1.Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster, Black

The good

Certainly the best 2-slice toaster from Black & Decker, the T2707SB has easy-to-use controls.

Bread is easy to position in the slots.

This toaster enables you to cook bread just the way you like.

The unit provides problem-free storage.

The toaster is built to be durable.


The bad

At least two of the Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster reviews note that the unit doesn’t have a cool-touch housing.


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My opinion on this product


The Black & Decker T2707SB is genuinely the best rated 2-slice toaster, as it has nifty controls that provide the toaster’s cool features. The Bagel function enables you to cook bagels just the way you like, with the uncut side beautifully warmed and the cut side nicely toasted. The Defrost feature enables you to take bread straight from the freezer and cook it on the toaster without having to activate different functions. The Reheat feature allows you to recook bread after it has gotten cold. The CANCEL button lets you stop the cooking function when you see that the bread is ready before the toasting cycle is finished. The controls have indicator lights so you’ll know what the function is even in low lighting.


The toaster is built with extra-wide slots so it is easy to position the bread in the carriage. The slots can accommodate thick bread slices and unevenly shaped bread so you can enjoy the type of food item you prefer. The self-adjusting guides ensure that bread is centered well in the carriage so toasting is consistent. The Lift Up feature raises the bread high up so you won’t dig with or use your fingers to take the bread out, which prevents burns and the use of utensils or tools that could potentially cause electrocution.

2.Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster, Black

This toaster has a toast shade selector that offers six different browning levels so you can cook bread to your desired degree of doneness. Choose from light to dark browning so you aren’t stuck with only a single way of toasting bread. The browning levels are easy to manage with one-touch controls that let you set with a simple press of the button. The numeric dial simplifies controls. The toaster has earned UL listing to ensure it is of good craftsmanship and quality and can provide reliable performance.


The toaster has a removable 3.5-inch crumb tray that detaches or pulls out from the back, so you can easily clean out bread crumbs and small bits of bread without having to flip it over and doing some serious shaking to get rid of the debris. The cord wrap enables easy storage so you won’t have to worry about clutter on the countertop.


This toaster is solidly constructed with a stainless steel black body that ensures durability for long term use. It is resistant to chipping and corrosion so it can maintain its modern look for years. The stainless steel black finish lets you wipe the housing free of smudges and fingerprints to keep the toaster looking neat and clean.



When you want a toaster that offers basic features as well as advanced capabilities, the Black & Decker T2707SB 2-Slice Toaster is what you need. This toaster cooks bread to your preferred doneness and offers a few other features such as Bagel, Defrost and Cancel functionalities for convenient use in the modern kitchen.


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