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If you want the best salad tongs, but you’re pressed for time, Grandma Jen offers you the perfect solution. The Browne & Co Cuisipro is the model you should put on top of your list because it provides many advantages and an attractive design. Salad tongs must be practical, and this model is versatile and convenient, regardless of what sort of salad you want to mix and serve. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the tongs are very durable, and they do not rust or corrode, which means that you will make a sound investment, should you decide to opt for this model instead of others. You will surely appreciate the fact that these salad tongs are easy to wash; you can just place them on the top rack of your dishwasher, and you will have an entirely clean kitchen utensil, once the dishwasher finishes its cycle. Should the Browne & Co Cuisipro be out of stock, Grandma Jen recommends Lipper International 1102 for a second choice.

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for salad tongs


Salad tongs can be convenient tools in the kitchen, because they help you mix various salad recipes, without damaging the aspect and quality of more delicate ingredients. They can also be used to serve salad, and the best tongs for salad always come with an attractive design so that they can complement any table setup. If you want to get an excellent pair, just heed the following advice, and you will have no regrets.


Your salad tongs should be practical

As is the case with any kitchen utensils, functionality comes first. You need to pick the best kitchen tongs for salads based on how easy they are to use. Convenience is of the utmost importance, and if a pair of salad tongs proves cumbersome and difficult to use, that may not be the model you want to spend money on.



It can be said that salad tongs have a pretty straightforward design, but that can vary, nonetheless. Some come as a stand-alone piece, while others come as a set of two pieces. It is a matter of preference, and choosing one design over the other will not much influence how you are going to use the said utensils.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to the overall design. This should be attractive, as you might want to use the tongs for serving, as well. They should work with your awesome salad bowls and complement the entire dinner table.

Many home cooks appreciate nice looking designs as they want their food presentation to be on par with the effort they invest in preparing the food.


Materials and ease of cleaning

As you read various reviews of salad tongs, you will notice that many speak about what materials are used for making such utensils and how easy or difficult they are to wash. A few words must be said here. If you look for the most convenient solution, you should opt for a model made from stainless steel.

This material does not rust or corrode, and it offers the great advantage of not being made with any dangerous chemicals. It is easy to clean, and stainless steel utensils are usually dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, if you look for something more elegant, you can always opt for wood. However, it is known that such salad tongs must be washed with care and only by hand. Also, they should be dried carefully before storing them away in a kitchen drawer.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



Are you still searching for the ideal salad tongs for preparing your meals? We offer you a short selection of products that have already managed to conquer many home cooks’ hearts.



Browne & Co Cuisipro


From all the salad spinners for sale, the Browne & Co Cuisipro stands out as a model that manages to bring together style and functionality. While these salad tongs can be used only for mixing and serving the salad, you can serve other types of food with their help just as well.

The sleek design will catch your eye right from the start. These salad tongs will not put your dinner table to shame, even in a more festive setup, and you will be pleased with how well they complement other food utensils and containers.

Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, they offer all the advantages you should expect from this choice of material. They are durable, they do not rust, and they are easy to clean. The mirror finish will not suffer from multiple uses, and the salad tongs will look as good as new for a long time.

They are dishwasher safe, so almost no maintenance is required. Superior performance matters for any kitchen utensils for sale, and the Browne & Co Cuisipro truly delivers. Beautiful and elegant, they can be used in many situations, and any home cook will be happy to have them.


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Lipper International 1102


Some home cooks prefer salad tongs that offer just functionality and nothing else, but this particular model shows that it is possible to have a stylish pair of salad tongs that are both functional and beautiful looking. You can pair these salad tongs with a salad lunch container, but you can also use them for serving at the table.

The contemporary design is elegant, and you can use the tongs for serving or tossing, without a glitch. The two pieces are made of acacia wood, and they look lovely. Although you may think that the material used can pose some problems when it comes to cleaning, the truth is that this particular wood is easy to care for.

Just bear in mind to hand wash only, and make sure that the two pieces are completely dry before storing them away. The salad tongs look like two forks, and they are easy and fun to use.

Made by a company known for their high-quality kitchen utensils, these salad tongs will not disappoint you. They cannot be used in a microwave, oven, or freezer, but they serve their purpose well. You can use some mineral oil for extra treatment once in a while.


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Lipper International 1188


Many of the salad tongs reviews written by buyers and experts recommend the Lipper International 1188. This elegant model will not only help you mix your salad, but it will also look great when placed next to a salad bowl. It doubles as a salad server, and it is very convenient to use.

The tongs are made from acacia wood, a material that is resistant, beautiful, and easy to wash. Bear in mind to only hand wash the tongs, as acacia wood is not dishwasher safe. The oblong shape lends more elegance to the design, and you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Everything about these salad tongs recommends them. From the excellent material used and the exquisite craftsmanship to the elegant appearance, they provide satisfaction and quality all around. You can use them for tossing salad and for serving.

A bit of care is necessary to maintain the beautiful appearance of the acacia wood. You will have to wash the tongs by hand, and you should not use them in the microwave or put them in the freezer. Always dry them before storing them away. You can treat the tongs with some mineral oil from time to time.


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