Nut crackers – Ratings & Informative guide


The growing popularity of ornamental nutcrackers makes it easy to forget that there are also ones that are functional. If you’ve given up eating fresh nuts because it is to hard to crack them, you need to get the right tool. In this buying guide you will find information that will help you decide what is the best nut cracker to meet your needs.




These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a nut cracker:




The best nut cracker reviews agree that the first aspect to consider is the style, and this often comes down to personal preference. The single level is the least expensive and it is extremely easy to use. The most common style of nut cracker is typically designed to function similar to pliers and these are most often found in homes and bars. You can also find turn screw and percussion style nut crackers, and these can be a little more complicated to use.



Nut crackers not only come in different styles, you can also find them in various sizes. If you only plan a shelling a few nuts a smaller V style model will probably be perfect for you. When a larger capacity is needed you might want to look for a percussion style nut cracker. Unless there is only one type of nut you like to eat you will want to make sure that the teeth and cavity can accommodate various types and sizes. How much storage space you have will also help you decide on the size.


Other considerations

It is important to remember that these tools have sharp teeth and pinching your fingers in them can be painful. Some models come with a small block or have arms that are curved and this can prevent that from happening. You will probably want to avoid models that have narrow handles. These can be uncomfortable to operate, and over time cause stress to the joints in your hand. Tools that come with wide handles can help to relieve pressure and make it easier to crack harder nuts. You can also find some that have a non slip grip which can prevent it from slipping out of your hands. If you are looking for the best macadamia nut cracker you will want to choose one that is constructed from metal, and avoid plastic and resin models when you are cracking harder shells.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Even though ornamental ones are nice to collect it is always good to have a functional nut cracker around, and there are plenty of styles for you to choose from. While we can’t pick the right product for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best nut crackers in 2018 showcased below.



Texan Nut Sheller The Texan


1-texan-york-nutWhether you are looking for the best nut cracker for pecans or to shell lobster claws you might want to consider this versatile tool. It is designed to open all types of nuts no matter how hard the shell.

Simply by removing the small shield you can easily switch over to shelling lobster and crab claws. The small shield is designed to help prevent the shells from scattering all over the floor. Instead it makes it a little easier to guide them into a small can or jar. Not having to clean up the mess afterwards makes this model a good value for your money.

To ensure a secure grip on the nut and to make it a little easier to crack the blades are set at an angle. Since they are constructed from steel rust won’t be a problem, and they will also retain their sharp edge. You will also appreciate the rubber handles that are contoured for comfort.


Buy from for ($11.94)





Duke Easy


2-cracker-dukesPecans and other medium and soft shelled nuts aren’t a problem for this sturdy nut cracker. It is constructed from nickel plated steel so it is durable and resistant to corrosion.

The nickel plating also gives it an elegant appearance that is enhanced by the sleek wood base. Not only is it designed to be functional, it also looks great as well.

Since this model is mounted it is capable of cracking nuts faster than plier or V style models. This is great news for anyone that has to shell large quantities of nuts at a time.

The handle is easy to press, and that is all you have to do to crack a pecan or other nut. Best of all the nutcracker arrives fully assembled, all you have to do is screw the handle in.


Buy from for ($15.33)





Light ‘n’ Mighty Magic


3-magic-nutcrackerWe should first mention that you get a free sample of nuts, and that is almost reason enough to purchase this model. If you want a nutcracker that is easy to use and capable of cracking nuts in minutes then the Magic might be the perfect choice for you. Since it is constructed from heavy duty steel it is strong enough to crack walnuts without breaking.

You might also notice its round design, and this helps to hold the nuts steady and keep the shells neatly contained inside. This means no more mess to clean up afterwards.

Not only will it crack nuts it is also designed to squeeze lemons and limes. You can easily use this nutcracker to add fresh juice to your recipes. Since it is constructed from steel the Magic is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean, no matter what you used it for. Thanks to the wide handles it is comfortable to use, even when you are applying pressure.

The handles are also textured to help prevent the nut cracker from slipping out of your hands. You will also appreciate knowing that it is backed by a money back guarantee.


Buy from for ($13.99)




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