Travel coffee mugs – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re tired of those disposable plastic cups or if you want to make your own drink and save some money, then this is the guide for you. Here at Grandma Jen, we gathered information about the best travel coffee mugs and out of all the expert reviews we went through we discovered that Mixologist World Coffee Mug is the best choice you can make in the ever-changing market. It has a premium body made of stainless steel, sturdy enough to use daily and it features an ergonomic hand for easy use. It is the ideal choice for someone always on the run that needs frequent boosts of energy to help him or her to navigate throughout the chaos of modern life. If this item is not for sale or out of stock, the other model we offer as an alternative is Bubba Stainless Steel, that has all the considerations of an ideal product.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a travel coffee mug.


If you’re on the lookout for a place to help you take the right decision regarding good travel coffee mugs, below, you have a list of all the qualities that make for an outstanding product. A coffee mug should help you save time and be sturdy enough that it can withstand a slip from your tired hands. It should offer you design and quality for a price tag that you won’t even feel.



Let’s face it. The world we live in is one that revolves around beauty. And a good travel coffee mug should make no exception. It needs to look good in order the attract the admirative looks of the people around you.

Manufacturers should invest in the design of their products and should make sure the mugs have clean lines that you can match with your outfits. The more premium and well constructed it looks, the more you should invest in it.

It is essential that the colors are beautiful too. You should avoid neon colors, especially if you are going to take it to class with you. You want to attract attention in a good way, not in a bad way. That why you should opt for a metallic design or for one that has more toned down colors.


Build quality

It matters how well the model is constructed because that is one of the leading things that give it a long life. Materials are essential when it comes to high-quality and a lot of time and effort should be invested in researching them.

Usually, stainless steel is the first choice for manufacturers because it is sturdy and isolates very well. But a more modern approach is made with durable ceramics, a material that is just as good at insulating but has a more trendy vibe to it.

So pick your favorite style and let it help you save money and time without worrying your mug is going to change the flavor of your coffee. That is usually ensured by an inner coating of the product, which makes the materials inert.


Other considerations

There are a few other things that make a mug a compelling buy. One of those particular things is the lid. It is essential to have a strong seal, which shuts the device tight and doesn’t allow the content to spill all over your desk in case of an accident.

Usually, metallic traveling mugs have a rotating lid with dedicated holes for siping, which are some of the best at preventing situations like the one above. But the newer models, the ones made of ceramics, have silicone lids.

They still provide an extra layer of safety, but you need to pay attention when you’re on a moving vehicle like a car or running from a place to another. They might accidentally detach.



Top 3 Products I Recommend – Review & Advice



The best mugs were selected and presented in the list below. These are the items that dozens of travel mug reviews claim to be the best and worth giving a second look. They all have in common the premium construction quality and the extend lifespan, so you can make a wise investment that will last you foryears to come.



Mixologist Travel Coffee Mug


This is an insulated model that guarantees your coffee will stay hot and fresh throughout the day, given you the chance to run all your errands and finish your day on a positive note. The model is made of high-quality stainless steel, that won’t rust even if you use it all the time and even if you wash in warm water.

Unlike other products in this category, this item is designed with functionality in mind. It delivers the whole package. That includes an ergonomic handle to make your life easier, especially when you’re using rigid gloves. Now you can have a trusted partner no matter what you’re doing.

It has an impressive lid that ensures the contents won’t spill all over your bag, even if you are in a movie vehicle. This way you won’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your hot coffee on cold mornings. It is so well constructed that I can be used by anyone of all ages.

The manufacturing process guarantees your product won’t sweat and that rust won’t be a problem even after years of filling it with corrosive beverages. And to clean it is simple too since it is dishwasher safe.


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Bubba Stainless Steel


One of the most sought-after travel products is this little gem. It mixes both functionality and an appealing design, combination that results in a product that is hard to overlook. It is made of porcelain, which is a high-class material that gives the mug a fashionable aspect.

Speaking of fashionable, the design of this item is one of the best around. It almost looks like a painting, and it is ensured to complete any look you accessorize it with. It can become your indispensable fashion statement, making everyone stop and ask where you got it from.

The contents won’t spill and destroy your essential documents or the book you always carry with you, since the mug comes with a silicone lid. Both the main body and the lid are made of toxic-free materials, so you won’t have to worry about that aspect. Just make your favorite beverage and enjoy it while you’re on the go.

To clean it, a gentle hand washing is recommended, but the product is microwave-safe. The capacity of the mug is enough to cover your whole day. And since it’s so appealing, this product could make an excellent gift for a coffee enthusiast.


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Lenox Travel Mug


This is a model that highlights the fact that the inner coating of the mug won’t affect in any way the taste of the drink you fill it with. It won’t acquire a metallic taste even if you fill it with hot coffee and leave it there for a long time.

It is made of stainless steel and is both vacuumed and isolated so it keeps the beverage warm even after hours of leaving it on your desk. This feature makes the model perfect for classes, gym, running or also to take with you on long car rides.

The leak-proof lid fits perfectly on top part of the item, and it makes sure that the liquid will stay inside even if you drop the bottle from a considerable height. And the bottom is specially designed with a silicon base to prevent it from sliding on flat surfaces.

And with the added grip on the metallic body, this product becomes one of the easiest models to use in any weather. It fits the definition of grab and go. Now you can have an accessory to help you live a healthier lifestyle and save you some money while at it.


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