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Spaetzle is a type of dish popular in the southern Germany and Alsace, but also quite a fixture in many kitchens in the US. If you want to make spaetzle at home, you do not need many things, since all the recipes available are pretty straightforward and simple. However, if you want to make your job even simpler, a spaetzle press may be just the thing you need. We want to come to your aid by offering some basic information on the best features to look for in such an item. What is a spaetzle press? Read further and you will find out.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a spaetzle press:




While all the spaetzle presses out there do pretty much the same thing, the way they do it can differ. There are three different styles available, and you may choose the one that looks to be the most convenient for you. The first type looks like a colander that goes over a pasta pot. You basically just pour the spaetzle batter through the colander with the help of a scraper, and you obtain the creamiest dough possible for your recipes. Another type that is quite popular with consumers is the kind that resembles a cheese grater with a hopper. In this case, you need to pour the batter into the hopper and then slide it over the holes. The last style you can find is the potato ricer type. This one also comes with its own hopper that must be filled with the batter. It is also known under the name of spaetzle noodle press, since it gets you long noodles, which could be a nice change from the well known ordinary dumplings from the original recipe.


Stainless steel

It must be mentioned that in order to maintain your food free of any contaminants, you should purchase a spaetzle press that is made from stainless steel. This material can deal with moisture, without developing rust, and it is also easy to use, so, when you are done with cooking, you are able to clean the kitchen in the most efficient manner.



A spaetzle press should be easy for you to use. Also, if you get a model that is dishwasher safe, this also counts for making it a more comfortable choice. Just pick the model that feels the most comfortable and you will be able to make this traditional German recipe with great ease.



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The best spaetzle presses currently available are showcased below.



Bellemain Stainless Steel


This is a ricer that can be used for a wide variety of uses, from making mashed potatoes to helping you make spaetzle. No matter what you intend to cook, from shepherd’s pie, to cauliflower puree, or baby food, you will find this multi-tool quite handy.

Because it comes with three interchangeable disks, you can switch from making one type of food to another without a problem. The superior quality material it is made from is a guarantee that this model will not break down for years to come. The stainless steel of the housing is resistant to rust and corrosion and it is safe for coming in contact with your food.

The formed contours take after your own hands, so you will find it really enjoyable to cook with the help of this ricer. Although it is not made specifically just for spaetzle, most buyers consider it the best spaetzle press and they have all the right reasons to do so. Your food no longer has to have lumps and bumps, since the texture you will obtain will be perfect, creamy and smooth.

Even your kids will enjoy your spaetzle dumpling or noodles much more, and it will be easy for you to convince them to eat healthier.


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HeyLR 00-81-171


Another multi-purpose kitchen tool that you will surely take into consideration is the HeyLR. Resembling a regular ricer, this one is useful for making guacamole, spaetzle, pies, and many other recipes, without straining your hands and saving up time.

No matter what kind of veggies you want to mash with its help, or what fruits you want to obtain the juice from, you will find this particular model really easy to use. The long handles are designed for proper leverage, so you can place this ricer over a pot and just press the steamed veggies, or spaetzle batter through its holes. You will be more than pleased with the results.

The large basket allows you to pour more batter at a time, and it is extremely efficient. Made from chrome plated stainless steel, this is the kind of kitchen utensil you should have in your home. Using a spaetzle press has never been easier, and this particular model is really worth a try.

Because it is such a great time saver and it can obtain the finest purees, it is clearly a great tool for making baby food, as well.


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Goldspatz 2190


A German spaetzle press could not have been amiss from our list, since Germany is the country spaetzle originates from. Making round spaetzle noodles is a real breeze with this great looking kitchen utensil. Its large capacity recommends it as a great time saver, and there is no wonder so many people like it.

Made in Germany, this is a sturdy model that comes with a 5 year warranty policy, since it is not likely to break easily. The classic layout with round holes is quite a hit with those who want to respect the original spaetzle recipe to the letter.

Of course, if you feel so inclined, you can use this tool for making mashed potatoes, as well as all kinds of purees from boiled vegetables. Pressing fruits for obtaining juices and sauces is another thing this kitchen utensil will do just great. Its flat handle comes with three grooves on the front so you can easily fit it over all kinds of pots. You will notice that this model is made from two parts, as a fixing pin keeps them together.

When washing the spaetzle press, just take out the fixing pin and place the parts in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.


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