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If you have come here in the hopes of finding the best small coffee maker and you don’t have the time to prospect the market thoroughly, Grandma Jen recommends you consider the BLACK+DECKER DCM18S as it offers a great mix of quality and affordability. This personal coffee maker offers you a fast and hassle-free way of preparing your favorite morning brew, and it includes a travel mug so that you can drink the coffee on your way to school or work. The unit features a permanent grounds filter which removes the need of constantly purchasing wasteful paper filters. As a plus, the automatic shutoff will turn the device off immediately after brewing, giving you the time to prepare yourself in the morning adequately. If our first choice is not available for sale, and you only want to settle for quality yet cheap small coffee makers, we advise you to consider the Hamilton Beach 49981A.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a small coffee maker


Whether you are looking for a new latte machine or you just want a good small coffee maker that can deliver a delicious and flavorful brew, there are a few aspects to consider before you purchase a model.

Because we know that very few people have the time to research the market correctly, we have compiled a buyer’s guide with the essential features such a device should have these days.


Depending on your needs, the size of the coffee maker is quite important. If you are the kind of person that only needs one cup of coffee to perk up for the day, then you should consider getting a single-serve coffee machine.

If you do intend to drink your brew together with the family or some friends, then you might want to get something that can accommodate these needs. You can find many small and compact units that can brew 5 cups and sometimes even more, depending on the manufacturer and price.

Generally speaking, the more compact a model is, the smaller the water tank will be. Thus, if you do want to get a really small unit, you should be aware that you will have to sacrifice the capacity of that particular model.


Ease of use

When you wake up in the morning craving a hot cup of coffee, the last thing that you want is to deal with an overly-complicated machine that has tons of buttons and a confusing user interface. We recommend you focus on models that are easy to use without having to spend hours studying the user manual.

What’s more, the auto-shutoff feature some models come equipped with nowadays is also quite handy, especially if you are the forgetful type and don’t want to babysit the machine until it is done brewing.


Other features to consider

Many portable options these days can come with a thermal mug that you can take with you at work, school, or when traveling. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with replaceable paper filters that are expensive to purchase, you can consider getting a unit that features a permanent filter.

What’s more, if you are a serious coffee lover, you can also consider getting an espresso machine for beginners. It is true that a quality home espresso machine can be a bit pricey, but if you do value your daily cup of brew, the difference in taste and aroma, and the variety of drinks that you can prepare is definitely worth it.


Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice


If you are still uncertain about which model to purchase, we have you covered. We looked at the products that have earned only positive small coffee makers reviews, and that stood out due to their quality and affordability to limit the list of possibilities to just three items. Take a look below if you want to see more.




The DCM18S is an ideal purchase for people that lead an active and on-the-go lifestyle since it is very convenient to use and it can brew up to 15 ounces of coffee quickly into the included stainless steel travel mug. The travel mug will keep your brew warm, and it is built to fit the vast majority of car drink holsters.

The unit features a permanent ground filter, which means that there will be no need to use wasteful paper filters that must be constantly replaced, a practice that can lead to additional costs when operating such a machine. The mesh metal filter works with both soft and grounds pods, and it is straightforward to rinse clean.

The easy-to-use nature of this unit is further enhanced thanks to the inclusion of an automatic shutoff feature. The coffee maker will turn off by itself once the brewing process is completed, giving you peace of mind as you go about your morning tasks.

The space-saving design is another feature that customers loved about this unit, as it is ideal for small kitchens, apartments, or dorm rooms. The construction is also quite sturdy, which ensures that the model will be able to handle years of use.


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Hamilton Beach 49981A 


The 49981A model utilizes the simplicity of ground coffee to brew your favorite customizable cup in no time. An 8-ounce cup is ready to serve in less than 90 seconds, and if you want to enjoy your brew while you’re on the go, you can fill a 14-ounce travel mug in under two and a half minutes.

Apart from the versatility of this unit and its ability to use even the most inexpensive coffee grounds to brew a flavorful and great-tasting cup, this model is also designed for ultra-simple preparation. The adjustable stand can flip to accommodate standard-size cups or taller travel mugs.

If you are not sure about how much coffee you should add when brewing, the included scoop filter is labeled with two measuring lines for exact serving amounts. There’s no need to go over the measuring lines since overfilling the scoop will not allow room for brewing, leading to a weaker coffee.

The stainless steel construction is very durable but also quite stylish, allowing the device to go well with any modern or farmhouse kitchen designs. To help keep the countertop clean, the wide drip tray on the base of the unit will act as a spill-resistant drain for excess coffee.


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If you want to purchase a versatile and compact product, the CM0755BZ will offer you four ways to brew your cup of joe. You can brew right into a full carafe or directly into your favorite mug thanks to the adjustable stand. The stand will let you brew into a standard mug, the included 5-cup carafe, or in a tall travel mug.

It can also work for pour overs thanks to the unique removable brew basket. Just remove the brew basket if you want to create your very own unique and delicious pour overs that will fit your taste. This model will give you increased control over the amount of coffee you use and the rate of brewing.

The improved ergonomic 5-cup serving carafe is engineered for comfortable handling and drip-free pouring. Cleaning the carafe is also very easy since the lid is removable giving you quick access to the interior so you can clean it in just a few seconds.

The compact design is ideal for RVs, small apartments and kitchens, dorm rooms, or for smaller coffee appetites. You also get the highly-versatile Tritan 8-ounce mug which is insulated to maintain the coffee at the ideal drinking temperature even after the brewing process has finished.


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