quality Oxford cloth, this is quite a stylish model. Superior insulation against temperature is offered, and the non-toxic PEVA foil helps with waterproofing this particular model. The shoulder strap can be adjusted, for maximum convenience.

The business style of this model is one of its selling points. The assorted colors pattern makes it look classy, and you will be proud carrying it around. The briefcase like design makes it an excellent choice for those who need a cool looking lunch box for work.



You can store the food separately, to avoid contamination, due to the particular divided sticking tape design.

This model is made from high-quality materials, such as Oxford cloth and PEVA foil, that help with durability and also with thermal insulation and waterproof properties.

The shoulder strap allows you to carry the lunch box around with ease, and it is also adjustable, so you can customize it as you see fit.

The stylish design that makes it look like a briefcase contributes to its overall appeal and makes it popular with men who need a reliable lunch box for work.

The total capacity of 5.5 liters offers plenty of room for storing the food you need to take along with you to work or the gym.



Some buyers mention that they would have preferred a single zipper opening, instead of two, as this element of design makes folding the bag awkward at best.


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Fit & Fresh Men’s Classic Roll 3005FF341


This lunch tote is another stylish option you may like to take into consideration when you are shopping for an option to carry healthy meals at work or the gym. The product is insulated, offering you the possibility to keep your food fresh until lunchtime. The extra ice pack is a nice touch since it will keep your drinks cold and palatable.

The canvas body is durable and ensures that you will be able to use this tote bag for a long time. The faux leather trim and strap make the bag easy to keep clean and contribute to the overall stylish aspect of the bag.

The interior mesh pocket is perfect for keeping ice packs, or other stuff that you need to access fast like utensils or keys. The insulation is extra thick and helps with keeping your food fresh and ready to eat. The PEVA linking is PVC free and non-toxic, and the best part about it is that it is easy to clean.

When you don’t need the lunch box, you can roll it and store it away with ease. The model is durable and looks excellent, while the buckle closure allows you to adjust its size if need be.



You will be able to keep your food cool and fresh at all times and have a great lunch, due to the excellent and thick insulation.

The design features an adjustable buckle closure that helps to customize the size of the bag depending on how much food you need to carry.

The PEVA lining is non-toxic and PVC free, so you can rest assured that your food will not be contaminated.

When you need to store away the bag, you can roll down the top and adjust its size.

You will find the interior mesh pocket very useful for keeping ice packs, or other necessities like your keys.



Some users talk about the fact that they would have loved having a handle attached to the bag, for easy transportation, and they don’t feel advantaged by the current design.


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Stanley Heritage Cooler 10-01026-005


The Stanley 10-01026-005 is an excellent solution for all your lunch needs. The metal box reminds of the old boxes used for carrying lunch by construction workers, and it is every bit as useful, plus, it adds some extra features for your maximum convenience.

This box will not leak, and it is made from stainless steel that is completely BPA-free and can resist to a lot of wear and tear. The model comes with a thermos bottle included, which you can fill with cold or hot beverages for 24 hours. If you want to prolong the coolness and freshness of your drink, iced liquids can hold up to 120 hours.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, as they seem to invest a lot of trust into this timeless design. The divided compartmentalization helps with keeping your food well organized and you can easily avoid cross-contamination in this manner. The signature hammertone green color makes the box stand out.

If you want a lunch box that can withstand the test of time, and make sure that no further investments must be made into a different means for carrying lunch to work. For its sturdiness and excellent features, the Stanley 10-01026-005 is a recommended buy.



The stainless steel lunch box offers you a cool looking, reliable alternative for carrying lunch to work or a camp site.

The included thermos bottle of 1.1 quarts is a great addition, as it can keep your drinks cold or hot for a full day; iced drinks can hold for up to 120 hours.

The box is very durable, it does not rust, and it does not have any dangerous chemicals like BPA, as plastic does, so you can rest assured that your food will not become contaminated during transportation.

The box is foam insulated, and it offers a great alternative for transporting food in perfect conditions.

A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase.



The uneven divider inside the box is seen as awkward and inconvenient by some buyers who argue that this is the main reason why they do not use it as much as they would like to.


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