Popcorn makers for home use – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you are here to find the best home popcorn maker, Grandma Jen recommends Great Northern Popcorn Company’s 6073 Little Bambino, as this model offers excellent performance at a fair price. The revolutionary removable serving tray helps you share the freshly made popcorn with your family and friends right away, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the built-in stirring system provides a consistent performance and quality of popped kernels, while the kettle’s capacity goes up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batch. For ease of use, the machine can be plugged into any standard household outlet as it operates at only 330 watts, meaning you can place it anywhere in the house. In case the Great Northern’s Little Bambino model is not available, you should bear West Bend’s 82505 Stir Crazy in mind, as it is a reliable alternative which features similar options and performances.


These are the aspects worth considering when looking for a popcorn maker for home use


If you’re in the market for the best popcorn maker for home in order to enjoy some perfectly popped corn kernels anytime you want, doing the necessary research can be quite time-consuming.

Besides, the things you need to take into account when making this purchase are slightly different than when you are looking for a more simple item such as, for example, a lunch container. In the following moments you’ll discover what the things you should keep in mind in order to choose the right machine are.  


Knowing what wattage is right

The wattage of your machine basically indicates how fast the popcorn can be made; therefore, before purchasing a certain model it’s a good idea to think about the amount of popcorn you are going to need.

If you have a large family that enjoys this snack or are going to host parties and get-togethers at your place often, then you should probably go for a 640-watt model or higher. For bigger events where popcorn is needed in larger quantities, an 840-watt machine is more suitable. If you know that you’re never going to need too much popcorn made at once, then going for models with a lower wattage should be just fine.  


The built-in warming deck and heat lamp

Usually found in premium machines, the built-in warming decks are a very useful addition. Having the heating element underneath the deck ensures that the popped popcorn will be maintained crisp and not turn out chewy.

If the machine also has a heating lamp, it means you’ll have popcorn that remains warm and fresh for a much longer period of time. Keeping these features in mind is a good idea when you’re going through the available models for sale.


Choosing the right size kettle

The size of the kettle refers to the approximate number of one-ounce popped popcorn servings the machine can produce in one batch (which takes about 3-4 minutes). For example, a 4 oz model will make, in one batch, roughly the same amount of popcorn as the one contained in a microwavable bag of popcorn.

The small volume models (4 oz) are ideal for homes, game rooms or home theaters, while the medium ones (6-8 oz) work very well for social spaces, video stores, restaurants or small bars. The large ones (12 oz) are ideal for schools, zoos or concession stands, while the commercial ones (16 oz) can be used in theaters, stadiums, malls and amusement parks.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



In the following selection, you’ll find what seem to be some of the best popcorn machines, at least judging by the amount of appreciation they’ve gathered over time. Highly rated by the top reviewers in their category, these models are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and reliable product that will withstand the test of time.



Great Northern Popcorn Company 6073 


This Great Northern model is a very good alternative if what you are looking for is a reliable popcorn machine that you can use every day. The kettle’s capacity accommodates 1-gallon popcorn batches, while the warming light included keeps them ready to be enjoyed at any moment.

If you are going through popcorn makers reviews looking for something with a twist, then you might have found it right here. The Little Bambino model features a revolutionary removable serving tray which can be taken out once all the corn kernels are popped, meaning you can easily share the beloved snack with your friends, in the comfort of your living room.

Moreover, the slide-out tray is dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it once you’re done. Besides the tray, the machine also includes 2 popping kettle hangers, a measuring spoon, and a cup.

The best part is that it’s easy to use, as the stainless steel kettle comes with a built-in stirring system. In addition, the machine features 2 control switches, it operates at only 330 watts and can be plugged into any household outlet. This means you can place it wherever you might want it without needing any additional equipment.


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West Bend 82505 


This West Bend model is the perfect example of a small machine that produces excellent and tasty results. All the details have been taken into account by the manufacturer in order to provide the best popcorn and an excellent performance.

The machine features its own built-in butter well and a motorized stirring rod which evenly coat your snacks. This means you can get more kernels popped, as well as larger ones per batch. Moreover, the vented clear cover can be used as a popcorn bowl with a 6-quart capacity, making it very easy to share the snack while you enjoy a good movie.

Also in terms of ease-of-use, the permanently attached cord wraps under the unit for storage and the aligning cover and base handles allow the entire device to be securely grasped and moved around. Moreover, the base is heat-resistant, meaning your countertop is protected against potential damages, while the nonstick plate can be easily cleaned.

Surely, this device will find its place next to your favorite kitchen utensils, once you’ll see how easy it is to enjoy tasty and fluffy batches of popcorn that can be naturally made using only oil and corn, right in the comfort of your home.


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Cuisinart CPM-100 


If you are looking for a good home popcorn maker that can provide a healthier alternative to the traditional movie theater snack, then you are in the right place. Cuisinart’s CPM-100 model pops kernels using hot air, and it does that within a very short amount of time.

The device is exceptionally easy to use, and the technology is not a very complex one, but it’s very effective. The corn kernels go into a popping chamber where no oil is required, and hot air sends the popped snacks up and out the chute right into the top bowl. The best part is that everything happens in less than 3 minutes.

Of course, as popcorn and butter are two elements that can hardly be split, a butter option is also available. All you need to do is melt some in the multi-purpose top cap while the popcorn is popping and once it’s done just pour it onto it. When everything is finished, you can simply remove the popping chute and put it in the dishwasher.

The benefits provided by this device are obvious. So if you are an avid popcorn eater who is looking for a healthier alternative, then this is definitely one device that you can consider.


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