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Any steak enthusiast knows how important it is to get the perfect portion size and clean cuts. However, finding the best steak knife which can do that can be quite difficult, given the many different models available and their varied characteristics. To help you, Grandma Jen analyzed some of the most popular choices and concluded that the one to bear in mind is the Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece Set, as it has excellent value thanks to the many features of these knives. The 5-inch fine edge is suitable for slicing and carving, with an upward curved tip designed to make separating meat from the bone easier. High-quality German steel was used for the blade, while the handle is made of durable wood. A forged bolster gives the knife the right balance and heft. In case this set is sold out, another product you might want to bear in mind is the Victorinox Straight-Edge Set, as it is also a very appreciated item.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a steak knife


Finding the steak knives for sale which best meet your expectations can be quite tricky. Searching for them can also be pretty difficult, given their many features and varied designs. The aspects worth considering are described below, in an easy to read but comprehensive buying guide.


Blade type and shape

Steak knives for sale have several blade types available, each with its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Choosing the right category and shape will make the product more comfortable to use and improve the final results. Furthermore, in case it matters to you, the aesthetics of a knife are greatly influenced by how the cutting part looks.

Straight edge blades are more widespread for this type of item than other alternatives. Easier to maintain and use, they are versatile and allow you to use the knife for cutting other ingredients without difficulties.

On top of that, separating meat from the bone is facilitated by their tip, especially if it is upswept. Bolstered designs might be better balanced but they are not so easy to re-sharpen, and you cannot always use the entire length of the blade.

The models without bolster are less aesthetic and can be slightly unbalanced, but the disadvantages of a bolstered one are no longer present.

Slightly curved blades are popular, too – a knife set with this kind of shape might be a little bit cheaper, but the irregular edge will reduce your comfort when applying pressure to it. Usually thinner, they are appreciated by many for their aesthetic value – sets fitted with it are found in many gift shops.



A good steak knife is made so by the materials used for its blade and handle. While there are not so many options for the first component, the latter is available in many different versions.

When it comes to the blades, stainless steel is by far the most widespread alloy used. If it is tempered and it features higher carbon concentrations, the sharpness will be maintained longer at better levels.

The handles are as crucial as the blades since they ensure the knife is well balanced, comfortable and safe to use. Pakkawood is a durable, beautiful and water-resistant type of wood commonly used.

When found in more expensive models, it can be hand finished. Rosewood can be another good option for a handle, but keep in mind that it is more pretentious and can be damaged more easily. Plastic or metal can also be used for the handle, but this solution is not as widespread as wood.


Other features to consider

When buying cheap steak knives, keep in mind to check that a warranty of some sort accompanies them. Otherwise, make sure that the materials used are of good quality.

Another feature to look upon is the shape of the tip, as this can make the knife suitable for carving or not. Versatility is another desirable quality, as it saves you money and time.

Keep in mind that, in the case of an electric knife, other factors are also important.  



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



To give you a helping hand with deciding what the item for your needs really is, some of the most appreciated products have been analyzed, with writing some reviews of steak knives in the process.

These accurately describe the products, taking into consideration not only their specifications but also customer feedback.



Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece Set 


One of the most popular choices, this set came up as having significant value for the money and benefitting from an excellent construction from the highest quality materials.

Apart from looking great on any kitchen table, they are easy to maintain, and re-sharpen and their specially designed blades make preparing steaks much easier.

The Messermeister Avanta set contains four identical products. Each one is a 5-inch, fine edge slicing and carving knife useful for many tasks related to cooking or preparing meat.

They feature a high-quality blade made of German stainless steel. It is easy to maintain, holding its edge retention and allowing the user to re-sharpen it without too many difficulties.

Apart from the blade, the construction is also essential. These models have a forged bolster, which gives balance and heft. The exposed tang is proof that the set is made of one single piece of steel. Sandblasted steel was used for the handles, which are covered with durable pakkawood.

Other key features include an upswept boning tip which can be used for removing meat from the bone faster and easier and a cambered blade, efficient at pull cutting. A lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and mechanical problems is also provided.


Buy from for ($64.21)




Victorinox Straight-Edge Set 


Another excellent alternative for you is this set made by Victorinox, a brand known on a worldwide scale for its quality designs and products.

Apart from having a sharp blade and comfortable handle which provides excellent balance, the six knives included have many other great features which give them superior value for the money.

The most important part of any knife, the blade is made of stainless-steel with higher carbon concentration. They are as sharp as possible and provide edge retention; stamped from cold-rolled steel, they were ice tempered to remain sharp for more extended periods of time.

When it comes to design, some characteristics make the Victorinox straight-edge set stand out. The edges have no bolster, enabling you to use the entire blade while also making sharpening a lot easier.

Rosewood handles cover the steel; not only beautiful, but these also play an essential role in balancing the knife and offering the user increased comfort.

For a broader breakpoint, the blades were conically grounded through length and depth. To prevent damage to the edges and handles, it is recommended to wash them by hand. A lifetime warranty is provided, covering manufacturer defects, ensuring you will enjoy the knives for as long as possible.


Buy from for ($128.63)




Trudeau Laguiole Set 


A more economical choice is this set made by Trudeau, which contains six high-quality knives with razor-sharp blades. Even though it is affordable, no compromise was made on their construction, and therefore these items are popular and appreciated by customers.

Each knife included features a durable and robust build, making them reliable and resistant. The blades are made of serrated stainless steel and are full-tang. Very sharp, they are meant to cut through steaks without needing too much pressure.

This way, the flavorful juices are retained, and the meat will be tastier. Apart from positively influencing the results, they are also more comfortable to use thanks to this feature.

The handles are hand-stamped, made of pakkawood, known for its beauty and durability, as well as for being resistant to water. Hand finished, extra attention was paid to balancing the knives so that comfort is increased.

Included with the set is a beautiful gift box, which can be useful not only for offering them as a present to someone but also to store them when not in use. Hand washing is recommended by the manufacturer, as this preserves the wood handles in their best shape.


Buy from for ($40.25)



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