The good

Superb versatility! You can use the TR1200SB to prepare frozen bagels every morning.

All the function controls and the extra lift witch are backlit for better visibility.

The cord is retractable, making storage as easy as possible when the unit is not in use.

It has an auto eject crumb tray that makes regular cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


The bad

According to some Black & Decker TR1200SB toaster reviews we found online, this model cannot function with 220 volts, so don’t plan on bringing it to other continents.


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My opinion on this product


One of the biggest problems with regular toasters is that they are quite narrow, and so you can barely fit even slices of bread in them. However, many people love having toasted bagels in the morning (or throughout the day, why not?), and the regular toaster just wouldn’t be able to fit those in. The great news is that this one will, which is one of the reasons we recommend it as the best toaster from Black & Decker. Not only this, but you can place the bagels in there frozen without worrying even a little bit. Some toasters can’t really deal with that, but this one has no problems. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to get your bagel straight from the freezer, pop it into the toaster, and have your food be ready before you know it.


Sometimes you like to eat when it’s dark. We get it. We do it too. The problem is that it can be very hard to see when there’s no light. Now, if you’re trying to make some special adjustments to the settings of the toaster, you’re in really big trouble. The great news is that this model is backlit. Sure, you could just turn the lights on, but it can be really uncomfortable for your eyes. With this model, you won’t have to deal with that discomfort at all, and this is just another reason why it’s the best 2-slice toaster.


Many people don’t have enough space in their kitchen to keep their toasters out when they’re not using them. That’s ok, but it can get really inconvenient, especially if you’re someone who likes toast quite a bit, because it means that you have to take it out and put it back in the cabinet a few times each day. The actual act of moving the toaster isn’t that big a deal. However, dealing with its cord can be a huge hassle. Indeed, you’d either have to tie it around the toaster, or find some other way of ensuring that it doesn’t get in the way. The great news is that this model’s cord is retractable, which means that you won’t have any issues putting it away. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this model is a stainless steel toaster, which means that it’s quite durable, in case you do something to it while moving it.


Another common hassle when it comes to toasters is removing the crumbs that gather at the bottom. With most models, you’d have to empty it over the sink, by turning it upside down. Though it’s not terribly hard, it can be a frustrating thing to do. Well, with this model you won’t have to do that, because it has an auto reject crumb tray.


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