The good

This is the best toaster from Betty Crocker because it does everything you expect from a toaster.

The pull-down crumb tray provides hassle-free cleaning.

The cool-touch housing makes the toaster safe to use.

The wide toasting slots let you enjoy nicely cooked thick bread slices.

The Electric Variable Toast Shade Control enables you to set the exact toastiness of your bread.


The bad

A few of the Betty Crocker BC-2605CB toaster reviews say the body of the toaster seems to be quite flimsy, but most users do not think this is such a big issue.

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My opinion on this product


This is notably the best 2 slice toaster when you want a machine that does what it’s supposed to: toast bread. Offering good value for the price, the Betty Crocker BC-2605CB toaster has Toast Cancel Feature that lets you stop the toasting process midway when you feel the bread is toasted enough or you think that using the time you’ve set won’t get your bread toasted right. Modern technology has brought so much nonsense into the toaster category, what with loud gimmickry, ridiculous features you may even be unable to use, plenty of silly buttons that can end up unused or disused, but the Betty Crocker BC-2605CB toaster just has your basic needs covered and does its job well enough.


Cleaning up after use can be a hassle, as a lot of bread crumbs could be caught in the slots. Fortunately, the Betty Crocker BC-2605CB toaster simplifies cleanups with the pull-out crumb tray that catches those crumbs for easy removal after toasting. No need to use special cleaning devices to ensure that the toaster is ready for another round of toasting the next day.


It can be a hassle when your bread is done and you can’t touch the toaster because it’s still hot. Thanks to this toaster’s cool-touch housing, you won’t have to fear getting burned fingers. Removing smaller bagels and bread slices is easy as well, as the toaster has extra-lift feature so no bread gets stuck in the slots, which is what happens when using other toaster models. Take your toast out and enjoy it, minus the scalded hands and burned fingers, of course.


The wide toasting slots let you insert thick slices of bread without fear that they will get stuck after the toasting cycle is completed. The toasting slots each measure 30 mm, wide enough to accept standard size and larger slices of bread or even odd-size slices. This toaster has a small enough profile that makes it fit into a spare space on your kitchen counter.


You decide how toasty you want your bread to be. This toaster has a rotary dial that lets you select how much time you want for your bread to get warmed or toasted. Have your bread nicely browned the way you want today, and then all toasted and crunchy the next day.



The Betty Crocker BC-2605CB toaster is built compact to go into any available space on your kitchen counter. The classic toaster style matches the appliance with other modern kitchen devices that you own. The Toast Cancel Feature lets you stop the toasting function even when the cycle has not been completed. The extra-lift feature keeps your fingers safe from getting burned, as does the cool touch housing.


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